Trish Regan: It’s time for China to grow up

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 06/05/2019 01:07 AM

FOX Business’ Trish Regan and former Trump Deputy National Security Adviser K.T. McFarland mark the 30th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Main Street and Wa...

Joe biden is taking a deciding lee pro-china approach to his 2020 presidential bid, it's a political play that is dangerous for him, and rhetoric that certainly could be dangerous for our country. He doubled down on his pro-china rhetoric today going a little more general in his reference. There to asia what our workers are literally three times as productive as workers in the far east. I mean see ...
me in asia and they're three times as productive, and so what are we? What are we worried about mm-hmm? What are we worried about? Well, keep in mind, it comes on the heels of his recent comments made in iowa watch. China is going to eat our lunch theycan't, even figure out how to deal with the the fact that they have this great division between the china sea and the mountains. In the east i mean in the west, they can't figure out how they're going to deal with the corruption that exists within the system. I mean i, you know they're, not bad folks, folks, but guess what competition for us all right to make statements like that one and the one you just heard in new hampshire, berlin, new hampshire. It'S clear that joe biden is either massively naive or deliberately trying to be provocative trying to set himself apart. I get a bit of advice from mr. biden. You know that kind of talkisn't gon na fly in berlin, new hampshire, where he was today. I grew up in the live, free or die state and berlin is a former manufacturing town logging paper mills that is now a shadow of its former self thanks in part to too many presidents and too many administration's that thought a well a little like joe biden.

So, while biden's out there trying to infer that china isn't a threat, china's working on it's made in china, 2025 push. It'S attempted controlling the robotics, the aerospace in the technology industries, it's violating the human rights of its muslim population by putting muslims in concentration camps, and it's adopting and orwellian like surveillance system to spy on andto rank the social standing of its citizens. It fails to respect intellectual property rights and it is lost repeated cases at the wto for this and forces american tech companies that just hand over their technology when attempting to access china's markets. In addition, china has not one but two world bank's all of its own. The bank's employs hugely aggressive lending practices to poor countries all across the globe, in a kind of a loanshark style really causing these nations to become indebted to china. So, while china tries to explain that it's still a deserving of a developing nation status and can borrow money from the world bank, you know i would just ask what the worldbank still be lending to paraguay if it had a couple of world banks in its back Pocket to add insult to injury, you know joe biden actually is choosing to ignore the china threat today june 4th today, which is the 30 year anniversary of one of the most tragic events in modern history tiananmen square on june, 4th 1989, hundreds of thousands of students And workers in china took to the streets in a quest for freedom, a quest for democracy and their own government killed them. The exact number we don't know. We may never know, because china won't reveal that, but the estimates are between hundreds and several thousands. As far as china is concerned, thisday never happened and when our secretary of state mike pompeo, addressed it in a tweet, the response was swift. Today, with the chinese ambassador, saying, pompeo statement quote: grossly intervenes in china's internal affairs attacks its system and smears its de mess to inform policies, because the us wants the world to remember history. Even if you don't, if a country like china truly wants to grow and grow up shouldn't, it be willing to admit its mistakes, i mean shouldn't it: apologize to the families that lost loved ones and it's unclear how it is that we can have a normalized relationship With china, ever if china won't at least acknowledge its past, i mean they can moveon, but just admit what happened as for biden speaking in new hampshire today, effectively trying to say china's no big deal he's wrong. It is the memory of tiananmen square is still fresh in my mind.

I was sitting alongside my mother watching tv in a small town, not far from where joe biden is in new hampshire today, watching the live television news coverage of that horrific scene watching those courageous young people lose their lives in their quest for freedom. China may want to rewrite history, but the courage of those brave people will never be forgotten not by the world and not by me joining me right now. Former deputy national security adviser under president trumpkatie mcfarland, it's good to have you here sure i mean it. I mean i, i remember sitting there with my mom, who, interestingly, was a chinese history, major mm-hm and she was explaining to me a lot of the history of the country and the challenges that they were facing in this tremendous uprising of all of these students there And and what it meant and just we were watching, and the horror of the situation is something that has stuck with me to this day and in many ways i think katie helped. It provide me with a sense of what we, as journalists, can do, what the power of live. Television really is because, when you hadthose images sent back to the rest of the world, china could choose to ignore it all it wanted. China can still continue to try and ignore it. The rest of the world knows: does china need to at some point say? Okay, this was a really horrible thing. It happened and we're gon na grow and we're gon na learn from our mistakes. If they're gon na really join the international community, should they be willing to do that sure, but they're not willing to join the international community on the terms that you're talking about, i mean china has for the last 20 years, exploited our generosity and the attitude, and Particularly somebody like joe biden, which was what makes meso mad twenty years ago, we said to ourselves alright we're going to help them develop, even in our own expense, at the expense of our own american industries, because we think, when they modernize they'll, have an open society And they'll be very different than the china that you've just seen in those tanks. The opposite has happened. It has gotten more repressive.

China now is the first total surveillance state. There'S something called social points. If you speak out against the government, you get negative points. You'Re not allowed to get on the subway you're not allowed to travel you're not allowed to have a job you're not allowed to live in an apartment. It'S they are soconcerned with absolutely crushing any dissent that they have more than a million. We gers the chinese muslims in the equivalent of concentration camps to be re-educated wow, so you know when we talk about trade talks and we want to engage in business with china. Realistically, i mean given the human rights violations, given the surveillance style state, given the theft of intellectual property. Where does this go? I mean it's striking me the way you're describing it is. We don't really have a path towards any kind of meaningful trade relationship. If there's such a stark difference fundamentally in the cultures there is, but but you know china's not going to change, they have 5,000 years of historywe're not going to change. We have two very different models of how we govern ourselves and how we see the world that doesn't mean that we have to go to war. It doesn't mean that we can't trade, but it's time to recalibrate that relationship yeah, because we can't go on the way it is and for somebody like joe biden to say no big deal like.

I said it's like super naivete, its foreign policy, malpractice or okay, malpractice, because the chinese have said that they have every intention by mid-century to be larger economy, the united states and to rewrite the rules of international order to favor their development model. Well, right now, they're they're, taking alot of our stuff, and interestingly i mean you know. I i had a very civil, very nice interview with lucien who was a woman who works for a china news organization, and we talked about that this intellectual property theft and she came right out and said it. Let'S watch katie. I do not deny that there are ip infringement, there are copyright issues or there are piracy or even theft of commercial commercial secrets. I think that is something that has to be dealt with. What if we said, hey, you know sure while we come on in but here's the deal, you must share all those incredible technological advances that you've been working on. You got toshare it with us. Would that be okay? If you pay for the use of this ip of this high technology, i think it's absolutely fine. Why not? You mentioned something pretty important, which is that you should pay for the acquisition, and that really, i think, fundamentally, is the problem here. Right i mean yeah. We can all agree, you know you shouldn't steal other people's stuff, and yet it's still happening.

I mean if you're gon na use other people's technology. There'S a copyright that, on that stuff, there's a you know, there's an intellectual property right and ownership to that that they don't really quite seem to understand or gadget. I mean she did well, except that youknow she she's sort of dead. There yeah, i think, which was great and i shouldn't by the way it was a fascinating interview. Thank you, and you know my thanks to her by the way, because that's not an easy thing to do: it's not easy to come on american tv and to come on fox and on with me, but she she did do it and was was forthcoming in some Ways i mean specifically, i thought, when it came to intellectual problems, really surprised that she was willing to admit that, because that's what they shine ease refused to admit that they're taking our technology, the chinese ambassador says how absurd we're not taking your technology. Butthe fact is that they are and it's not just an economic relationship. It'S now become a military situation where the chinese have claimed the south, china sea, the world's largest commercial maritime trading route. As an internal chinese lake within ten years, they're going to decide whether we can sail through it with our goods and services or not, and that that's chinese expansionism, well, look you know a lot of people may not like it. They may not like that. We have so many ships over there in the south, china sea, but in some ways it's all interwoven it. An average americans 30-year mortgage right right, low interest rate is actually somewhat dependent on the ability ofus to have that influence around the world to keep the dollar. As the world's currency or yeah, and to be the hegemonic, economic power want to be a pacific power, china doesn't want us to be a pacific power.

Their plan is that within ten years we're pushed back to hawaii so we're out of the western pacific and then within twenty or thirty years, we're out of the pacific. Well, we got to start strategizing, at least if somebody finally is thank you matt with joe biden. Okay to mcfarland good! Thank you so much.

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