Russia removes key Maduro support from Venezuela

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 06/04/2019 01:29 AM

Former Trump State Department official Christian Whiton on the report that Russia pulled key defense advisers from Venezuela over late payments. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Main Street and Wall Str...

Breaking tonight, source is telling me that venezuela is very close to a deal for new elections, and a nicolas maduro exit package may be being negotiated as we speak. A key development here in the negotiations between guido and maduro. Russia is on its way out of venezuela and i'll tell you. This is massive. This is a big big deal, because russia was a key supporter of the menorah regime, helping ...
them financially propping them up and keeping that dictatorship afloat. So with russia gone, it sets the stage for hwang widow and perhaps whoever will take over for the chavistas to have an actual election, a real election. Imagine that this is a big win. This isa big win for donald trump. This is a big win for the vice president, mike pence who's made this very much his issue. It'S a big win for our secretary of state mike pump. It'S a big win for john bolten, marco rubio and i'll. Tell you.

It is a very, very big win for capitalism, but don't count your chickens before they hatch, as they say joining me right now is former trump and bush state department, official christian white and christian. What can you tell us about what's going on right now? Well, the important new step is that russia's state-owned, basically arms and military training organization rostec, has decided to essentially not entirely but essentially leavevenezuela. It had as many as a thousand people in country training, venezuelan troops, training there pillar and military, helping to equip the military and, frankly, racking up big invoices that venezuela owed but didn't paid, and they have decided to pack up and really trim down to fewer than A hundred people which to me says that basically, russia is tired of having its bills, not paid. It thinks it's bills will never be paid by maduro and has decided to frankly write off this bad debt. Okay, interesting how it all comes back to money right so for us to say all right. Maduro, are you know you're, not good, for it is russia than encouraging the thepresident that we recognize juan wydo to come to some kind of agreement with nicolas maduro or the chavista party and have a free election. I certainly wish they would, i sort of doubt they've. Actually done a complete 180 from bad guy to good guy, but you know i think. Basically, you know russia actually has a habit of sticking with bad actors who make problems for the united states to the bitter end, and the fact that if you again, if you follow the money, ignore what they're, perhaps saying, which is murderer, murderer murderer. But the fact that they're moving away of this key pillar of support and if you're, one of the guys who's hanging aroundmaduro - and you see this departure - that the russians were hey yeah, we're there with you. We don't want you to leave power, which is what they told maduro when he was wavering before now. All of a sudden, those guys are jumping on planes to go back to russia.

I think that's a bad sign if you were a maduro support. Yeah, that's a pretty big signal. Shall we say some sources have told me: they believe it and some kind of exit deal is, is being worked on and there are questions as to what maduro would do what he could do. You know, i don't know: go live in a nice villa somewhere in cuba or dominicanrepublic. What would what would be sort of the the options on the table? If you would christian for someone who is sort of a slightly disgraced, very disgraced dictator? What does he do? What'S what's the next play, how does he get out of there and how does it all go down? Well, his options? If you look at the places where thugs usually end up, you know saudi arabia. For idi i mean that's probably not on the list. China has been a big supporter of maduro, but i don't know if that's a fit, russia would probably take them. They do have that sort of allegiance to former dictators who used to be in their pocket. Cubanicaragua are the near abroad. Those have been supporters of his and probably make a little more sense, although the cubans are the ones who have, of course, wanted this regime to stay as long as possible and certainly aren't going to give him a green light now, if he shows up in havana, I assume they would take him in, but you know, i think that the key point is to keep the pressure up. It'S impossible to time. Descent movements, freedom movements - you know this week we're marking the 30th anniversary since that's the entenmann's square massacre, so sometimes freedom movements move fast.

Sometimes they move slower, but us pressure here has really brought this to bear. Itsure has and look i mean i i think i think it's probably gon na happen. Timing is tricky as you say, but it is gon na happen, and that is a pretty important step for our hemisphere. It'S important step for freedom for those people that really so deserve it. Thank you so so much christian, it's good to have you here tonight.

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