Italy's Government Remains `Chaotic,' Teneo Says

Channel: Bloomberg Politics
Published: 7 hours ago

Jan.27 -- Wolfango Piccoli, director of research at Teneo Intelligence, discusses the outlook for Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte’s government after the Democratic Party, the main establishment force in the coalition, roared back to life on Sunday with an authoritative victory in a key region

Fungo, when you look at it to the right now, what does it actually tells i mean? Does it actually make the government more stable, or is that wishful thinking from the markets, i think, is wishful thinking? I think it provides government some relief. Absolutely no doubt about that: does it make more stable? No, the coalition remains fragile. The five star has collapsed and we should look more in c ...
labria to what happened to the five star in northland of the five star where they went from 43 percent to 6 percent. Yesterday, the pd would have to acquire a greater weight within the coalition. The first 5 star has no leadership and they have very different view on key items on the agenda from the statute of limitation to what to do without australia and so on. So they get to live another day. Salvini doesn't get to knock at the presidential palace came for a reelection, but the government remains chaotic. Okay. What does the government need to do in terms of i don't know if it's handout or a structural reform to make sure that they stay in power? Well, first of all to stay in power: they need to agree on what they want to do and that we are. We are not there on the key items, what to do with alitalia, with ylva autostrada, the shtetl with it there is no agreement. So, first of all, they should review their priorities. Try to create some consensus around that and then trying to push.

I had the majorities become thinner. More than 25 star lawmakers have left the party or they've been kicked out. Those who, let's not forget there, are six regional election coming in may in june. There are more than 1000 city council going to election so and we have a referendum coming as well ahead of these new round of election. So the time to get things done is short, go does it matter, and i say that respect for the x number of italian government since world war - two, i guess it's business as usual. Does it really matter that they find some political stability, or does it just keep going on and on in an italian way? Well, he goes on in the italian way as long as the market allows italy to do that, and that is likely to be for the foreseeable future. Given the environment, where we are, does it matter? Yes, salvi still there, you know the laker still managed to get 30 % said 200 cent of the volts in the mini romania yesterday, so the threat of the populist is there and the economy is not going anywhere and you know the day and if you look At more structural issues, the demographic outlook for italy surrenders so that there are more and more challenges and with that with the lack of interest, political stability, they are simply wasting time back home.

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