Trump‘s immigration plan could have a strong impact on the U.S. economy

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 05/16/2019 11:53 PM

Council of Economic Advisers Chairman Kevin Hassett says President Trump’s new merit-based immigration plan will take the US economy to a "higher level." FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Main Street and...

Okay, yeah, and so the point is just the president - instructed us to examine best practices around the world and to present you know, ideas about how we could maximize economic growth. Maximize the welfare of blue-collar workers create the most jobs with an immigration reform and what we did is we basically moved, as he said since the campaign to a merit-based system that we think will really tak ...
the economy from the level we're at to a higher level. You know companies you're talking it just strikes me over the two decades of intense intense opposition in the public arena on the ideas of the impact of illegal legal immigration. We'Re starting to actually see some empirical evidencethat. Security makes sense that controlling immigration makes sense, but not only in the interest of the nation's sovereignty and security but economically, and that is a stride forward, and i want to compliment you and the president for doing so. Let'S also turn to the idea that this this president for the first time, would have a 100 percent border security right. Is that the condition proceedn't to quote unquote immigration reform, or is it a contemporaneous and process that we could expect right? Well, you know, i think, that what we put forward were two pillars today, and you heard senator graham who, who you were critical of yes. I said these are, but he said, theseare two great pillars and he's right, like the it's an important pillar borders. He also wanted to negotiate for you kevin if you're going to bring this up one of the things that a senate judiciary committee might consider with his background and chequered it is and who he supports and what he supports. I hope that kevin can still hear me, because this is so for you to hear he is competing with the president and he is anticipating a negotiation he's doing more than anticipating a negotiation with the radical damns he is. He is encouraging it and effectively demanding at the same time as you're, putting out your plan. I you're a nice guy, the presidentis, a nice guy, i'm not a nice guy.

I think yes, i think thing is being an absurd irritant and an unnecessary one. I, in what you all are trying to do, which is a serious proposal to to create border security and a rational immigration plan. I think the senator needs to wait his turn. Well, you know i i don't want to talk about the senator. You know i can't do that, but the thing i want to say, though, is that that regular judaism brings up. Then our immigration system is totally broken right and it's right now, if you're a kid and kenya - and you wonder, i want to go to the us and havea better life, then you know it's really possible to figure out what to do like. You got to hire lawyers, so there's like a hundred different visas and so under the president's plan you can go to a website that says hey if you take a civics test. If you speak english and you know, maybe you have to get some vocational education, then you got enough points so that you can get in, and so we think that what we do is we make this the land of opportunity again and again the issue of security Security becomes a condition preceded for these immigration changes. That'S right! That'S right, because if you don't, if you don't have strongborders, if you don't have security, then it doesn't matter what what laws you have, but it's! So if you don't do pillar 1, then pillar 2 is really irrelevant and that's that's the point you're driving at it's true and and it's effectively immigrant neutral in the numbers at least wrecked, and that's encouraging and there's not been a suggestion before and to be merit-based. My gosh i mean this, is you know i expect hallelujah chorus is around the white house for coming up with this proposal. It is a terrific beginning, we know the process and if we didn't know that the process was going to be at times intense, so we wouldn't need it was indeedsenator, graham to remind us, hey kevin thanks, so much for being with us. We appreciate it good luck with all of this thanks.

Thank you.

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