Herman Cain: No basis for AG Barr to resign

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 05/02/2019 02:53 PM

Former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain on Attorney General William Barr's testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, the debate over whether political polls still matter and the bias in the media's political coverage. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel de...

Attorney general bar will not testify before the house judiciary committee today right-hand side of your screen, that is an empty chair. The congress people are speaking to an empty chair now. Yesterday, bar was truly grilled on capitol hill over the mall report. Just take a look at this, we read the report. We knew robert miller's concerns were valid and that your version of events was false. You ...
told senator chris van hollen that you didn't know if bob miller supported your conclusions, but you knew you lied, but i wasn't surprised you did exactly what i thought you'd do is why i voted against your confirmation, but now we know more about your deep involvement And tryingto cover up for donald trump being attorney. General of the united states is a secret trust. You have betrayed that trust. America deserves better. You should resign. Okay joining us now, herman cain, mr. barr is not going to testify today and frankly, herman.

I guess you can't blame him after sitting through that yesterday. What do you say? I don't blame her at all. The empty chair is consistent with their empty logic. Mr. malla finished his report. Mr. boz job was to write a summary he did. There was no collusion and no obstruction what's happening here. Stuart is that the democrats want to keep the lie alive. That'S all they have between now and their lexington20/20 and here's the other thing that this senator knows, along with a lot of the others. The more outrageous of a statement that they make, the more likely it is to be picked up by the media on tv, sometimes in print. That'S what she's doing.

There is absolutely no basis for attorney general barr to resign, because there is no shame in his game and i love it that he did not back down to these accusations and lies frankly, herman looking at what's going on right now on capitol hill, the empty chair And congressman yet railing to an empty chair, i think they're right lowered the tone to the level of fast. That'S my opinion. Buthere. We go a new cnn poll about the presence of prove awaiting best level in two years. Forty-Three percent approve. Okay, that's not that's! Not high, but it's higher than it has been in two years, question for you, herman! Do polls matter at this point? No, they do not matter at this point and here's. The reason why stuart - and you have reported on this on your show when over 90 percent of the legacy media outlets, abc cbs in nbc msnbc, do negative reporting over 90 percent. Do negative reporting on this president and his administration? What do you expect you get forty three percent approval. What it also says is that enough people of not buyingthe fake news, they're not buying the malarkey and they're. Looking at the results of this president, i happen to think forty three percent approval is very respectable when you have these other stations attacking you constantly, and it usually will fake news and even to the point of lies, so it doesn't mean a thing at this point. I got to tell you him and i scanned at the establishment media this morning. I looked at some tv shows.

No, where were they talking about the stellar growth economy, which we have right now i mean it really is the best economy that i've seen in a long long time gets no mention at all. It'S ridiculous. Last wordto you. It is ridiculous that this president doesn't get cited on some of these other stations for this booming economy. The gdp growth rate - they didn't expect it to be over 3 % in the first quarter, but it was. We also have historic little unemployment rates. We have regulatory rollback like king langdon's talked about this morning. They don't want to talk about that. They don't want to try to do trump hate and negative attacks, but the good news is most. American people are not abandoning trunk because they know the truth, and i got to tell you stuart. We are gon na have to mobilize the foot soldiers of the truth, which is why we prepared this littletruth card that people can order at truth, kane, truth card kane, calm. We have them three on it car truth card kake.

com. You got it home soldiers, true naver's. All card pain. com got it: okay, swimmin see you again real soon. That'S a promise. [ music, ].

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