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The Grammy Awards honored new artists and also paid tribute to NBA star Kobe Bryant. Watch the highlights, from Billie Eilish’s numerous wins to Alicia Keys’ touching tribute to Bryant. » Subscribe to NBC News: » Watch more NBC video: NBC

And the grammy goes to billy alice [ applause ] tonight, that's for coby! Here we are together on music's biggest night, we're all feeling crazy sadness right now and we're literally standing here heartbroken in the house that kobe bryant built - oh yeah, [ music ]. Oh, my god, so many others deserve this. I'M sorry! I thank you so much. This is my first grammys. I never thought this would ever ha ...
pen in my whole life. I know that um all the other artists that were in this category. I love you all. You guys are amazing, you deserves just as much as i do. I love you. Thank you for this. We wrote an album about depression and suicidal thoughts and climate change and being the bad guy whatever that means, and we stand up here confused and grateful [ applause. ] this whole week, you know i'd, be lost in my problems, stressed out and then in an instant.

All of that can go away and your priorities really. We need to continue to reach out. This is the beginning of making music that moves people again making music. This is for nipsey hussle. I want to thank all of you for supporting this and for lifting nipsey's name up. You know we all love him. We all miss him. It is terrible that we had to lose him so early. We thanked his family for being here tonight with us. Thank you for allowing us to use his legacy and lift it up in song tonight. [ music ]. He deserves me.

[ music, ], [ music, ], [ applause, ] talk to my imagination can provide it into alcohol. I tried and tried and tried some more told secrets chilled my voice: [ music ], [ applause, ], [ music, ], [ applause, ], [ music, ], hey nbc news viewers, thanks for checking out our youtube channel subscribe by clicking on that button down here and click On any of the videos over here to watch, the latest interviews show highlights and digital exclusives thanks for watching.

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