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Published: 12/22/2019 04:44 PM

2020 presidential candidate and a juror in the Senate impeachment trial, Senator Cory Booker joins Meet The Press for an exclusive interview to discuss impeachment and the Senate trial. » Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC » Watch more NBC video: http://bit.ly/MoreNBCNews ...

And joining me now from urbandale iowa is democratic, senator and presidential candidate cory. Booker'S senator booker welcome back to meet the press, it's great to be on good morning. Just so, you have to be a juror while it candidates, and let me ask you about your juror role here. First, i almost want you to respond to someone of your colleagues bill. Cassidy republican senator from louisiana s ...
rt of implied in our our setup piece, which is this idea of a fair trial. Everybody essentially who's, not impartial here. What? What do you think a senate trial should look like? I think we all swear elf and we're gon na square is very special hope. We'Re really will literallyswear to this ideal of impartiality and i've heard from my democratic colleagues. Folks just tell me, this is just not a good thing for america. I don't think the colleagues that i know that are my friends in the senate on both sides of the aisle think this is a good thing. None of us are happy about this. As a guy who's, a big competitor, i want to beat donald trump mano-a-mano.

I want to face him down on a debate floor, so this is not something that i want to do and yeah i'm gon na evaluate the facts objectively and and honor the oath that i swore, even though i think donald trump has violated his oathso office. Speaker pelosi right now is delayed. Sending over the articles. Do you think that is a good maneuver and is there a point where you think she should send them over? No matter what or is era? Is there a timetable in your head? Look nancy pelosi. I'Ve watched her over this past year and more she's been a light worker in dark times, balancing the most difficult circumstances. The third time in american history, a united states, presidents been impeached. Those articles will come over. I talk to chuck schumer this week. We all know they will, and i think what she's just trying to do is to make sure the best possible shake case for afair trial happens to have this all happening in a context that mitch mcconnell is openly saying he will violate his oath and not be Impartial that we have a situation here that, to me is just very simple: you're gon na have a trial have the firsthand witnesses if you're innocent have acting chief of staff. Mulvaney come before the senate swear to an oath, settle this whole thing, so i think she's. Just trying to say, hey, let's not make this a circus, a partisan circus, let's just get to the facts and and get this trial conducted rightly and then behind us youth. Do you view the ask of hunter biden and joe biden as witnesses is basicallyan attempt by whether it's the republicans or the trump administration is sort of to make the witness requests a mutual assured political destruction? I'M exhausted frankly, of the the biden aspect of this.

This does not speak in any way. That'S germane to the president's behavior. Did the president or not, and there were witnesses in the room. Did he violate his oath to they violate national security? Did he pursue his own personal interests with our taxpayer dollars a counter to the mandates of congress? This is a very clear-cut dry thing to me and there are people who could be testifying in front of the american people and settle this once and for all under oath whatdid. You witness - and we should be doing that, because god, all of us on both sides day out we're just fatigued of this, so much noise right, so much application, so much distraction. Let'S just get to the facts and move on as a nation from this very sad period. Well, i actually want to play you a clip of a couple of basically voter responses to the impeachment. One is from 1998 and one is from a voter in iowa from a from the last week, take a listen him drop. His pants with somebody in the white house isn't going to affect my bottom line. I think he's a jerk, but things are getting done. I thinkit's just a ploy to try to not get trump elected senator i bring that up, because there is this, the fatigue you brought up of yourself. I think there's fatigue out there in the country and a lot of people are looking at this in sort of through their own pocketbooks, and the economy is doing well.

How much should public opinions exhaustion from this factor into this? How you conduct the senate trial? It should not at all, not at all. You know when i walk onto that senate floor, i still one of those folks that gets this sort of overwhelming sense of gravity. We have these institutions so much bigger than nazis traditions constitution. This isnot a question about popular opinion right now. This is a question about the sacrosanct ideals of our nation. Did a president united states violate his oath of office? We violate the values of this nation and we created a system of checks and balances to hold him accountable. He is not above the law, he should be subject to the constitutional mandates, and so we should do this independent of public opinion. This is a time history will look back on this moment. Did a president violate his oath? He violate the the the the sanctity of our constitution. If he did, he should be held accountable and we should again move on. Do the right thing and thenlet's move on to as a nation? I want to ask you about your campaign. You were not on the debate stage last week, something that it obviously that's, not something that pleased your campaign and you've made you've made your views known that you feel as if the parameters to get into the debates are too high.

The dnc just raised the raise the bar even higher for january. Let me ask this: what what do you believe was missing from the debate that your voice would have added i'll ask? Well, let's just be clear: what are you hear from local media and iowa and people's? Why is some dnc officials in washington determining who we get toevaluate, because here on the ground, our campaign is third or fourth and net favorability. Our campaign is number one or two and overall endorsements from local leaders we're picking up county chairmen. Local mayor's state reps. We now, according the des moines register, have one of the top teams organizing on the ground, setting up there's even articles talking about why cory booker is gon na upset here in iowa john kerry, john edwards polling, sixth and seventh in a crowded field at 2 % And 4 % one month later went on to finish one and two barack obama around this time was 15 20 points behind hillary clinton. The polls have never predicted who would go on our campaign issurging right now, and this is why i'm grateful to the american public, because there's almost a backlash against us not being on the stage. We had one of our best fundraising periods of the entire campaign, and i hope people who want my voice in this race continue to go to cory, booker, calm and help to surge like we are now and when, when it comes to february. Well, your history is correct. Senator booker december leaders in iowa often don't finish as the leader when the caucuses actually happened, so you definitely have to watch out for up. So it's there senator booker. Thank you for coming on sounds like you are campaigning hard. You'Ve got thesunday morning.

You'Ve been campaigning a lot voice. There stay safe on the trail. Yes that voice and have a enjoy your holidays. Chuck really appreciates you. Merry christmas to you and all who celebrate and happy chanukah to those as well. Thank hello from washington. I'M chuck todd and thanks for checking out the meet the press channel on youtube click on the button down here to subscribe and click over here to watch. The latest interviews highlights and other digital exclusives.

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