Eric Trump: Mueller has done a tremendous amount to divide this country

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 05/30/2019 12:48 AM

Trump Organization Executive Vice President Eric Trump reacts to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s statement on the Russia investigation. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Main Street and Wall Street. Hea...

Well, joining us tonight for more on the muller report and the and the endless radical dim campaign against the president, his administration and his family, the president's son executive vice president of the trump organization, eric trump eric. It is great to see you could be who he was always left the question of the night. What did you think of the muller presentation? I think the guy's a trem ...
ndous amount to divide this country. It wouldn't take anybody two and a half years to come up with the fact that there's no collusion that there's no obstruction. That was said in the report and he said today. I stand by everything i said in the report, albeit hedidn't just come out and say guys after two and a half years there was no collusion and there was no obstruction. He was talking in code, and i just you know you look at how well our country is doing right now, economically, the rebuilding of the military than taking care of our vets so respect around the world. You look at those images that was coming from japan, where world leaders actually like us again. They respect our nation. I mean my father's doing an unbelievable job for this country on every front on every front out there and all the democrats can do is put on these clown shows on side, and it's a shame because ithurts this country and it's it's, it's it's it's a travesty. We'Re doing so well well, when our people can start cheerleading for america versus just being obstructionist and that's what these guys are doing in it's stunning. The only initiative announced by the the democrats in this period has been the aoc new green deal, yeah, which is a car which is proposed 91 trillion dollars is the bankrupt, our nation, it was gon na get roughly.

I think we could grab that off. Roughly i mean what trillion dollars lou. These guys have no message: they have no leadership, their old ideas. They have no charisma. Look at the people running right. There'S 50 people running no charisma, youknow bill, deblasio, the mayor of new york right right. He can't break his 0 %, i mean he can't break the 0 %, but i'd like to see him stay in the race as long as possible, just for entertainment value for energy you need to. But but you know what again, my father is doing. A great job he's brought back jobs. This country he's brought back manufacturer he's reaping every single deal, deals that were driving jobs out of this country left or right. They were driving businesses. People are getting wage growth for the first time in 15 years.

In this country i mean the middle class is again growing when your father announced his candidacy. The middleclass was still shrinking, and now, after two and a half years already, the middle class in this country is growing again and, as you say, wages are moving higher, more people aren't prospering and moving. The upward mobility has been restored, which is the essence of the everywhere. We, where can drink everywhere, we're in pennsylvania. We are in ohio, we're and i just everywhere right. You walk into these factories. Safety boarded-up right, beautiful buildings, they're boarded up, they'd have chain-link fences around them, they used to be prosperous, they used to have life and they were dead. Nafta sent all the deals overseas and those factories are coming back to life again and those light bulbs areturning back on and these towns are no now thriving and wages are going up and we've got the lowest unemployment in the history of our country. But again, all these guys will do is these clown shows, though, get up there? Let'S impeach the president. Let'S do this way here: they're gon na impeach him because he's doing a phenomenal job, they're gon na impeach him, because our economy is the talk of the entire world strongest economy, hands down in the entire world. Well, what's our gdp growth, 3. 2 percent right every point? Where'S europe, europe is 0.

24 percent. We are the envy of the entire world right now and the democrats don't like that, because their candidate wassupposed to win and she didn't she got - beat horribly badly. They had to come up with some narrative to say, face it backfired on them, as you can tell right now, every left he's winning he's winning the guys win it every left-wing program. Every democratic initiative has been proved hollow and, frankly, destructive of this country, and that is the reason people talk about the 2016 election. Of course they are disappointed, but what really scares i believe the democrats in this country is. They know that this president has just simply kicked out every leg of the stool that they've sat on for decades and that the the joke is over record-low minority unemployment in this countryhispanic and email and everything just i mean think about 93 % negative media coverage. Yet the guy is at over 50 in the polls. Right i mean they must be, they must be worried. I know they're worried, but but they must be worried and there's a word that they are. They are trying to overthrow a president but have been, but let me give you one other thing: surely it's horrible for our nation, it's horrible! When you go overseas and you see the nastiness on cnn right am acn, that's totally failing in this country. You go overseas and you watch it it's this trailing overseas to, but it's demeaning to our country. It'S it's not patriotic it'sa horrible thing that they're doing especially when they know they're casting lies every single day because they got it wrong.

They were wrong little and and they keep on digging and digging and digging and, as i told you before, we're gon na win. This thing again he's gon na win this again, but we're gon na win this thing again and this country's doing awesome and i'm incredibly proud of him. I knew he was gon na. Do this and he's exceeded all my expectations, i'm proud of him. Well, i know you did and, and the rest of us are awful grateful eric thanks. So much thanks come back soon, eric trump.

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