Matt Gaetz Calls Impeachment Process A ‘Political Hit Job’ | NBC News

Channel: NBC News
Published: 12/12/2019 03:38 AM

Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla. Called the inquiry a “hot garbage impeachment” during the House Judiciary Committee hearing on the articles of impeachment. » Subscribe to NBC News: » Watch more NBC video: NBC News Digital is a collection of inn...

House democrats aren't clarifying that no one's above the law they're just clarifying that none of them are above partisanship and politics. This is the quickest thinnest, weakest most partisan impeachment in all of american presidential history and for all the radical left attacks on the president's honesty. It'S their lies that continue to fuel this scorched earth strategy of impeachment. When a ...
member of this committee said that president trump was an agent of the russian government engaged in a criminal conspiracy with the russians, he lied needing a new way to undermine our president. The democrats said he obstructed justice, but they couldn't make the case. They didn't have the facts and there are no obstruction of justicearticles in this impeachment. So needing another new distraction, chairmanship announced a whistleblower. He said, we'd hear from this person about bad presidential conduct. Some in the media reported on the whistleblower raising serious concerns about political bias, improper motivation and scandalous coordination with a political hit job aligned with none other than the operatives of chairman, adam schiff, with public opinion. Turning against impeachment the democrats scurried to assemble focus groups and commission polls, they learned that accusing the president of bribery would be good politics. While democrat house members are willing to follow the pundits and consultants, the evidence and the witnesses were not even there, seemingly most anti-trump witness lieutenant colonel vin minh said i was neverinvolved in anything that i would consider bribery or extortion. Lo and behold, there are now no bribery articles in this impeachment.

Another lie, but the biggest lie of all was that house democrats would not put our beautiful nation through a partisan impeachment. Speaker pelosi said there must be evidence that is compelling and bipartisan chairman nadler said: impeachment should not be partisan, and tonight they stubbornly defy the standard that they set for themselves. Not only has this weak case failed to convince the president's supporters to abandon him. They can't even convince the president congressional critics to go along with this sham democrats. Jeff vanbrugh drew and colin peterson don't support the president, but they don't supportthis hot garbage impeachment either. Congressman will herds a critic of the president. He told you the truth. This is not impeachable. After years of pointless and endless investigations against the president, this witch hunt is no longer simply troublesome. It has become deeply and excruciatingly ly tiresome it's time to move on the american people hate this and it's making some of them hate us. This is nothing more than these sloppy straight-to-dvd, ukrainians, sequel to the failed russia hoax. If it seems like you've seen this movie before it's because you have - and we know how the cycle goes, last night's cnn or msnbc promised smoking gun turns into today's disappointing.

Nothing burger! It'S like democrats, forgot they'retrying to impeach president trump for delivering military aid that president obama himself withheld, and so now with no crime. No victim house, democrats impeach because they have no agenda for america. Impeachment has become reflexive for democrats. It'S what they've wanted all along impeachment is their passion, their drug, their all-consuming ambition and obsession, and has been since the moment they stopped crying at the hillary clinton election night, sob fest. They say president trump abused his power. A sad, low-energy placeholder for an actual impeachable offense president trump's true crime in their eyes, was winning the 2016 election against all odds and against the establishment of both parties. The only relevant quid pro quo is the american people'sdecision to send president trump to the white house. In exchange for trump's commitment to support our workers, restore our economy, defend our troops and drain the swamp, how dare they accuse a president trump of abusing his power when they have released the phone records of journalists and congressmen contrived a kangaroo court and subjected this administration To more harassment than any other american history, they are the sorest of sore losers. The second article accuses president trump of obstructing congress. If obstruction in congress is an impeachable offense, maybe we bested peach ourselves. For this fact, free impeachment has obstructed progress on a budget on border security, on an infrastructure plan and on economic reforms that will putamerica and the american people. First, the american people know it.

This is really about it's not about ukraine, it's not about russia. It'S not about the democrats, no zenus into the executive decision-making process, it's about the election and so too the america first movement. We will face this illegitimate impeachment with our heads high our facts straight and our commitment to our transformational president deeply intensified will see on the field in 2020. Hey nbc news viewers, thanks for checking out our youtube channel subscribe by clicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos over here to watch. The latest interviews show highlights and digital exclusives thanks for watching.

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