Trump delays infrastructure talks as impeachment pressure grows among House Dems

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 05/22/2019 10:45 PM

Rep. Ro Khanna (D-Calif.) explains why President Trump should be more cooperative with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. This comes after the president cut his infrastructure meeting with Pelosi and Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) short on Wednesday. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel...

[ music ]. It was a very positive meeting of a respectful sharing of ideas and, i think, a very impressive presentation by our chairs. We do believe that it's important for the to follow the facts. We believe that no one is above the law, including the president of the united states, and we believe that the president of the united states is engaged in a cover-up. Speaker, nancy pelosi, with some b ...
unt and tough talk for president trump after a meeting of house democrats specifically focused on impeachment. Those comments later caused the president to walk out of an infrastructure meeting with the speaker and senate minority leader chuck schumer just minutes after it began the president vowing not towork with democrats until their investigations into him and democratic congressman rope khanna is joining us now. He sits on the house budget committee and sir. There are a lot of big-ticket items like the budget, for example that need bipartisan support. I'M thinking health care as well. Are you concerned that, after those comments today that nothing might get done this year and that these continued probes might backfire on the democrats, because the president remains intransigent about moving forward until they're gone? Well, i'm very concerned for the country. Our competition is china, while they're investing in their country we're at gridlock. We need an infrastructure bill to expand broadband to everyone to expand, invest in science andtechnology, and it's disappointing that we can't get that done.

Even during the nixon impeachment, the congress passed the highway fund. They passed the endangered species act, there's no reason. We can't have investigations and cooperate on issues for the country at the same time. Well congressman so, do you agree with the house speaker who says that president trump is engaged in a cover-up? Do you think he needs to be in beach, i'm not there yet in terms of the impeachment inquiry, what i do think is we need aggressive investigation. The bomb ala report raised serious allegations of misconduct and we need to hear from bob muller and we need to hear from mr. mcgann and weneed the committees to do their work. At the same time, we need to be focused on legislation on infrastructure, prescription, drugs and issues that matter to the american people congressman steve orbs here in terms of impeachment, it seems that the base of your party is continuing to push that speaker. Pelosi knows that's a non winner. You give a hint of a real victory to president trump when you do that. What are you gon na be able to resist those pressures and on the moller report he found no crime, so the president proclaims his innocence and i think the american people think these probes are just witch hunts to harass the president. Well steve. Let me answerboth questions.

I do think the caucus is going to be unified between behind speaker pelosi. We had a meeting this morning. The vast majority support her approach, which is the committee's need to investigate. Do their oversight. The country needs to hear from mr. miller mr. mcgann, but there shouldn't be a rush in terms of any further actions. I do think most of the country believes that the moller report was very serious. There was sweeping and systematic interference by the russians in our election. Put aside president trump or whether he was engaged, because i agree, there was no evidence of coordination or conclusion of coordination, but we should still be taking action on to prevent furtherinterference and there were very serious 10 counts of allegations of a potential obstruction of justice. We have a duty and obligation to investigate that as anyone in your caucus has anyone in your caucus looked at those redacted parts of the report, yet not to my knowledge and that's because they believed that those redacted parts should be available to the entire committee. To be able to do our job, i really believe, if why don't they look at them first and then come to that conclusion, because they believe, if they look at that, and that would give an argument for denying it to the broader committees and they think that Constitutionally they're entitled to this and theywant the justice department to go to court like a ken stark did and i'm releasing grand jury testimony.

That'S against the law should that be breached. Well, steve. I don't think they should be releasing things that are sensitive to national security or sensitive to individuals, but the justice department could go to court as past. Special prosecutors have done and argue for the lissa as much of the report, as makes sense, and i think that will i actually helped move us forward. I believe the administration giving being a little bit more cooperative would help the speaker do what she wants to do, which is focus on the legislative agenda. Every time we aren't getting documents, it'sactually increasing the pressure on the speaker, so my view is that the president should be more cooperative with speaker. Pelosi go ahead, scott well congressman congressman shouldn't. They allow, though, the the speaker and and and you know any anybody on both sides. I guess, allow the the investigators to do their work. The report to get fully redacted to come out and like like steve, said, reviewed because that's what i think the worry is here is, then it ends up being chuck and nancy just to stay on a first-name basis as usual against donald and therefore it's like. Don'T you guys risk some political at least power from the standpoint about americans are getting very verytired of this bickering and therefore, if it's this constant battling over the moller report, which needs to be taken, care of and reviewed yes, but to impede legislation, seems very petty To me, because there's so much needs to be done in this country. Well, i agree with you, but it wasn't the democrats that were repeating legislation, speaker pelosi, senator schumer, went to the president.

The president had said: we want a two trillion dollar infrastructure bill. We said we're going to work on that, let's work on the details and then, by all accounts the president cut short the meeting and said no. I don't want to work on this while their ongoing investigations. It'S perfect yoursince she's not on the floor yet. So it's perfectly reasonable in my view, that we can work on this while there's ongoing investigations. I don't see why the president can't engage on infrastructure or on prescription drugs or on any of the other priorities. There have been a time when more than four or five people in congress have seen a report that it doesn't get leaked to the press. Probably not, but this is a very serious issue that you could go to jail for leaking something to the press of this magnitude. Where happening, we will be in the new york times. You know salman rushdie said that there are no secrets in american democracy, so there'ssomething to your point steve. But i i really think just getting the information out there, letting muller testify and then letting the american people make a decision is the best way to go. And i think transparency is actually in the president's interest conversation.

How do you make sure that the kind of the silent majority of the democratic party, those dozens of freshman representatives in swing districts throughout the midwest, who really want to focus on health care and farming and infrastructure and education? How do those voices become more a part of this dialogue and not a constant discussion about muller about investigations etc? Well, i appreciate your pointing that out because many of those candidates, didrun on health care on infrastructure and making sure america wins the technology race against china, about delivering for this country, and they are being heard. They may not be on all the networks in primetime, but let me tell you their voices were heard this morning. A lot of them are saying that we need to continue to keep the focus on doing the work they're working on in a bipartisan way. To do things for the american people, so i agree with you that their voice matters and nancy pelosi - the speaker is listening to them, as well as the other parts of the caucus congressman rokon of california. Thank you for coming on bulls and bears thanksso much for having me on any time.

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