Pete Rose talks Trump, Baseball Hall of Fame in exclusive interview

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 06/05/2019

Baseball legend Pete Rose on his career in baseball, the Baseball Hall of Fame and President Trump. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Main Street and Wall Street. Headquartered in New York — the business...

You saw him walking down the corridor there. The man's arrived, yes, pete rose, the man himself is with us on the set sitting right next to me, i should tell you that is the author of the new book. A great book play hungary, the making of a baseball player there you have, it he's, brought a free copy for me, which i hope he will autograph so that i can sell it for a small photograph in a day no au ...
ographs. Today, no i'll pay all right. Look, i came to america in the 1970s yeah, but i remember you. I remember you very well good decade. I remember you as the most aggressive competitor in the inthe entire game and that's what you were. That'S why it's play hungry. I played hungry and i played aggressively and most importantly, i played to win yeah. I think kids get to understand. No reason you play sports today is the wind. It'S more fun.

Everybody has more fun when you win. Oh my am i right about that absolutely yeah. This show is a winner by the way. Well, it's the most. What, if you believe that, if you, if you can get an a or a d, what do you want to get a d renee? What are you like if you can win or lose? What do you want to do? Win yeah, pretty it's notrocket science! We make it rocket science. Today you would slide into places. Would you dad head first? No, not going me. I would win and after slide they try to get your picture in the paper. Man get the pictures paper slide. Headfirst. Is that right, yeah yeah? It'S the easiest way to save this way, and you always got your picture in his face, wanted to stand out. You wanted to win and lead that way.

Well, i was pretty lucky because i got to play my home town. You know i was born three miles from the ballpark in cincinnati, so every night i played i felt like i had iced tea with everybody's in the audienceso. You know when you're under scrutiny like that, and especially my dad, was there the whole books about my dad and when you got a dad, that's analyzing me the way he did it. The games you got to play hard. You got to play to win or he'll be waiting outside for you. He was that every game ever always the every game, never stayed it to the game. He was. A banker worked at fifth third union trust company. I can i give you a quick story. Please do okay, i come out. I come out one time, i'm a batting champion 68 69, so i'm pretty much starring and in 1970 i come out and mydad standing by the car sir right away. I think my mom's sick.

This is the way i was raised. Okay - and i said it's mom's sick, he said i got a question for you. He said tonight that, third time up, when you were batting and you hit a ground ball to second, there was a man on third, he said. Did you run hard to first and i had a thought to think about it and i didn't because i was mad because i didn't hit the ball harder and i said no, i guess i did and he said don't embarrass me in his town, like that. I taught you when you hit the ball. You runinto, the umpire says i love. You said see you tomorrow. I said: okay! Well, i've never not run a ball that sensitive. So i even run down to the hut the corridor here to get here. He would kick my butt, that's fast-forward to the present. If we may yeah you an angry guy you're, not in the hall of fame you're, not gon na raise all that angry. No, i'm not angry.

Why would i be angry? I'M the one that screwed up, i'm not gon na, get on your show and complain about not being in any cooperstown, but i'm the one who messed up and i'm willing to go on with it is that, is there a fullconfession what you did on when i Was in the last book i did 203 now. You know whether i bet on baseball or not is old news, and i know you don't like to report old news. No, no! So, let's get to something present. Okay. What do you think it's from go on slide? I know my publisher, but i am you know i mean he's doing good for the country. I mean he's outspoken, he's he your kind of guy yeah he's my guy. I said knowing when i when i played for the phillies in atlantic city. He was there every night. What was he like? That is great guy. I had a medium one atone time at trump tower, trying to get him in a racehorse business with me and dewayne lucas and another game got another guy named wayne lister, and then he got caught on the ski slopes with marla maples or something, and that put Him into all that stuff. That was long ago, though that was what he was thinking about present yeah, but he was always a down nervous guy i mean just you know. I wish you stay off that damn it's not tweets.

I mean let's get him in trouble that people ees, like me, donald, i guess i'm older and donald. So i guess he's like me in this respect that all through my career, ialways answered every question. It was asked me and sometimes you're, better off, not answering every question so and and and and the worst thing in the world i see in the world you want to do is call donald trump, a name. Okay, pocahontas he'll come up with a name for you. I can't wait for the debate. I can't wait for that. He'S a hotter guy than you oh well. I think yeah he's he's. Alright, don't man, he that's a toe. Why would anybody want that job? Why would anybody want that job? Well, he wanted it. I know i think, he's what four more years to what i think he gets them. What do you sayuh? Well, let's see who's gon na run against him.

You know, is it gon na be bernie? Is it gon na be joe? Is it gon na be harris? The senator from california and there gon na be a mayor peak mayor piece. These american towns got a herd thousand people with it. Okay, you guys got a hurt thousand homeless in this town. Anything else on politics, okay! Now what do i have to ask you? The serious question is there any child? The other question more serious conversation. I mean cuz you're, a great guy. Yes, it's a great gig. Will you eventually get into the hall of fame? No, no! It'S not absolutely sure, but i don't think i will whilei'm alive, we'll decide. Okay with that bit. Let me tell you why, because i'm from cincinnati, like i said i made their hall of fame, i got my number retired. Okay, i got the hall of fame and i got a statue and that's more important to me because it's my hometown. I was raised three miles from where i played in cincinnati, ohio and by the way they played baseball today on the street called petros way. But yet i'm not allowed to go in the clubhouse or in the batting cage.

I'M john dillinger. I can't go anywhere well, i'm surprised, i'm glad sit on this set. Are you over it yeah over it? I had togo through security 15 times to get in here, to see you you're, not that damn important i'm over that, because life's too short to worry about you think i'm gon na go home tonight and pray that i go to the hall of fame get up Tomorrow, you're not there yet, but you'll get there someday. How old you think i am gon na be brutal. How old do i think you are yeah? 61? Oh, give me that power, i'm 71. In five weeks. I'Ve got you by seven years, man. That was one of the most enjoyable interviews, especially when you think i'm 61 pete rose. We thank you very much carrie. They go far.

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