Hillary Clinton to speak at a cyber defense summit

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 05/31/2019 11:36 PM

MAXFunds.com co-founder Jonas Max Ferris, FOX Business’ Jackie DeAngelis, Fortune executive editor Adam Lashinsky and Kadina Group President Gary B. Smith discuss how Hillary Clinton will serve as a keynote speaker at a cyber defense summit. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news chann...

So get this folks, hillary clinton is set to serve as a keynote speaker at the 2019 cyber defense summit, the cyber security company fire. I tweeting this flyer out and saying the event is designed to inform executives about how to quote mitigate, detect and respond to cyber attacks, but is the political figure who really came to define mismanagement of cyber security, the right person takeno to c ...
ver its on cybersecurity? It is if you're the company putting on this fire festival, hopefully won't end as that is that one you know this is exactly the problem to cleanse. I know we can make jokes about how she had the email server and she could have used theirproducts and that's why they hired her because they knew it would get maximum attention. This company loses a lot of money, they're, probably dealing in a stale technology that isn't up to snuff, with current cyber security companies that are growing, so they bring her on pay a lot of money, there's probably in the millions really. This is what the clintons do. They don't see how they're being played by people it's like when bill took 17 and a half million dollars for that for-profit school, laura international university to be honorary chancellor. He doesn't see how they're getting played. They just see the money and it's sad because she's, a smart woman, she's boo boo, is abetter cannon that bit than bernie. That'S why she got all the attention back then, but this is a weak link in the clintons, where they can't turn down an obvious play. I don't, i don't think we have to be quite so earnest about this. First of all, there's 23 democrats in the political fray we could be picking on instead of the last one right there for you know. Second, second, second, lee uh, you know her her little.

Her email problem had nothing to do with cybersecurity and there's nothing wrong with her. Someone who was the secretary of state of the united states talk about the state of national security in the world. Oh yeah youknow, it's interesting. I my my daughter, actually works in cyber security. I just texted her saying if hillary was at a cyber conference and she's pretty right-wing, if you will, would you be interested in going, she said heck, yes, and i said why is that she says, because she'd be interested in her perspective right or wrong, and there Was such a union now between the cyber industry and government that she thinks she'd be in it have an invaluable contribution, regardless of her i'm just gon na make it quick, david and say hello pot. Have you met the kettle? I don't want to get cybersecurity advice from her. I mean you, don't fight, so it's perspective, buteither either way effective. I mean this is. This is a first of all. She did lie about certain aspects of all this. She said. Originally.

She did it so that she could only use one device. That'S why she set up a separate private server for information on which secret information would be light. Well, in fact, she had many multiple devices. We now know that to be true, but again this is somebody who abused the very conception of cybersecurity that what she did call for making money doing speaking gigs. But my point is that the obamas would never do this. They would make money doing legit speaking if they would get played for maximum attention. Justto get extra money by a company that does email security, because it's a joke that she was the only one she ruined her dinner with the server.

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