Biden doesn't think China is a threat to the U.S., many say otherwise

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 05/03/2019 12:36 AM

Center for Security Policy President Fred Fleitz on former Vice President Joe Biden’s claim that China isn’t a competitive threat to the U.S. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Main Street and Wall Street...

[ music, ]. Well, the president calls him sleepy joe, the former vice president and 2020 democratic hopeful on the campaign trail downplaying china as a threat to the united states. Listen, listen to the mr. biden. I'Ve met virtually every major world leader in my role, as vice president as foreign relations chairman over the last thirty years, and that's not hyperbole. China is going to eat our l ...
nch. Come on man, competition for us, not competition for us biden apparently forgot about the hundreds of billions of dollars. Every year the china steals from the united states. Are they almost three hundred and fifty billion dollars in trade deficits that we run with china and have throughout our relationship withchina? The vice president didn't mention either that his son had a lucrative one-and-a-half billion dollar equity deal with a chinese state-owned bank. His son hunter - that is but we're going to refresh everyone's mind and i'm sure that the other outlets will as well joining us tonight is fred flights. National security expert president of the center for security policy, fred great to have you with us, hallo good to be here. Let'S, let's start with china and the former vice president doesn't think it's a competitive threat.

I it means he hasn't he's still out of touch just like when he was vice president. Well lou. I don't know how to put this look. Joe biden has longbeen regarded as one of the dumbest men in washington and a gaffe machine, and this is why - and i'm not kidding. This is why his campaign staff recently were physically blocking reporters from asking him questions, because they were worried about gaffes. Now compare this to president trump who constantly meets with reporters, takes all of their questions, so i think that president trump is really looking forward to getting this guy on the debate stage. I think that he he wouldn't mind whether he's running against one of these 21. I a trade to be named later or the whole bunch of them. It still won't be a fair fight iii mean i'm just stunned to think ofthe quality of what the democratic parties put forward. It is truly i just as i was stunned by the republicans that were put forward by the republican party back in 2016. It'S going to end the same way, let's turn to china. This is we're listening to a champion speaking to the chinese youth.

We can put these full screens up. This is sort of an interesting. I think a couple of expositions by the chinese premier, chinese youth and the new era shall listen to the words of the party and follow the words of the party. That'S that sounds a little authoritarian in contemporary china. The essence of patriotism is to combine one's love for the countrywith love for the party and socialism he's a communist, not a socialist. What what's going on here? Well, this is an authoritarian state and, and the chinese government is very serious about it. It wants to rein in its people to support the communist party to support the chinese state and china expect its nationals abroad to continue to support the chinese state to steal technology, to promote the state they're a formidable adversary, lu and china. This is based on the 2019 pentagon report, we're taking a look at it going through comparisons and obviously considerable concern saying that the civilian research could support a strengthened chinese military presence in the arctic ocean, which could include deploying submarinesto the region as a deterrent against nuclear Attacks, china now the number one shipbuilding country in the world, the united states 19th. What what are we doing? Well, i mean this is another reason why what mr. biden said is so ridiculous. China is obviously a very serious military and political and economic threat. What i was really stunned by this report, what it says about espionage to recruit human assets against the united states, both intelligence officers, state department officers and ordinary americans.

China is has a very aggressive, a program to steal our secrets using american citizens yeah the grains of sand approach. If all chinese nationals expect expected to be carrying out espionage, read very quicklyvenezuela three days now since great, oh, i called for an uprising. It looks as though there's at least a loss of momentum, if not a an impasse here. What do you expect to happen over the next few days? I think maduro will go eventually it's going to take time. It worries me these people talking about a military intervention. Look, i think we were seized on the tape which would be well people in this country. Could some conservatives, i think military usual con nonsense? Is that you're? Technically that's right! The president trump does not want to get into a ground war in venezuela. Let'S say that very clearly: forces on the table under certain circumstances. Butthis is not what we should be doing there. We have to find other ways: diplomatic, waste, economic ways, pressure in cuba and and and and and russia and china to stop backing maduro. It worries me too many people are talking about a us attack event as well. That is the wrong approach.

This president, in my judgment, will be i this is the man who wants to bring in a troops home. This is a man who is can incite against idiocy of the neocons and and the fools that have just you know, wasted trillions and thousands and thousands of lives he's not the man to do it again and we have other resources as well. Andfred you're always a great resource things.

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