Joe diGenova: Mueller should be disbarred

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 05/31/2019

DiGenova & Toensing’s Victoria Toensing and Joe diGenova discusses Robert Mueller’s statement on the Russia investigation. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Main Street and Wall Street. Headquartered in ...

Reach that decision. lou joining us tonight, victoria toensing former deputy attorney general for the division of the doj, joe digenova founding partners of the law firm, and it is great to have you both with us. Let me start with the excrew shading discussion already about whether or not the special counsel could have said he found a crime, victoria or not. He said he couldn't find any evidence ...
It seems to me that should have sort of short circuited the whole discussion. >. > translation bill barr's such a gentleman. He was so kind to say he could have. look.

Mueller could have written up just like ken starr did many years ago. I find the president did thisand he's guilty. I find he committed perjury here and he's guilty. one after another with ken starr. and he could have done that. That doesn't mean that the president gets indicted. That means he said he found sufficient evidence for an indictment. , so -- lou. So the fact that he didn't doesn't suggest that he didn't. i mean there is so much ambiguity in this victoria.

I have to tell you i find it infuriating. Well, you know -- lou, i tend to think of robert mueller, former --. He was the director of the fbi for 12 years. I think i would have at least expected a triple-digit iq with pen in hand as he put thatstatement together. joe. I didn't see that. -- joe, i didn't see that. This is a horribly written report. It is to me a horribly constructed nine minutes and forty seconds.

was it intentional hi, so , yes, absolutely. , that press conference without questions was vindictive, abusive unprofessional and it was unethical under all bar association and doj rules. That statement was adolescent and juvenile, just as his 43 438-page report, was. unprofessional, illogical. the notion that he would say if we had confidence that the president didn't commit a crime we would have said that. He should be disbarred for having made that statement in public. That is an outrageous accusation. The president is presumed innocent until he ischarged and convicted of a crime.

robert mueller stood the constitution on its head. lou. I want to put up if we may, for the audience a full screen of that quotation from robert mueller's statement yesterday. If we had had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said so. changing the president -- charging. The president with a crime was therefore not an option. We -- my god that must be the royal `` we' he so ponderously -- [ laughter, ], >, >, it's he and andrew wiseman. That'S the ``. We ,' lou. wiseman wrote it. lou.

This is -- victoria. I find that just an infuriating statement. , not in terms of law, not in terms ofprosecutors, that's just an ignorant thing to say. and obviously written by somebody who thought he was so cute and so clever, so clever by half. Well, i'm going to follow up on what joe and seb said about it being unethical. I think somebody should file an ethics complaint in addition to a bar complaint against mueller. , not just what he said in the press conference, but for writing up those other 200 pages about quote obstruction of justice. lou yep. volume, two. I want bob mueller to testify because i wanted him to be asked the question: was there one thing in your investigation that you were not allowed to do because of an act? Bypresident trump lou, yeah.

, ? That should be that should be answered. It'S -- lou yeah. I think i think --. He may not be the brightest fellow, but i have to say i think, he's smarter than to put himself before a committee in which republicans will be questioning him. As you all say, closely. >, >, just remember lou. He was the head of the fbi during uranium, one. lou yeah. , it's -- and was the bagman for the uranium at least a sample of it to moscow. , , yeah.

lou, but joe. Let'S turn to also this --, the inspector general strikes again. , a high official of the fbi leaks, sensitive information, including sealed court records, he's notmentioned by name, and there is no prosecution. What is going on , that looks to me like it's peter strzok. , which i find unbelievable in light of the criminal referral on andrew mccabe. , lou right. , peter strzok was complicit in all of those acts so that, if it is peter strzok covered up In that report, it is to me it's incomprehensible that horowitz would not make a referral and let the u. s. attorney figure it out. by the way, just because there wasn't a referral doesn't mean that the justice department won't investigate strzok criminally anyway. of so he's, not the End-All and the be-all. lou, and when do we see? When do we see the inspectorgeneral's long-awaited report much-ballyhooed perspective, arrival on the fisa warrants, , unfortunately not for some time or because, as we understand it, chris wray has been stonewalling.

and we know that from the evidence that he retroactively classified the document from the state. Department. yeah. lou, the shame for that department goes on and on and when does it end joe , i'm afraid that only bill barr can solve this problem. chris wray is an empty suit. He'S embarrassed the bureau. people inside that building know it and they're embarrassed by his presence. There. bill. Barr will solve this problem because he's the right map for the right time. , the -- man for the right time. , the presidentmade, a brilliant.

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