Cubans infiltrated part of Venezuela's military: Daniel Di Martino

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 05/02/2019

Young Voices contributor Daniel Di Martino discusses the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela and how the U.S. should deal with the Maduro regime. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Main Street and Wall Street.

Conflict. , that is the memo. earlier tonight, venezuelan interim president, juan guaido told that he is thankful for the chapter ministration support. We want to maintain the best relationships with the united states. in the chapter ministration. We want to thank them for the determination and the democracy. I think it's very important in the people of the united states is following what is goin ...
on and there have been very empathetic with what is going on in our country. We continue forward and we know we have the support of the united states in the international community. I am pulling for guaido to out the tyrant that is maduro tenant.

The intervention make things so much. Worse. Joining me now. U. S. spokesman for the libertarian venezuelan party welcome to the show dinner. Thank you for having me. Tell me how you see this, how you see it ending and how you see the influence of the american military in venezuela. I agree with you that u.

s. military act would be a mistake because it would be perceived of the region. , but i disagree the fact that it is possible without external action of any kind of force. You could be intelligence or any kind of military action from the region. It is possible to do a peaceful transition. They have tried again and again, over 20 years to overthrow this dictatorship, and we havenot been able because we are unarmed. , . Unfortunately, a lot of people in venezuela are not unarmed. That is the collective bows because of the way the chavez regime, armed people who were opposed to him and his leadership and by arming them in creating the visual into bands. He essentially popped up black markets which thrive what rest of the nation stars.

My worry is, even if it wasn't a lateral, later action and venezuela in the united states. Even if we have partners who can be in brazil and even canada and lord knows who else. we would still be the ones to foot the bill. , we would still be the ones seen as imperialist invaders. Andwe would be the ones that have to rebuild the infrastructure. That chavez and maduro has run into the ground. Let me be clear on this. I am not supporting full ground invasion. I completely disagree with that.

, but the venezuela parliament has to activate 187 and numeral 11 in our constitution, which allows our country juan guaido to address other countries to assist our legitimate forces, which are part of the venezuelan military that supports us into taking back our country. We just want to hire reelections. -- . Why is it been so hard for white out over the last 24 to 36 hours to get any traction with the military. ? He seems operating there be moredefection that he is admitted that there have not been a number of defections necessary in order to worse maduro out. Why is that many reasons. the cubans have infiltrated the military. The core of the military is impossible without them being jailed or tortured.

That is the main reason, our problem to request for an action and intelligence operation, capturing security members. There needs to be opposed in venezuela. , . Let'S say guaido is successful. How long do you think a transition of power would take and how long before venezuela sees the benefit of the legitimate democratic? We are doing business with the united states, questioning. Most people would expect we have seen countries after worldwar ii and after they have fallen once the economy and prices are free to move without any government intervention. Once the production is open to private businesses. Our country will store like germany after world war, ii. or south korea after the korean war.

I think it'll be a matter of months. In humanitarian crisis, will end. in will be once again every country. They need those american refineries in order to make money off of the kind of oral reserves that you have ahead, because they cannot continue like this in the short term, with the chaos and blood shed in the streets. and in the long term, with malnutrition. In the brain.

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