Canopy Growth CEO: We want regulation of CBD

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 05/31/2019 04:42 PM

Canopy Growth CEO Bruce Linton on why he supports the regulation of CBD, the research into the health benefits of CBD and the growth potential for CBD and marijuana. Click the link to tune into the FDA deciding the future of CBD in its first public hearing:

You'Re not already. special guests to react to this bruce linton, ceo of canopy growth, which i'm told is the largest legal marijuana grower on the planet. That'S you. , , that is true. , stuart. Okay, tell me about these hearings today in washington. What is it about cbd? Do you want regulation, ? Yes, we more than anybody want regulation, because what happens in the absence of regulation is co ...
sumers don't know what they're getting or not getting. is this with chemicals is the doseage as described, and so when there's no regulation, that's when the sketchy players prosper and we want Regulation. stuart, but is there any actual proof that cbd is an anti-, inflammatory or amild pain-reliever? Is there proof of this ? Well, there's a pharmaceutical company which took the molecule and put it through trials to show that it has. If efficacy, if you want to call it seizures, and so that's a specific study and it got approved to be a product in the u.

s. , but what i think you'll find is theres, so much anecdotal. What we were doing with canopy is actually running the trials now. So does this diminish anxiety in a canine is a good question to answer, and then you need to know what dose do you need to give? How frequently do you need to give it? So those are the sorts of things becauseit's federally legal in canada. In germany we can run those trials stuart. You can do that because it's federal and legal in there . Yes, so you can actually pull all of the ingredients together and we're running sleep trials. So if you're in canada and you have what's called primary insomnia, you can't stay asleep. We'Re running a sleep trial where we're putting people in a double-blind fda study to see which combinations of ingredients cause you to stay asleep, so you can be sharper at work. The next day. that kind of stuff will move the needle on. Why you want it regulated? Because when you ignore it, do you know what really likes that criminals.

that is the best practice. stuart? I just want to put this up on the screen. We'Ve got a map. 34 states have pot available for sale in one form or another. Ten of those states. I think that's plus d. c. , fully legal recreationally. You think the tide is turning sharply towards mass legalization in america.

! Well, yes, to an extent. , so we did a deal with a company called acreage which operates in 20 states and the deal we did is when it becomes federally permissible, because i'm not sure that the federal government is going to say it is a recreational platform. I can see them saying on a medical basis, we're going to regulate itand, put it through the fda trials and that may be less unappealing to people. But if you're, a federal politician, your goal is to remain a federal politician. So if you say to everybody, it's a party that won't go as well as saying states rights, let each state govern it, so that is very soon. Stuart is the thc content of the marijuana that you're growing today much much higher than the thc content of marijuana. In the 70s , so we grow a whole variety. stuart. You know what i'm getting at. critics say it's much much stronger, today.

Well, we even go so far to say guys. Why is anybody smoking? It it'snot a great idea and what they do when they smoke. It is just activating it. , there's so many better ways in which you can activate it and regulate it down, but we do have some, which is extremely strong compared to that time, and then it goes stepping all the way down, and so what happens is if you Buy it in the illicit markets, some types it's extreme ly strong and sometimes the supply chain causes it to be adult rated with other activations could be fentanyl, and so these sorts of things, if you don't regulate it, how strong it is a big question. , stuart you're, Going mainstream, aren't you doing a keynote with martha, stuart, >, > yeah, there's a big congress on the east coast of canada in a couple of weeks and what's happening? Is people want to understand who can they trust what brands are coming through and what's it going to do for them and so martha's quite interested in? How can we help animals and how can we use cbd to help animals stuart just a few short years ago? -- , you wouldn't have me on your show, i'm sure. ! It'S a big change. stuart, how many tons a year ! Well, if you think about that, it's a little more than 500,000 kilograms. So that's kind of the potential of our platform. stuart. How many tons isthat ? Well, so that's just drop a zero.

You get to 50,000 tons. stuart 50,000 tons, yeah. stuart all yours, ! Well, that's our potential yeah.

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