America needs to look after veterans: Allen West

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 06/04/2019 12:26 PM

Lt. Col. Allen West on getting veterans access to quality health care and the border crisis. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Main Street and Wall Street. Headquartered in New York — the business capita...

And joining us right now is retired us army, lieutenant colonel former congressman and author of the book. Whole texas hold the nation allen. West colonel it's great to see it's good to be with you so much for joining us, your reaction. Well, you know one of the reasons why wear this ring is because on average, 22 22 veterans still today or luke taking their lives in the united states of america, ...
nd this is called the hash tag. 22 kill ring and we have to look after these veterans later on this month, we'll go down to the cayman islands and we take a bunch of veterans who, on adaptive, training, diving, they've lost limbs, they havespinal cord injuries and, as those are the type of things That we need to look to do so. The organization calls dive pirates and i'm just thrilled to be affiliated with it. President trump really was focused on the suicide rates among veterans and the state of the va, particularly when he was running. What has he done in terms of improving the way that our veterans are treated in the medical system, but also in terms of trying to combat the number of suicides? Well, i think the important thing was the accountability, because that was lacking in the va system, because now you can actually fire people for their lack of good treatment of our veterans. Butit'S. The accessibility, also no veteran, should be told that you must go and travel 150 or 200 miles to get to a va medical center or clinic. They should be able to have access to quality health care wherever they are. That'S an important thing, and is that possible now that they can go to a private doctor, or whatever i mean there was some controversy about that approach.

Is that working is getting better? It'S not perfect, but at least we are, you know, chipping away at the block. The va is a behemoth, there's no doubt about it, and so i think that and it's funny, because the other side does not want to talk about theva, because that's really their model of health care they'd like to have in the united states of america. How many issues to talk to you about when we want to go to the border crisis? A federal judge is handing the trump administration of a win this morning rejecting a lawsuit from the house challenging border wall funding. The judge is ruling that congress lacks the authority to sue in this case. Meanwhile, lanes are back open at the san isidro border crossing in san diego, that's after customs and border roll agents were involved in a shooting last night, a driver attempting to enter the u. s. failed to stop for an inspection colonel your thoughts on what's takingplace at the Border today we were at the border about a month ago in el paso, and it was actually quite stunning um to see the children they are being put in the positions that they are in absolutely and i've been down to the mcallen sector as well, which is Seen an incredible increase and what the a lot of the drug cartels and people are doing, they're using these children because they know that we are accepting people at family units and after 20 days, you know they're released into the united states society, so they're, actually recycling. Kids to come across the border with certain family quote unquote units, and then they get them back acrossand then they get with another group. So this has been an incredible stress that we put on the border patrol now. We'Ve seen tsa agents having to be pulled out of our airports to go down to any help, but as we're looking here, these crossing zones what's happening out in these other areas, where we are pulling away resources to be focused on these crossing zones. So colonel the president is opening a new front in this effort to tighten the border with mexico, and that's by talking about imposing tariffs. Is that the right strategy should we be using tariffs to fight an immigration battle, and what can mexico do? Well, i mean, i think, that mexicoyou know there should be a buffer.

I mean when you go down there to the border. You know these folks are just walking right on up and they're just walking across. So you know from our border back into mexico five or ten miles. There should be some type of control that the mexican government is not exercising. I mean you could stand there and look right down to a path and see people just walking across now. I'M not going to criticize the president cuz, i don't sit down and have all these classified briefings. Maybe he feels that this is a tactic they has to use, but i think one of the critical things we could dois start taxing remittances that are being sent back to these individuals. Now think that we have to stop having these. You know these carrots that we were giving because we're tell them just come across the board, and this is what you're gon na get you're gon na get these social welfare programs and what-have-you. So i think that's some of the things we have to start looking at as well. If you have tariffs that weaken an economy in mexico that was already contracting in the first quarter, colonel that you make a situation potentially worse for the united states, because lack of jobs in mexico - and you deprive the nation of resources to stop the illegal immigrants from Crossingfrom central america into mexico and into the united states, it puts us in a worse situation, not a better one yeah. I don't know if the president is saying that this is one of those tough stances.

I got to start off with and get people to walk back down, but we've got to get mexico's attention because there's no reason why they should just be opening up and allowing people to transit through their country to come into the united states illegally. Does it seem possible that we could actually have sort of centralized locations two or three of them in mexico, where asylum seekers would go absolutely american run, but mexican protected in a sense compounds? Wherepeople could go apply for asylum and stay there instead of staying in the united states, because that seems like a reasonable outcome and see and again that was one of the things they say. You know you're supposed to seek asylum in the first country that you read right, be mexico, but they're, bypassing that, because they're obviously looking for economic opportunities, which is all good well and good, but the fact is - is they're getting there jumping the line. There are other things right in the legal way. Would people actually stop at these centers or go straight to the border? Well, that's where you got to work with mexico to tell them you send them to theboom. You remember. There was a activist judge that said that the trump administration could not have right. Exa co do this so, and i presume we're appealing that or that the government is appealing that. Well, i just think that's none of that judge's business. That'S there's a fascinating stuff! You know please come back soon, absolutely you're, not with us enough, so we appreciate you joining us this way. Thank you. So much.

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