Apple CEO Tim Cook announces multi-user support for Apple TV

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 06/03/2019 06:34 PM

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Meanwhile, apple is kicking off a big event today. This is meant to sort of preview what they plan to do for the rest of the year, not exactly, but we do know that itunes, which has been around since 2001 - it's closing up shop, but it's not going away. I guess technically susan leone, the latest announcements from the company in 18 years. So yes, we are expecting itunes to be split up into three ...
t'll, be apple tv, it'll, be a podcast and, of course, apple music that you already have in your phone. So right now we have tim cook taking to the stage just about half an hour ago there right now talking about the applewatch untethering it from an actual iphone. So you don't need an iphone to run your watch in the future, but tim cook of course started off with this worldwide developers conference again in this pivot to services and particularly entertainment, take a listen when you sit on it to watch tv, you want to see The shows that you love so we're introducing multi user support for tv os. We also know everyone in the home gets their own up next list, plus personalized recommendations for new shows and movies to enjoy multi-user support so kind of in the vein of netflix, where you get more than one person being able to use the accounts and, of course, It'Sworld wide developers conference is pretty much gon na echo. What apple has said over the past few years that they are shifting more to a services business instead of just selling iphones? We know that iphone sales are slowing and they want to grow their services, and that includes entertainment as well bring out they generated about thirty eight billion dollars from last year from services. They want to double that in 2020 to just around fifty billion dollars. So not only are we gon na see the end of itunes split up into three. You also have, as you heard, some new features for the apple watch as well, and this is interesting, i don't know if you find itinteresting, i do because anyone that's an apple aficionado, loves streamlining, loves the look of the and feel of the products of but they're They'Re gon na go and offer a dark mode on your iphone and your ipad, which basically causes less eye strain and you can use the devices longer nail. I think that is an excellent idea, long overdue susan lee.

Thank you very, very much.

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