Town Hall with Pete Buttigieg | Part 4

Channel: Fox News
Published: 01/27/2020

Pete Buttigieg answers lightning round questions during a Fox News town hall. Watch the rest of the town hall here Part one: Part two: Part three: FOX News operates the FOX News Channel (FNC), FOX Business Netw

[ applause, ], [ music, ] and we're back here at the river center for our fox news, townhall with pete buddha judge, mayer time for a lightning round quick questions, quick answers: we put you through your paces back in may and claremont. Let'S see how you do this time, is there one of the rival candidates, who is either in the race still or perhaps has dropped out that you were closest to you kno ...
get along with all of them? I don't know that i want to name check anybody and get them in trouble, but it's a great group and and of course we're in the heat of competition, but we share the same values i admire every one of my competitors and just for the record. Well, i am competing to win. Whoever is the nominee. We have all got a rally around them immediately in defeat you ever take it personally man, you had that moment with elizabeth warren when she was attacking you for bing and wine cellars with crystals. I didn't like get all of that, but in any case i mean. Is it just? Well that's business as they say in the godfather or were well look. I mean i'm a human being. I can get hot under the collar, especially in somebody's throwing stones, but again, at the end of the day, you remember that we share the same values: we're together on about 80 % of what to do we're negotiating our differences. That'S what primaries are for, and i'm never going to allow it to distract from the respect that we have for each other and the common goal that we have of turning the page and getting a new and better president. The new york times last monday endorsed elizabeth warren and amy club, a club achar, which is a little bit odd, to have a dual endorsement. Here'S what they said about you and i want to put it put it up.

This is what the time said about mayor pete his showing and the lead-up to the primaries predicts a bright political future. We look forward to him working his way up. Did that condescending, pat on the head? Tick you off, because that's the way i read it! Well, one of the things about running when you're young is you get patted on the head a lot and told you the future, but this is about the present, not just the future. This is about where we are right now and the reason i'm running right now is because we need a different kind of nominee and a different kind of president right now. [ applause ], you got ta. Let me ask the questions: is there one particular meal, or one particular dish that you have eaten? It doesn't have to have been in iowa that you? Yes, it does we're in a when you hear the question that you have eaten on this campaign, felt you had to eat politically that you really didn't want to eat. No, if you want to include iowa, that's fine! No, i'm pretty well your voice, just roused! No! I'M just thinking about it. I remember the good meals more than i do. The cut. To be honest, most of my meals are in vehicles now so anytime, i'm actually at a table, it's kind of a treat and then and then we're at the iowa state fair. There was it was in, may i did in the wrong order. I started with with the root beer float and then went to the bacon ball blt, which is a thing that exists at the iowa state, fair and then came around through the slushies into the fried oreo situation.

And there was some kind of there's like a steak on a stick anyway. Maybe i've just blocked out the bad ones, but i'm also remembering the good memories, those that you enjoyed. All of those. I did what you turned 30 a write a week ago. Quit he's no longer 37 folks, do you feel that you're getting old or politically do you feel that they are less young and how did you celebrate so, as i enter my late mid-30s, i actually feel in invigaron celebrated with chaston at home is rare, treat to Be at home with him and mom and the dogs, and just remember what what mad this sounds like such a cliche. But it's true when you were in your politic, you know involved in campaigns all the time, just being close to those you love and i can't think of a better way to spend a birthday. Okay, i got my last minute for a lightning round here when we held our town hall in may. It just happened to be on the night of the finale of game of thrones, and you were disconcertingly aware and sophisticated about the goings-on in that show. So here's the question i have: do you have a new guilty pleasure when you get a few minutes off the campaign trail? Is there some new show? Yes, i finally figured out how to do the app so that i can watch star trek the cart and i'm a huge star trek fan, so i'm really excited to see where it gets all right. You'Re, a big star trek fan: oh yeah yeah. I grew up on the next generation. It'S all about that.

You realize there was a generation before the next generation. Can you do the smock thing? Okay, yeah? Oh alright! We would like to give you a chance now for a brief, closing statement mayor the floor. Is yours all right? Well, thanks again for the chance to be here and if you believe in this message and if you think this is the right way to turn the page, i need help. I need help knocking on doors. I need help reaching out to friends, especially to those who might be so exhausted by the process that this they're, this close to switching it off when this is actually our chance to make sure that we send a different message. I also need everybody who's watching who believes in me to go to pete for america. com and help us with the contribution we're fueling, not just the eight days leading up to the caucuses but the road ahead. And i am convinced that we are going to beginning right here in iowa change. What people think is possible that we can send a message to people who are telling us that we have to choose between our head in our heart. We have to choose between what it takes to govern and what it takes to win, or that we have to choose between unity and boldness in this country. I don't think we have to choose. I don't think we can't choose, because i don't think we can get any one of those things unless we get all of them and this is our chance to turn the page.

So that's why i'm asking you to caucus for me and i hope to earn your support a chance here. Thank you mayor. Thank you very much for coming on again. We very much appreciate it. Thank you to our audience here in des moines, a program note: tomorrow's special coverage of the senate and pietschmann trial, starting at 12:30 eastern back in washington, but that's it for tonight have a great week and if i always say we'll see you next fox news, sunday.

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