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Trump sends scathing letter to Pelosi on eve of likely impeachment, more than two dozen tornadoes rip through the South, and new measles concerns during this busy travel season. Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings). 1:29 Trump ...

Breaking news tonight, president trump lashing out of the brink of impeachment his scathing, six-page letter to nancy pelosi, accusing democrats of declaring open war on american democracy. The closing arguments ahead of the house vote expected hours from now the president on the verge of becoming just the third in us history to be impeached and the next battle brewing in the senate. What the top ...
epublican there said that has democrats outraged also tonight the new images, the outbreak of dozens of tornadoes had killed at least three, while snow rain and ice make driving dangerous in the northeast al roker, with the new track, a deepening mystery in the frantic Search a mother in her two weekold infant missing now, four days, her boyfriend speaking out to us everything hurts everything hurts and i don't know what to do and what her parents just told us tonight. Caught on camera, a teen apparently kidnapped off the street in front of her mother forced into a car an amber alert issued. But what we're learning tonight was it all a hoax, the new warning travelers possibly exposed to measles at two major airports during one of the busiest times of the year three children hospitalized. What you need to know, and the price you paid the hottest toys this holiday season and where you can still find them. This is nbc nightly news with lester holt goodevening everyone today, on the eve of his expected impeachment and a rare in dishonored place in american history, president trump had a lot more to get off his chest in a simple tweet would allow unloading on speaker nancy pelosi In a six-page letter that was less legal defense and more laundry list of grievances, accusing pelosi of breaking allegiance to the constitution and portraying himself as a victim kristen welker has details on the eve of the historic house vote president trump's sending a scathing letter to house Speaker nancy pelosi demanding she quote immediately ceased this impeachment fantasy the president calling the effort, a crusade that has cheapened the importance of the very ugly word, the letterat times using rhetoric that seemed straight out of a trump rally. The president, telling pelosi more due process was afforded to those accused in the salem witch and even accusing democrats of declaring open war on american democracy. The president, also lashing out in fiery remarks today hopes the whole impeachment thing is a hoax. We look forward to getting on to the senate in an interview with cnn tonight. Pelosi calling the letter ridiculous and sick democrats say. President trump violated his oath of office by asking the leader of ukraine to investigate the biden's, including during that july phone call and withholding critical us military aid on capitol hill today house democrats and republicans making their closingarguments.

The president's continuing course of conduct constitutes a clear and present danger to democracy in america. We cannot allow this misconduct to pass. There will be a day of reckoning. The calendar in the clock will continue, but what you do here and how we have trashed the process and getting here will live on and with the democratic-led house all but certain to impeach. The president. The senate is gearing up for a trial where tonight battle lines are already being drawn. Majority leader mitch, mcconnell rejected a request by democrats to have current and former trump officials testify and ratcheted up tensions with this blunt common. This is a political process. There'S not anything. Judicial about itimpeachment is a political decision. Do you want someone who proudly says they are not impartial to be on a jury, judging high crimes and misdemeanors? For his part, the president was defiant when asked if he bears any responsibility. No, i don't take any zero, to put it mildly.

They took a perfect phone call that i had with the president of ukraine. An absolutely perfect call. You know they all know it all. Right kristen joins us now. Kristen were just hours until this debate opens on the impeachment vote. How confident is the speaker that she has the votes she needs? Well, lester democrats are expected to have enough votes to officially impeach the president, but thisvote will come down mostly along party lines, with only a few democrats expected to oppose impeachment tonight. The house speaker writing in a letter to her colleagues quote. If we do not act, we will be derelict in our duty, kristen welker. Thank you and the president. We should note, in his letter, took some swipes at the muller investigation that, on the same day, rick gates, the president's former deputy campaign manager and a key witness in the russia investigation was sentenced. Pete williams has late details pete. What are the judge? Decide? Well, lester gates in the government both urged the judge to sentence him only to probation because he cooperated extensively with robert miller's prosecutors.

Andthe judge was lenient today, but said gates has to serve 45 days in jail a weekend at a time he pleaded guilty to hiding millions of dollars in income from political, consulting for the pro-russian government in ukraine. His former business partner, paul manafort, is serving seven years in prison for masterminding. That scheme and his lawyers now say. Mana ford has been sent to a prison hospital for treatment of heart problems. Michael flynn, the former trump national security adviser, will be sentenced next month. Then longtime trump friend, roger stone is sentenced in february lester, alright, pete williams. Thank you. The other major story were following tonight affecting an awful lot of people. Is that massive decemberstorm system hitting multiple parts of the country, a deadly tornado outbreak in the south and dangerous snow and ice in the north, at least 14 people have died in all this morgan chesky begins our coverage in alexandria, louisiana morgan. How extensive is the damage good evening, as you can see behind me in some areas? It is pure devastation. All of this caused by just one of the more than two dozen reported tornados happening in the last 24 hours, those storms spanning several states and tonight that threat isn't over. Yet tonight a tornado outbreak wreaking havoc in the south, the deadly storms tearing through several states, homes, level, trees, uprooted and parts of louisiana in ruinwow file cabinet from the school desk from the school pastor, rusty thrift looking at the school flattened by a massive twister.

More than 20 students and staff evacuated just in time taking cover in his church just yards away. I mean it's heartbreaking because all of us, this is home for us one teenager, diving under a church pew with his friend. The last thing i could see before everything broke loose was just both had the fear on his face, and i could hear the screams from the my other friends. If you don't bring those kids out of the school, there are none, kids. If we don't bring those kids out of the school, it's a searchand rescue. Several communities now left to clean up the destruction left behind by the massive storm system. You see it on tv, but to really to live it and to see it. It'S a whole different. Ballgame, while others region-wide braced for the possibility of even more to come, morgan chesky, nbc news, alexandria, i'm kathy park in manchester, new hampshire or heavy snow in new england is causing treacherous road conditions. I think we got way too much an attorney. It'S only december. It'S hard to drive the car.

The storm, which has been dumping, ice rain and snow across the midwest, is already responsible for 11 deaths, all caused by weather, related crashes. The wintry mass spreadingto new england, which brought with it heavy snow which began accumulating here in new hampshire, overnight slick driving conditions in massachusetts, may have caused his truck to crash into a tree seriously injuring the two teenage brothers inside. It was icy at the time the roads were being created was icy, while much of new england is left to dig out what we've gotten from the storm soaked the tri-state another strike by winter, leaving behind a big kathy park, nbc news manchester new hampshire. Let'S get right to al roker out: what's the latest in all this severe weather? Well, lester, we still have some left. In fact, as you can see on the radar, it's sliding outbut. We still have a risk of severe weather stretching from central florida. All the way to the south eastern atlantic coast, the snow, will come to an end in new england and those severe storms to move off the coast. But then, behind it we start to see cold northwesterly, wind's, picking up moisture, dropping in as lake effect snow with snow squalls light snow may even reach the i-95 carter brutally cold. Tomorrow morning, wind chills of minus 33 in duluth 14 in pittsburgh, and by the time we get to thursday we're looking at sub-zero temperatures for wind chills, lester that won't moderate until friday, we'll take some moderation. All right. Thank you out. Also, developing tonightthe fbi is now joined, the urgent search for a mother who vanished with her newborn daughter in austin texas.

Last thursday. Our sam brock spoke to her boyfriend today and has what her parents just told us tonight as well nearly a week into the search for hottie broussard and her baby margo authorities today said their disappearance remains a mystery. It'S possible that the heidi and margo have left on their own accord. It'S also possible that there may be something nefarious world today. Fbi agents join the search canvassing the apartment complex, where broussard lived with her boyfriend, shane kerry and their baby daughter and six-year-old son. Everything hurts everything, hurts, don't know what to do. Wefound carrie walking his dog today. If she left, we should not there's everything's here so and she would tell her friend if she left. So does this scare me more is shane carrie a person of interest? We don't have a person of interest right now, we're exploring every avenue that we have police revealed a new timeline for the day she disappeared. Sang broussard was last seen at her apartment late thursday morning, rather than an early-morning school drop-off. Was there any reason that she would have would that heidi would have left? I mean that is a demon or anything tonight, heidi broussard's parents, holding on to each other and to hope something happened. She would notjust leave.

No, she wouldn't do her. Son she'd never leave her son and we love you and we missed you and we need you home heidi's parents last saw her on tuesday. They said she was in good spirits. Everything seemed fine now they're, hoping a massive search-and-rescue effort turns up some answers soon. Lester, sam brockman will continue to follow that, of course. Thank you. A much different story tonight in jacksonville florida, where a young brother and sister missing since early sunday were finally found alive and safe late. Today, after an extensive search, there's katie boeck, it's the outcome, a jacksonville community hoped and prayed would come true missing. Six-Year-Old braxton williams and his five-year-old sisterbria found alive and safe. It'S a miracle christmas miracle and it's a blessing. A lot of hard work been done, and that's all i want to say just thank god for it. A massive search for the pair ending tonight with relief and joy search teams discovering the children late this afternoon, a short distance from their home.

It appears they've become lost in a densely wooded area. Rescuers could hear children's voices and zeroed in they had made their way to a dilapidated pump house for shelter. At some point, tom, the siblings, taken immediately to an area hospital to be examined where detectives say: they've been reunited with their parents, they're, lively and talkative and asked fora. Cheese pizza that we quickly delivered to the children found outside just as severe weather is sweeping through the area that family is fixing to have a wonderful christmas. Two small siblings after two days lost homes, safe and sound katie, boeck nbc news great to hear they're. Okay, here in new york, a court appearance today for a 13 year old, suspect in the stabbing death of a barnard college student during a robbery. Last week, after hearing from his defense lawyer and the prosecutor, the judge said there is reasonable cause to believe the boy committed, felony murder police are still searching for a second suspect who bolted away from a car on his way to ameeting with police. We have an important health alert tonight: air passengers possibly exposed to measles by three infected children who traveled through two major us airports. Miguel almaguer has late details during one of the busiest travel periods of the year health officials. That too made us airports are warning. Travelers may have been exposed to the measles at lax. The county health department says three: infected children, traveling together, move through busy terminals, four and five wednesday, exposing others to the highly contagious virus.

Not everybody's like saying that's the big issue later that same day, 800 miles away in denver, the children were hospitalized after arriving at the city's international airport, health officials say it's still unclearhow many people may have come into contact with the unvaccinated minors who may have exposed Even more people at a local hospital, a hundred and seventy nine thousand people traveled through dia on the day the children arrived we're concerned about people that were on the airplane when they get off the plane they're in the breezeway. The terminal, with nearly 1300 confirmed cases of the measles this year, more than three times the number last year, the highly contagious virus can linger in the air for hours exactly what airport officials fear during this busy travel season. The threat here at lax and at denver international has now subsided according to health officials, but there is concern becausethe measles. Symptoms can take up to 21 days to develop and doctors are worried that anyone who was infected could easily have passed it along to other passengers who were not protected, lester miguel almaguer in los angeles. Thank you. There was a major reversal at the vatican today, pope francis lifting rules that have kept information about clergy, sex abuse cases shrouded in secrecy, nbc's kelly cobiella on what this means for survivors tonight on the pope's 83rd birthday, a gift for those calling for reform pope francis Revoked the papal secrets law in child sex abuse cases, a kind of top-secret stamp seen by many as a way to protect the clergy, stonewall investigators and silenced thevictims. The vatican now says witnesses and victims shall not be bound by any obligation of silence and should cooperate with the police as its own. I thought to be more transparent for the victims for their families, but also for additional authorities worldwide. Church leaders pushed for the change in a conference on reform back in february, advocates for church abuse victims say it's long overdue. What is interesting here is what the pope hasn't said. He hasn't said to his bishops to to the provincials to the supervisors. You must call the police when a crime has been committed.

It'S not enough for alleged victims in new york today filing a lawsuit against the heart of church governmentthe holy see, claiming its policy of secrecy led to a systemic problem in the catholic church, where perpetrators were protected and victims were silenced. We reached out to the vatican late tonight and are waiting for their response to that lawsuit, lester all right, kelly, cobiella. Thank you just ahead late news about what appeared to be a violent kidnapping a 16 year old girl grabbed off the street right in front of her mother, but was it all a hoax also inside the toy wars? Retailers battling for your business with just eight days until christmas. Is there any chance of getting your hands on the hottest toys? Then a story, i think, will touch you. It'S anamazing bond between a nurse and her patient in those who serve stay with us, [ music. ], what appeared to have been a violent kidnapping is over tonight. A teenage girl here in new york is safe. After she was grabbed by two men. It sparked an amber alert, but was it all a hoax there's nbc's stephanie gosk? There is no audio and the images are grainy, but the terror of the moment is unmistakable. Two men jump out of a car in the bronx and grab a 16 year old as she walked down the sidewalk next to her mother. The video released by police shows the late-night struggle. Her mother tried to fight off the men according topolice, but was pushed to the ground.

The car racing off with the young girl inside tonight. A turn few saw coming. Police sources tell nbc news. They are investigating the possibility it was all staged. The 16 year old may have orchestrated her own kidnapping, but this morning they were still fierce. She was abducted, an amber alert issued the neighborhood shaken. I walk here all the time and the fact that she got taken away right in front of her mother is something that's like, oh my god so scary and i was getting messages from my family. They found the girl, but then late this afternoon, someone spotted the teenager, walking down the street. She was byherself to cross the road. She went directly to the driver side window of the police vehicle and she was trembling and shaking goosey. She was really shook enough. The police called the family, they found her a mother's worst nightmare is over.

While there's a chance. Her daughter's legal troubles are only just beginning: stephanie gosk, nbc news, new york. All right, there's more to tell you about up next, the price you pay in the battle to get your hands on the hottest toys this holiday season. Well, time is running out, and tonight we've got the hottest holiday toys and where you might still find them. Jolene. Kent with the price you pay tonight, it's the finalsprint for the hottest toys at the holiday season with toy sells down five and a half percent this year. The pressure is on retailers. Walmart is calling itself america's best toy shop, while amazon allows you to shop by age and category on their toy list. Page target is dedicating more space in their stores, both in person and online also partnering with disney and toys r us, the legacy toy giant, wants to make a comeback after shutting down all of its stores in 2018, jeffrey, the giraffe opening two new locations in texas And new jersey, we want them to walk out to the store, saying that isn't the toys r us that i used to knowbut wow, isn't it cool, but no matter where you shop scoring the hottest toys may be a battle? Not even the force can bring you the cutest toy of the season. Baby yoda is only available to pre-order for next spring online. The top selling toys are going fast, you've got lol, surprise, which is all about the social media and the unboxing. Then there's frozen to toys, nintendo switch and oculus, and all that virtual reality, some of it already sold out, though, with just seven days before santa arrives, lester all right, jolie thanks up next, have a special bond between an icu nurse and her patient became life-saving.

Before we go, we want to share astory about a nurse who saved a patient's life by giving him something he desperately needed. A family blane alexander with tonight's, those who serve as a nurse in the icu at georgia's piedmont, noonan hospital, some kind of medication. Lori wood has touched a lot of lives, but none have touched hers quite like jonathan pinker. The 27 year old with autism, has been on his own since his grandmother died recently, as he was leaving work one day, something felt very wrong: that's it could hardly breathe the diagnosis, heart failure, his only option a transplant jonathan had every requirement except one family to Care for him after surgery alone and out of options, jonathan was dropped, fromthe transplant list, somebody's got to step up to the plate, and i was gon na be that person. That'S how nurse laurie got a new name. Call him mama now becoming jonathan's legal guardian. How quickly did you make that decision two or three days? There was something in my heart that i just knew that he needed months and a successful surgery later jonathan has barely skipped a beat all settled in with laurie and her son. She has went above and beyond for me and i can't think enough for just bringing me into her life a new heart. She has really saved me. She really has and a new family to fill it lane. Alexander nbc newsnoon and georgia love this story. What a beautiful act, i'm lester holt! That'S our broadcast good night! Everyone, hey nbc news viewers thanks for checking out our youtube channel subscribe by clicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos over here to watch.

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