America is energy independent: US energy official

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 05/15/2019 03:42 PM

United States Deputy Secretary of Energy Dan Brouillette says the U.S. is energy independent and agrees with President Trump’s criticism of the Green New Deal. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Main Str...

In venezuela and iran we're now holding dangerous regimes accountable by denying them oil revenue to fund their corruption, oppression and terror. Yesterday talking sanctions oil sanctions against venezuela and iran come on in danbury, yet deputy secretary at the energy department, sir, the president wants to be energy. Independent, that was the purpose of his visit to the lng export terminal. Yes ...
erday, all we energy independent at this point stewart. Yes, we are. I thanks for having me this morning. I appreciate the opportunity to be with you and share some good good news for american energy. Yes, we are energy, independent america is now the largest, the world's largest oil and gas producer, which was unimaginable just afew short years ago. How about exporting i mean the president was at the liquid 5 natural gas export terminal yesterday. This is the start of something. That'S really gon na grow, isn't it i mean we're really gon na be major exporters pretty soon that's correct to do it. We are - and we are today as a matter of fact, the facility that the president visited yesterday was number four in the united states.

There are a few more facilities like it coming online as well, we're going to continue to export lng around the world, but this particular facility that the president visited yesterday is particularly impressive. To give you some sense of the scale of this facility, if itis alone able to satisfy 25 percent of the imports that were brought into the european union last year in 2018, wow just that one lng export terminal could give europe 25 percent of all the gas That it needs that's. That is correct. Now, that's an element of foreign policy than isn't it because the europeans are getting their gas from the russians. We don't like that. We could replace the russians that is correct. It provides not only energy security for the united states, energy independence, it does equate to energy security, but it also provides security for europe as well and for those countries that are not concerned, particularly about their security. It does provide them withenergy options which, as you know, steward very well competition means lower prices and that's good for consumers. Mr. president, trump yesterday called the green new deal a hoax. What do you say to that at the energy department? I think he's correct. I think the goals of the green new deal are laudable.

Everyone wants a cleaner environment. The approach, however, that they use is frankly silly and the trump administration also supports a clean environment. We choose to do so in a different way. The president has directed us to to approach energy within all-of-the-above strategy, which we know works because we're seeing the emissions in the united states go down between 2005 and 2017 emissions have droppedby 14 %, that's carbon emissions, while our economy has grown at the same time. So we know the approach works and that's the difference between our approach and the approach of some in congress down brew yet at the energy department. Thank you very much indeed for joining us, sir. A lot of what you're saying is not known by most of our viewers and that's intriguing. Thank you, sir. Coming to stewart. Yes, sir.

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