Kushner meets with Israel PM Netanyahu amid political turmoil

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 05/30/2019 11:43 PM

Danny Danon, Israeli ambassador to the U.N. discusses how Israel will hold new elections after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu failed to put together a coalition government. Danon also discusses how Jared Kushner decided to travel to the Middle East despite the political turmoil. FOX Busines...

To the political deadlock in israel, president trump's son-in-law jared kushner met with prime minister benjamin netanyahu just hours after benjamin netanyahu failed to form a coalition government sent in the country to new elections, raising fears that israel is now vulnerable and in uncharted territory. Let'S bring an israeli ambassador to the un denne denne. Oh it's great to see you, sir, thank ...
you for having me liz. So what happens? Next we have another elections. It'S not perfect! You know. Churchill once said, the democracy is the worst form of government except all other form of government. So we are proud of our vibrant democracy. Our neighbors don't have any elections at all, so in september 17, willgo for another cycle and other elections, and hopefully the prime minister will get there enough votes to form a coalition. What happens? What about jared krishna speech, peace plan on the trumpet administration's peace plan? Of course not met today, the prime minister in jerusalem, and we are looking forward to cooperating with the administration about the initiative in bahrain. There will be a conference at the end of july. Do you have a viable, serious peace partner on the other side of all gently? Not the palestinians are not willing to even consider the plan that they told that to the colleagues in washington. Don'T send us the plan.

We are not going to open the file. Buti will optimistic about doing something else with the moderate arab kind of individual, the saudis, the gulf countries. We see what's happening with the iran in the region. We can cooperate, fighting the aggression of everyone, they know it. We do a lot of things quietly. Hopefully, we will see some development that we can work publicly with them, so basically no peace plan right now from israel with the palestinians, but we are open-minded open. We will hear their little realistic when we hear them at the un when we hear them in ramallah. Thing we don't recognize israelis as partners. We don't recognize president trump as the mediator, so we don't want to engage so, unfortunately, theywould say no another time so you're moving another france with bahrain and saudi arabia. Given, what's going on with iran, i want to move on to this hudson institute fellow arthur herman, sir. He wrote an op-ed in the wall street journal about the quote: growing menace of the moscow beijing tehran access. He says they're trying to disrupt and influence the process in the us and middle east and central asia.

Latin america. More! That'S quite a statement to make what was your take on that, so the iranians all over the spending, seven billion dollars a year promoting terrorism and we see their fingerprints in all terror attacks in europe, south america. So we are worried aboutthe iranian for the us. You have other global issues like north korea. The venezuela, but for has the main threat, is a one and then, but he linked it to beijing and russia. So it's beijing, its tehran and it's moscow. I can give you an example: we tried to designate hezbollah, the terrorist organization in lebanon and the terrorist organization at the un and unfortunately, those countries and a few others would not support a resolution condemning hezbollah or designating hezbollah as a terrorist organization. I think we should all that access is real. We see it sometime, they in the un, but sometimes we do cooperate with the russians in syria. So for us i one isthe major threat in the region. Okay, ambassador great, to see you very much. Thank you.

So much for coming in.

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