Bolton Leak Describes Trump Linking Ukraine Aid to Biden Probe

Channel: Bloomberg Politics
Published: 01/27/2020

Jan.27 -- An explosive leak from former National Security Advisor John Bolton’s unpublished book that says President Donald Trump wanted to freeze aid to Ukraine until its government investigated his political rival threatens to scramble the politics of the impeachment trial and bring new pressure

It'S really important stephanie to define the difference between john bolton's book to come in a manuscript. What'S the distinction there of a manuscript with fiery language versus an actual published book? Well, based on this new york times report, he had submitted this manuscript to the white house for review by national security officials to vet it for any sensitive security information. So whe ...
her or not it sees the light of day in the current manuscript form is a real question. But the revelations that have come out have come at an absolutely pivotal time in the senate and pietschmann trial and has the potential to change the nature of the trial and the way the way it's handled. Remember the white house had ordered bolton not to cooperate with the the house impeachment inquiry. He said earlier this month that he was willing to testify in the senate impeachment trial if he was subpoenaed and according to this manuscript, he is directly contradicting trump's defense, which is that there was no link between this freeze on military aid to ukraine and his demand That the ukrainians announce an investigation into the biden's bolton, looks like to be the first first-hand witness contradicting that and giving evidence of an actual quid pro quo. The maggie haberman michael schmitt, article suggests buried in the article that the white house could block the publication of the book or take parts of the book out almost redact part of the language out. Can they do that stephanie well, on national security grounds they can. Yes, i mean this could be legally contentious. You know they could appeal, but they do have wide latitude to block him from releasing some of this information. You know, i think the real important thing here is that it could change the calculus on the number of republicans willing to back calls for witnesses. I think before this it looked unlikely that they would get four republican senators, the the number they need to back calls for witnesses.

Now i think, that's up up in the air. It increases pressure on those moderate republicans to back those calls. Why not call bolton and he's willing to testify? Why not, why not hear from him, but if bolton is called to testified, would that be a smoking gun? I mean we've talked in the past about the fact that you know: does it directly linked to the president's orders um, you know. I think it is a smoking gun. Does it change the number of does it? Does it change the chances of trump being impeached? No, i don't think so. I still think he's got enough republicans backing him. I don't think he will be impeached or removed from office, but the crucial thing is the additional information. Does it change voters minds in the run-up to 2020?.

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