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Published: 12/14/2019 02:21 PM

Newark is suing New York City demanding an end to a housing assistance program that sends homeless New Yorkers to New Jersey and pays their rent for a year. NBC News’ Alexa Liautaud speaks to a mother struggling to make ends meet. » Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC » Watc...

Newark new jersey, sue in new york city demanding an end to a housing assistance program that sends some homeless new yorkers to the garden state and pays the rent for a year. New york has agreed to temporarily stop sending families to newark, but it's also planning to countersue for discrimination, as the city's duke it out in courts and families are stuck in. The middle alexa liotta spoke with o ...
e mother who's up against the deadline. More than a thousand families have been relocated here in newark new jersey, it's part of a broader push from new york city to tackle the affordable housing crisis and homelessness, and it's actually an issue. That'S plaguing major metropolitan cities, acrossthe united states, the question being. How do you truly help people to get back on their feet? Less than a year ago, nemesis maldonado and her family finally felt like they had escaped homelessness, but tomorrow they could be homeless again. I definitely don't have still nothing to pay the rent, because i haven't been able to save nothing nemesis and her family bounced between shelters for years. When you're tired, you don't want to unpack anymore, but then you have another day to unpack, just like how many things is just gon na be going on where they keep getting tired and tired self. But then a caseworker told them about a new york city, housing program called sodathe, special one-time assistance program which relocates homeless, new york, city families within the five boroughs and two other states, including dc and puerto rico. The program pays their rent for a year. To be honest, it's grateful, it pays your rent, but it's not only about rent, because how you're gon na we're gon na be homeless again on any given night. Last year, over 550,000 people experienced homelessness in the united states.

That'S according to the department of housing and urban development, and the concept of relocating families is far from new. Many states like florida, california and arizona have all experimented with similar programs for new york city as well. The concept dates back deck, with plans proposed underthe koch administration to the controversial one-way ticket home approach developed under the bloomberg administration. Homelessness is not a new jersey problem. A new york problem is a national problem. It'S very complex, jose ortiz is a lawyer with a legal assistance. Nonprofit based in newark he's worked in the field for over 20 years. I believe this is only a short-term solution. We'Re talking about teachers, police officers, firemen, home health, aide workers. We all need affordable housing. We all need a place to live. The city said that between 2017 and 2019, more than 5,000 households have used soda to secure apartments and move out of a shelter that equals a total of over 89 million dollars.

Spenton rental payments, but could that money have been used differently? It helped me to get out of their sight, but now i'm stranded, i'm on the other side, not knowing what to do. The program is now coming under heavy fire after newark sued the city for what they called an unlawful program of coerced migration. New york city, for its part, says they want to focus on a human solution and that newark is trying to build a wall. In a statement, a spokesperson for de blasio's office said that the city of newark was taking a page from the trump playbook, but advocates tenants and lawyers say that some apartments homeless families are moved into or inpoor condition asked and with a year's rent paid upfront. There'S almost no incentive for landlords to maintain the units, but, most importantly tenants say one year of rent is not enough and right now, my rent, it's seventeen hundred and sixty-eight dollars of an apartment in new york costs that, but it doesn't matter how low. If you don't have the resources, if you don't have the fine, if you have three children with you, that takes your finances that they actually need. You can nemesis has moved around puerto rico, new york, city, jersey, city, and it's been far from easy in 2017. She had a run-in with the law. She was arrested and charged with aggravated assaultand weapons possession, but she talks about her housing instability. As part of what put her in that position, i did not have anywhere to stay. My friend was taking care of my children. Several of us were injured and it was a horrible thing, but being that i was the adult i was basically the one that was um least trained and it just ended up.

Like self-defense case nemesis was given a petty, disorderly persons, offense similar to a misdemeanor. In other states and had to pay in a hundred and twenty five dollar fine, but, as is all too common spending time in the justice system, combined with housing, insecurity is a difficult spiral to escape whatmakes it so difficult to get back on your feet. The jobs. It'S basically the jobs over here. The wage is not the same. I just started working again as a driver and i've been backed up. People argue that that this program helps people enough and that taxpayer money should be spent differently. What do you think of that? I think it's a lie. This program does not help as they think it does. It really doesn't. Nemesis says: she's worked for a major shipping company in retail, in valet parking in a supermarket and in a thrift store. None of them has given me the salary that i need that i'm looking forward to maintain my house myfamily and now this man new york city's own department of investigations, found in early december, that quote the promise of the program, is not being fulfilled.

Newark'S lawsuit against new york city argues the city illegally coerced some homeless families to move. They kept on telling me that this program was good for me that i was going to be good, you see the shelter and then they tell you this. So it's like you know they opening your eyes, they telling them constantly on, and then you keep on trying to do everything to get the other programs and they they just keep on making your heart your life hard. So it's like, but new york, city's departmentof homeless services, told nbc news now in a statement quote no one is being sent shipped exported or illegally transferred anywhere. Do you regret the sort of program? Yes do you wish? You had stayed in the shelter? No, but i know there would have been other ways, the least for nemesis and her family is up on december 14th, meaning if she can't make rent they're back to square one. What are your options help? I have no other option and just continue to work how i've been trying to [ music ], hey nbc news viewers, thanks for checking out our youtube channel subscribe by clicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos overhere to watch. The latest interviews show highlights, and digital exclusives thanks for watching.

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