What led to the Mueller report?

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Published: 05/06/2019 02:50 PM

Journalist John Solomon on concerns over the factors that led to the Mueller report. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Main Street and Wall Street. Headquartered in New York — the business capital of the...

Welcome back, as we watch markets this morning down 459 points on the dow futures, you want to turn to the muller report fallout president trump took to twitter this weekend saying this, despite the tremendous success that i've had as president, including perhaps the greatest economy and most Successful first, two years of any president in history, they have stolen two years of my our presidency c ...
llusion delusion that we will never be able to get back now. On sunday morning futures i spoke with the former trump campaign advisor george papadopolis and house intel committee, ranking member devin nunez about the obama administration's fbi, spying on the trump campaign you're working for ben carson you're in touch withthe trump campaign. Then ben carson drops out in january 16, so you are left without working. You you, you don't have a job and somebody reaches out to you on linkedin. Tell me about that. Yeah absolutely so i was contacted by this company called the london center for international law. Practice i was living in london at the time i was on the energy business in europe and they contacted me out of the blue we'd like for you to come and work for us as a director over here, and i didn't think too much of it, and I went over there and this company ended up being some sort of spark that ended up that endedup, probably changing my life in the end that last two years of this country. Do you believe that the fbi had all of these sources out to entrap people from the trump campaign so that they could claim that there was a conspiracy that donald trump was colluding with the russians? Well, remember what i said on your show last year: yep. I think i actually said i said i think i said it first on your show, as i recall, i said, i'm not worried about whether or not they were spying on the trump campaign. That is fact. What i want to know is how many spies with an s were involved in this i mean it'sand. This is why we have to get to the bottom of this, why all this information needs needs to come out joining me right now is journalist, john solomon, who has covered this for the last two years quite effectively and john.

It'S good to see this morning. Thanks very much for joining us in those clips of papadopoulos and of devon nunez, because we were showing a timeline that was going on, and i think it was really stunning that this london centre for law practices reaches out to papadopoulos on linkedin. After he leaves the ben carson campaign weird, then we find out that this center has worked with lots of intel agencies, the fbi in particularin the past, so it sparked my red flags thinking wait a minute. Was this part of the entrapment? What do you think? Listen. Last year, let it was a year ago, this month, they believe it was that i wrote a column called london bridge is falling down, and i looked at all the there was the curious origins of the start of this case. All of these contacts that are before the official start of the case, so the case officially starts on july 31st, 2016. But in the six months prior to that there is an enormous amount of coincidental or suspicious activity, mostly in london, targeting trump people, and that includes papadopoulos. It includes carter. Pageit includes some other people that were reached out to in that time frame. I think that there are some serious questions we need to ask the cia. We need to ask fusion gps. We need to ask the fbi what were their activities predating the july 31st opening of the investigation that were designed to prime that investigation to try to entrap people? That is a sort of question i think devon una has raised on your on your show.

Yesterday. That'S absolutely right, and you know it was also so stunning to me, john well that in the course of two months papadopoulos had outreach from you know: diplomats or intel experts from britain from australia from italyus as well. So here's a guy who was working for the carson campaign he carson drops out. He leaves he doesn't have a job. He gets a linkedin message from this london center telling them go work for us. He actually takes the job and then three months later he says to them: i'm leaving i'm gon na go work for the trump campaign right and they say to him. Well, oh it before you leave. We want to send you rolle, because we want you to meet some important people and that's where he met this infamous miss foot guy, who drops a bomb on him to tell him that russia has hillary clinton emails, yeah, listen a yearor! Six months ago i had joseph masood email to the fbi describing his contacts with george papadopolis and either he lied or the fbi is lying in the muller report. We need to resolve what happened with justin misread. Who was he working for? Was he working for a western intelligence agency? Was he working with fusion gps? He is one of the key figures whose role and whose directions we do not yet fully understand - and i know a lot of members in congress have a greater interest in him now than ever before. That'S right, but you look at this whole timeframe. It feels like a setup now we need to do the reporting and check itout, but i think there are legitimate questions about what went on in the spring and summer of 2016.

That'S right and just to be clear if we find out that mizpah was actually working for the fbi or an asset of the fbi. It worked in fusion gps. That'S a confirmation that this was entrapment because he basically dried. He tells he tells papadopoulos a russia. Has hillary clinton emails with the hope that he's going to go back and sell trump that and then they can get him on conspiracy, so we'll wait to find that out. Meanwhile, all of this is being ignored by the democrats. John. You know that they're trying to rip down bill barrthey don't want bill barr to go to the origins of this investigation, probably because they know that there was wrongdoing. House oversight committee, ranking member jim jordan joined me on that and here's what he said about the treatment. The democrats are giving attorney general william bar right now watch this. My sources are telling me this morning that jerry nadler is going to mark up a resolution this wednesday to hold bill bar in contempt. I think they're nervous about bill barker's, remember what he said.

Three weeks ago, in from the senate finance committee, he made four important points. First of all, i said, spying did in fact take take place. Second, he said there is abasis for his concern that the spying wasn't properly predicated. Third, he said there was a failure of leadership at the upper echelon of the fbi and then fourth, he used two terms that i've never really heard before and my guess is: most americans haven't. He used the term, authorized surveillance and use the term political surveillance. So the democrats are scared and if and frankly i think what we're talking about obstruction of justice, the real obstruction of justice is what democrats are trying to do to the attorney general they're trying to stop him by all these things. That'S contempt and not having him. Come testify they're trying to stop him from getting the answers that wejust talked to ma'am yeah. I think it's pretty clear. What'S going on here, john you've been breaking a lot of news on this. Give us your reaction to all of this and where the news flow is right. Now what what have you broken this weekend? Well, in the last couple of days that we had a focus on the ukraine embassy, the ukrainian embassy in washington has now acknowledged, for the first time that, back in 2016, a democratic national committee, a contractor reached out to them and solicited a foreign power.

The ukrainian government for dirt on donald trump and paul manafort. Now the embassy says in the end they didn't give the information to them. Butthey were very concerned about the legality of what they were being asked to do. That is a huge admission. That'S far more aggressive than anything the trump campaign was ever accused of doing during the 2016 election. I think these attacks on bill maher are all a sideshow they're designed to distract the american public from the fact that this entire story is boomeranging and we are now going to get in the current attorney general, a full accountability and a full accounting of what went On in the trump spying scandal yeah, i mean to say that he lied. It was so absurd. The whole reporters out there. What is he lying about the reporters right there butthey don't want to admit what took place. Robert ma is going to testify. What do you think may 15th is the date they're talking about real, quick, john, my guess it is, and i think it's probably more danger to him than the president when it's all done all right. We will be watching that john solomon.

It was a pleasure. Thank you, sir.

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