Trade war with Mexico could cost GOP some Senate seats

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 06/06/2019 05:51 PM

FBN's Charlie Gasparino on mounting Republican concerns over the potential political fallout from President Trump's tariff threat against Mexico. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Main Street and Wall St...

Well, you know the president is running into a buzz saw of criticism on these towers for mexico, not for democrats from republicans, charlie gasps arena was more than that yeah neil, i mean what sources are telling the fox business network quite simply, is that the gop leadership Is worried about about this trade war and its impact on their political standing that it's gon na cost them seats both ...
n the house? Maybe the senate. Remember they have a razor-thin majority in the senate or two seat. I believe majority in the senate. That'S pretty thin. They also, they don't have a majority in the house and it could cost them more. Why is that? Because the trade wardespite, what the president says of mexico, ripping us off with what people say in the gop leadership, is that in many states, trade with mexico has been a net positive for these states economically. And if you look at border states like texas, look at farming states like iowa, this could have a real impact. It could have an economic slowdown in these areas and that in turn, will cost republican seats, at least that's what i'm hearing now. The other thing i'm hearing is that if he wants to go to trade war with mexico, you know the opposition is building to block that i mean you know he is gon na face opposition and just let's digest thisfrom ted cruz from john cornyn. The two senators from from texas i mean this is gon na, be an all-out war with as the heart of the republican party who believes yeah. You know, there's a book there's a problem on the border. Let'S the couple it: okay, let's fight.

Let'S fight that border war, he's right about the wall, he's right about the immigration, but don't do it at the expense of the economy in these states and again i would just say this: neil you know the president says: mexico has been getting away with murder in Terms of trade, the numbers don't necessarily bear that out the numbers. According to these folks - and you know i canjust you know - use the google shows that american businesses do well with trade with mexico. Nafta has been positive in many ways. It has cost us in the industrial midwest, it has helped us in texas and the border states and in other areas. So that's where the gop leadership is coming out. This could be the bridge too far between donald trump and the gop leadership, which is basically accepted. Most of his stuff, you know try to rationalize some of his behavior right, but not on trade. It looks like him. This is gon na, be a big story going for and he is kind of threatening them. Everybody saying it look, it would be foolish to arguewith me on this point here, so that could set up a real battle. Well, it'll be mitch: mcconnell ted cruz, john cornyn, some bold-faced names against the president on trade. I mean that's where that's that's the way.

It'S looking it's shaping up, so put it mildly. All right. Thank you, buddy very much.

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