Varney: ‘Trump derangement syndrome’ is alive and well in London

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 06/04/2019 03:37 PM

FOX Business’ Stuart Varney discusses the anti-Trump protests in London. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Main Street and Wall Street. Headquartered in New York — the business capital of the world — FBN...

Stuart trump derangement syndrome is alive and well in london. the british left, which is leading the circus over. There is almost exactly the same as the american left. they're socialists, motivated by contempt for president trump. They will insult him at every possible turn. I'M not going to put it on the screen, but in central london demonstrators have erected a giant toilet, an effigy of the ...
president sitting on it. It was made in china and flown in specially for mr. trump's visit.

How insulting can you get. ? I will put this on the screen. , the giant balloon also hoisted over london portraying our president as a baby. It was the mayor of london, sadiq khan, who okayedall of this today. There'S a demonstration and jeremy corbyn will be the main speaker. he's the socialist leader of britain's opposition party, the equivalent of america's democrats and mr. corbyn is the equivalent of say, bernie sanders or senator elizabeth warren. There is a close political tie-in between the left here and the left over there. to emphasize their support. The editorial board of `` the washington post' weighs in today calling trump's advice on brexit, quote, ignorant and unhelpful.

His visit says the `` post ,' is a low moment. wrong on all counts. For starters, president trump is virtually the only world leader who can help britain as it struggles to leave socialist europe. he's offering a trade deal. that'sa way out for the brits. he's offering solid advice for the europeans as well. as `` wall street journal' puts it today. Europe'S massive bureaucracy, paralyzes decision making. , they can't get anything done. europe is in chronic decline.

america can help. They should be listening more closely to what our president has to say, but, like the left here, they are blinded by.

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