Mexico won’t be able to withstand Trump’s tariffs: Brandon Judd

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 06/01/2019 12:42 AM

National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd on why he supports President Trump’s potential tariffs against Mexico. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Main Street and Wall Street. Headquartered...

An idea whose time has come based on sheer mass. mexico's national farm counsel, says they want to support territory tariffs, targeting republican voting state of the u. s. and mexico fail to resolve their dispute over enforcement of laws against illegal immigrants. The farmers president says this would be a last resort of the u. s. and mexico settlement agreement before 5 % tariffs and all mexic ...
n goods go into effect june 10. Some of the u. s. goods, mexico and target include apples and potatoes.

our next guest tonight here to talk about why the president tariffs on mexico are needed to stop you. Legal immigration by the mexican government will collaborate. the president of the national border counsel good to haveyou with us. This is the president tariffs, his frustrated obviously. first explained to the american public. That trump has tried to work with him for months now. This is not something new. he's done. The diplomatic attack. he's worked with them.

Try to get him to do the right thing. He refuses to do this. Let'S discuss why. , there's so much money that the mexican government makes through illegal trafficking of persons narcotic into the u. s. that boost their economy. They don't want to stop illegal immigration. didn't want to stop illegal drugs coming into the u. s.

because they make so much money off. It. the only way that trump can get the mexican government to react, isto hit where it counts and that's in the pocketbook. That is exactly what he's doing. Let'S talk about: grassley. , . I appreciate your enthusiasm, but let's take it a little. Let'S stay little structured on this. we're talking about remittance. mexican nationals in such a america.

, they sent him home their money. They have, in addition, what they need to live on to their families. That amounts to over $ 30 billion a year. , the illegal drug trade alone. Forget what they are making and, as you know, a number of border patrol officials now think making more money from illegal immigration that the drug trade. , which produces somewhere between 30 and $ 50 billion a year. not even including thedeficit, that we run with mexico. We'Re talking about $ 100 billion in trade as well. The mexican government is out of its mind to fight the president on this issue, because they're going to be devastated if they continue to refuse to enforce the law.

absolutely. You hear the economists talk about how the sky was falling when trump implanted tariffs on china, but i didn't fall. The stock market took a hit in a day, but it bounced right back up. We just took a hit today. The stock market without up. mexico will not be able to withstand these tariffs. It will force them to act and do the right thing, and this is why we supporttrump in the direction he's going.

He will get this under control if will force the mexican government to be a partner in what we are trying to do. We cannot continue to have thousands of people into the country illegally get relief into the u. s. and we can have thousands of other people that make it across undetected. This is a very tense situation. Now. lopez saying this today. If we can have the full screen quote of the mexican president and his retort to trump there become. america first says: lopez is a fantasy. social problems.

Don'T get results when duties are coercive measures. , your reaction, to. ? How condescending is that? How arrogant is that forhim to say america first shouldn't be what trump is trying to do. ? That'S exactly what he's doing in mexico. What is he doing to help the u. s. he's taking a mexico first stands, but then he's calling the kettle pot black. We can't do that. , we have to look out for what is best for our citizens in this country.

That'S what trump is trying to do it. If he will not get on board, we will hit him with the sanctions. We need to force him to do. What is right. >, > lopez, mexico, first. he'll, be acting in his own interest. If he is foolish enough not to act in the interest of mexico, they will bedevastated because there will be quarter of a trillion dollars a ton of their economy. That will not be helpful for either his political prospects or the welfare of the mexican people. It'S time for mexico to grow, up.

, >, >, absolutely. , two we wouldn't be in this situation. People like chuck grassley would have done their job. if congress would have done their job. Trump would need to be putting tariffs on mexico. That is the problem. It is precisely that, but that is a matter that is now in the.

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