Delaney on why he won't push socialism like other 2020 Democrats

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Published: 06/06/2019 10:11 PM

2020 Democratic presidential candidate John Delaney discusses his $4 trillion climate plan and why he feels that Medicare-for-all is "not the right answer." FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Main Street ...

Politico is reporting that speaker, nancy pelosi told top democrats. She wants to see president trump behind bars in a private meeting on tuesday night, the speaker reportedly rebuffed house judiciary, chairman jerry nadler, calls to launch an impeachment inquiry telling him quote. I don't want to see him impeach talking about trump. I want to see him in prison. Let'S bring in former maryland cong ...
essman and twenty20 presidential candidate john delaney congressman great to have you here now. Politico is basing this on multiple sources who were in the room. If true, what do you make of this kind of talk? So so, first of all, i you know, i don't know anything about this. This is the firsttime they've heard about it. So who knows what was said or what the context or any of these things? What i do know is that nancy pelosi who i served with is actually one of the most impressive people. I'Ve ever met in my life, and i think she's actually handling this process. Well, a lot of her caucus are calling for impeachment. She wants to focus on oversight and investigations, which is the responsibility of the house of representatives, and i think she's leading the house very well, but i can't comment on that story.

I literally this is the first i heard of it so congressman this is gary call tom. Thank you so much for beinghere. Thank you gary. I want to ask you about this proposal and i've been looking for somebody running on the left that maybe is moderate, and then i see you have a four trillion dollar proposal, which is a big part: carbon tax, yeah you're, taxing somebody, you deemas polluter and redistribute It to somebody else, i'm just waiting to hear somebody on the left that does not have a tax. I want to hear what you have to say about it, so this is actually revenue neutral, as you described gary, you put a price on carbon which will cut co2 emissions by 90 percent across a couple of decades, and you take all of that money. Andyou don't put in government programs, you know do any of that stuff. You actually just give it right back to the american people, so it's called a carbon fee and dividend, and i introduced the bill in the congress on a bipartisan basis. I had democrats and republicans who are supporting it because from a tax perspective, it's kind of tax neutral, but what does it use market forces, which is something on the big believer in to change behavior, so you're, not solving climate change on the back of working americans? You'Re changing behavior, changing incentives and leaving the american people kind of in a tax neutral position. That'S why i think it's the best way forward. Andit uses market forces to deal with what does the big issue? I also have a plan to basically invest in a whole new industry called direct air capture, which i think is really in many ways our way out, because there's technologies that exist that actually extract carbon from the atmosphere. And i think if the united states really focuses on this, we can build this huge new industry, creates lots of jobs and solve climate change the old-fashioned american way through innovation congressman. Thank you for being with us.

Let me ask you: you know some democratic congress people, some democratic candidates have spoken out against socialism and they've been booed. Let me ask you philosophically here: doyou agree that socialism is is good. In theory, is socialism or democratic socialism? Is it moral? Is it right for america? I think socialism, in its pure form, is the wrong answer to every question i mean on the capitalist by nature. I started two businesses. I was the youngest ceo in the history of the new york stock exchange, so i believe in the power of a free-market economy. It'S the greatest job creation and innovation machine ever created, but i also believe that we have an obligation to create good societal infrastructure like public schools and infra infrastructure that gives the american people a shot. I believe in a strong safety net, because if you believe incapitalism, you know it's creative and disruptive at the same time and you've got to have programs in place to take care of people who are left behind on it. So that's kind of how i think about it. I think it's a little bit of a false choice: we're a free-market economy, but historically we've done well when we have good strong social programs. Well, i actually want to talk about that. That'S perfect i'll! Stick with socialism! You actually spoke at a california democratic convention over the weekend and let's actually play a clip of what you said specifically about medicare for all and unfortunately, how the crowd responded listening. But we need as democrats to build aneconomy that works.

But it's got to be with smart policies. Medicare-For-All may sound good, but it's actually not good policy. Nor is it good politics. I'M telling you you have to go through that. But what do you do? You think this is gon na be continued to be a major major challenge for you going forward. Well, look at it. You know i'm a truth, teller by nature, and you know i believe, in smart solutions. You know, there's that kennedy quote: you don't seek the republican answer, you don't seek the democratic answer. You seek the right answer and i think medicare-for-all is actually the wrong answer, because it kicks about 150 million americans off their health insuranceand about 100 million of them like it. So i just think it's a matter of politics. That'S a terrible idea! The american people ought to have choice. I also think it's bad economics, because the problem with the government is it doesn't pay enough and so like medicare and medicaid, don't pay the cost of health care.

So if the government's the only payer that will lead to worse quality and more limited access, but i do want to solve the problem - we have a tragedy of uninsured americans in this country and i have a plan to make sure they're all covered, because right now, They'Re covered in a way with the worst kind of universal health caresystem we could design, which is the emergency room, better, better form of universal health. Conscious minh, i understand your approval of nancy pelosi and i agree she has a very, very tough job right now. My question for you is at what point of voters say: okay enough with the investigations: let's do some legislating, let's fix the problem at the border. Let'S fix this health care issue that you're talking about. Let'S, let's move on what the country really cares about and you got it you got to answer in 20 seconds congressman. I'M sorry go ahead, so you know i'm a builder i'ma do or i'm a problem solver. I think we should be rolling up oursleeves, finding common ground and getting things done. I think, on a lot of these issues, whether it's health care, immigration, infrastructure, digital privacy, having a technology policy for the future, there is a common ground wave forward. That'S what i've proved and that's why i'm running for president. Please come back and see us again, john delaney great, to see you thank you for being here appreciate for having me.

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