WTFLORIDA's Reza "Captain Bubble" Baluchi Answers Questions About His Infamous Bubble Run to Bermuda

Channel: Vice
Published: 12 hours ago

VICE producer Dan Zabs interviews Reza Baluchi of WTFLORIDA's "Florida Man Runs to Bermuda in a Giant Bubble" ( to get his thoughts on the public's response to the documentary and find out what he's planning to attempt in the future. Click here to subscribe to VICE: ht

Yeah, my name is ray: pallucci people say reservoir reza. No one person is going to overcome the ocean. There was only going to be a bad outcome, so there's no motives. He runs in that thing and powers it wrong, yeah, okay. So what did you think of the video? What did you think of this documentary? It is very good. Thank you for support to support me. They understand me why i do running this thing ...
to bermuda. I am appreciated what they believe me. You know i am so happy. I have a so much support. Were you expecting the response to this video to be so positive? No, i'm! Never thinking that people are thinking this crazy. You know what's going on there all the time like come and save me.

As i said, i don't want to save now. I am very happy people understand, i don't know, wanted anybody come save me. I don't want to make it other people like the lenders who follow me going to bail mother. I want do everything they were saying that he was not okay, that he needed help and you'd be clearly seen by him. Fine but again we appreciate what the coast guard did and everything and we love the coast guard. So we're not saying anything bad about them. We'Re just saying that least, the truth is out now and the proof is right there to see some further do stuff. Yeah reza, what what would you say to the coast guard like? What do you know? I i'm all the time i'm my goal is if i'm running cross-country, you're running to be mowed amid bubble all the time. My main goal is health fire department, coast guard police department. Everything for government help people, you know, saving safety for people, so all the time i won't give. If i raise a lot of money raise money, i can support them. You know give him donation.

This is how i do i never met coast guard. They stopped me. They destroyed my bubble, you know there. I have a command come on and hire them. They say i will take him out you, maybe one person like me. You can't no make everybody happy. You know so i am never mad at any coast guard. I love coast guard they're, giving they're like save other people like gotcha. So even after everything, that's happened, there's no bad blood between you and the coast guard you, you respect them. Yes, i love them. Yeah. One of the things you said that people loved it was when you were when the coast guard approached the boat, and you said i have a laptop i'm watching movie in here yeah.

I said i'm so comfortable, so no, i am no. I scan anything. So i have if i'm tired, i wan na watch movie hey charge your new solar. I have a to charger for solar. You know i can charge my laptop charge, my satellite phone everything i have my life. I designed my life draft personal life draft and i have a knife. It'S very fishing knife. I design everything for personal. I designed when i design of water. You can drink ocean water, everything i designed for my own safety. I have everything how worried i don't. I say i have everything to.

Let me go, i have a laptop, you don't think it above all know anything they. They laugh and they say. Oh, he has puppy, you can go yeah, it's good, you know movie. I love with much movie sometime middle, oh quiet! Watch movie, i've done a lot of movie watching what movies did you watch in your bubble? You know the tomax movie, there's a custard, a say. I have you customize it middle no way, so you watch castaway in the novel yeah. The movies that you took with you were like ocean themed and the ocean. Oh yeah, a lot of people were asking: how did you use the bathroom? I go out, use it and then coming back in so just outside of the bubble. Yeah, do you have a frame, i kind of stay on it go out and then i can do use it and then coming back in i can bite no needle people. You can watch jump in watch it yeah very nice. A lot of people were really inspired by dream. Your dreams won't follow you. You must follow your dream right, you can know people sit on the cow say i run one day like and like him walking cross-country, i'm working from someplace you go.

I want on mount everest, you sit on the couch say my dream, is your dream is called, go, get them know it states it on drinking beer, drinking, think, sit and watch tv and let down depressed and say about my dream. Indeed, you must follow your dream. You know so this thing is very, very important, so i follow my dream. Yeah. A lot of people also said when you know after they shot down your bubble and you said no more bubble, i have they shot it down. People felt really sad about that. I know i am stay, i've never quit. I stay have a long time, but raise money or anything have a more money building. Although you see i'm you stay working on it, you see my storage, i've. Never! Never. If you have a dream one time to time. Your fault anything happened.

You come on a bliss, you fall down breaking your leg, your arm. Well now you say: oh my god, i cannot do it. No, you could do exercise more exercise. Making you football, you know your hand is more stronger. You come back, go up, you know, so sometimes you foil, your any people running. They fell down you sometime. Do you have a problem? You know they'll say something happened that they cannot do next next time. Try every time you try, you get them. You know you. Never quit a dreamer, never must quit. I have a dream: i've never quit. So i follow my dream to return.

A lot of people are asking - and you told me that's when we were filming what is in that energy bar - oh the energy, but have a date date, i'm fake. When i have a not everything mix, it together, meet sara meet honey, everything together and then may i just chime in yeah the energy bar. It didn't look that good on the video, the one he was eating. So if it's a fresh energy bar, he has a recipe for a very healthy energy bar, and it's actually awesome. We'Ve made them before for his bubble trip and they you know we make them into different shapes, they're, really cute, and they look very good. Nothing like what was on the video, so they had to clear that up a little bit. No, i make a different one. One, you know see it before. No, it's so good see, i don't go say so. The bar stay longer if bad bar you've been middle ocean you're in a hundred-twenty grease, you have a more honey more since this documentary aired a couple days ago. You actually got a phone call from the mayor of bermuda. No, i person for bermuda.

They contact me say this good thing is you can come in there? I can make an event on that talk to me everything organized for you. He wants to use the his next bubble trip to help raise money for a recent plane crash. So you have a lot of charity projects. The bubble was just one of them. What are you working on now now, i'm working on it, i trained homeless people running cross-country, for you did life changes, given that i like help them for chasing dead rim. So my goal is: if they finish it, conjures people, they go finish cross-country. I pay, i find job for them and i pay for two months for their their rent and then pay for everybody get bright new bicycles. When that stop them get priced, everybody gets price. Everybody gets come on rent and a fine job building, rebuilding that they give him more love in all run across country. They get more attention more love, and then they see how deep, how deep different is the life? No and then, if they don't have a did, not have a sometimes some for the father, your mom, they kick him out and then see his son on the tv, see son right across country for forgiveness, give them back bringing back to love. You know coming together like this way. I can't help them is my mission.

The name of nonprofit is new adventures to help the homeless, and we have a website run with reza where people can donate. Our main goal for our homeless project is for reza to train local homeless people so that they can run across the country with him running in races and winning prizes and bettering their lives. And it's just you know a charity project that we're involved in right now and reza you've you've actually ran across the country, the entire country before two-time. Yes, one time run to you at three thank wow. I think everyone wants to know reza. Are you building another bubble? Yes, i am i building i'm taking a long time. I do meet my way now. I am, must put my money in take a long time taking three or four years a bigger building. You know if i donation get some donations rebuilding and then i can raise more money running to pyramids. I raise more money for the project, help homeless people it's good. If i have a bubble, i can raise a lot of money for helping the city project. My goal is next goal: how long would it take you to run to bermuda? If, if i have a boat, no problem, i'm a mid coast guard is cortney 21 day sixty my birthday gotcha in 24 hour 24 hour 60, my poor day and even with you know, the coast guard was saying in the video like there's no way you can Run the bermuda, but then, if i i've worked in that six year on the boat now i know i work working same area of my bubble been there.

I know how current work i am. I put my life working on a boat and crabbing fishing boat. Now, right now, so i know: oh, she ain't meet anybody, so i am working all the time there. I know how bored i know how how much mind you go before, i'm no just come in there and say i'm going to go into north. I know you got north after north carolina. There go right, so i before there i mostly start and keep going right right, go east and then go 70 miles outside where mood on the 70. My outside beer, mother, you can go easy. Past corn, you can't go back in bermuda. No, i know everything they think. I am know one thing i say it for funny said: oh i'm running to pay with a virtual beirut that i like making joke i'm joking, i'm bora! You know i like i like say you cannot get this this thing i making joking people, you know the people can give a message, my attention. Also. I you cut your hair yeah for exercise more training.

You know more running biking, so nice hair. I have a now face. Shaving can go atlantic ocean going to be mother. What was it like? Do you have a good time filming, oh yeah? Thank you awesome. Is there anything else? You guys want to add. Thank you of my supportive one more time. Thank you. Make make me more motivation, i chasing my dream. I cut my hair for you guys precious appreciate it. No, no i'm sure there can't do more practice, and if people want to donate to your future charity projects, where should they go? I try set up gofundme if they wanted, they can donate their can revealing new bubble if they won't help me running cross going to bermuda, never have raised more money for the project for homeless thing. I appreciate it from with resaca org run meet reza. They can.

My logo is my website at the f video already. They cannot see itself awesome. Thank you. So much dan yeah absolutely shave everything. It was a great time yeah. Thank you guys. All right we'll be in touch. Okay, bye,.

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