Trump wants a deal with Iran, downplays North Korea missile threat

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 05/28/2019 12:20 PM

Fox News strategic analyst Gen. Jack Keane (Ret.) on U.S. tensions with Iran and North Korea, the debate over the new electric catapult system for aircraft carriers, defense spending and U.S. trade tensions with China. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time ...

Us-Iran tensions in japan yesterday president trump made it clear that he wants iran to have no nuclear weapons, but he stopped short of suggesting regime change and i'm not looking that to hurt iran at all. I'M looking to have iran say no nuclear weapons. We have enough problems in this world right now with nuclear weapons, no nuclear weapons, foreign and i think we'll make a deal. I think iran a ...
ain. I think iran has tremendous economic potential and i look forward to letting them get back to the stage where they can show that i think iran, i know so many people from iran. These are great people. It has a chance to be a great countrywith. The same leadership we're not looking for regime change. I just want to make that clear. We'Re looking for no nuclear weapons, as you heard, the president said that a deal with iran is still possible. Joining me right now is retired general fox news, strategic analyst, general jack, keen general. It'S always a pleasure to see you thanks very much for joining us.

What is your expectation for iran? I mean the president said just there a moment ago. I don't know if it was the slip of the tongue or or what, but he said we are willing to make a deal with iran. We just don't want any nuclear weapons. So what? What might a deallook like well well, first of all, he got out of the jcpoa aware the so-called nuclear deal in 2015 because he thought it was a lousy deal and anybody that's been advising him on this subject will tell you that he said time and time Again, if you got a lousy deal, replace it with a better one, so his intention has always been since he got out of the deal in 2015 that when that deal was made to impose a better deal on iran and that's what he's been doing since last Year when he walked away from it, but here's what needs to be done. The sanctions that he is imposing on iran are due toiran's aggressive behavior in the region, supporting the husband, lebanon and in syria, supporting hamas firing 400 rockets just two weeks ago into israel. The hezbollah encroaching on israel as well supporting the houthis in yemen and supporting the iraqi shia militia in iraq. Well last year they forced a closure of our consulate in basra by firing rockets at it. They also find a rocket at our embassy in baghdad and just recently, it's believed, at least by the countries in the region, maria, that they sabotage two tankers in the gulf of oman and sabotage the pipeline in saudi arabia. So obviously, iran's behavior hasn't changed as final sanctions. We'Ve got, we got a stay on top ofthem. The nuclear weapons would not be that big, an issue for us if iran was in a rogue state doing all the things i just said right. That is the central issue, their behavior in the region and the president's well aware of this.

Let'S move on to north korea, speaking of rogue recent missile tests there as well catching the attention of the world so, while in japan president trump was asked about these recent launches, listen to his answer, he believes like i do that north korea has tremendous economic potential, Like perhaps few other developing nations anywhere in the world - and i think that he is looking to develop that way, he knows that with nuclearthat's, never going to happen, only bad can happen. He understands that he is a very smart man. He gets it well, you know they're all by the small missiles. No i'm not! I am personally not so japanese prime minister shinzo are they said that the tests violated the security council resolution. He called them extremely regrettable. How do you see it? Well, i agree with the prime minister on this that that is prime minister ave i mean it. Does those missiles can range japan and obviously they're a threat to them and they're banned by un resolutions? I think what the president is saying here is that kim is trying to get our attention by escalating ifyou. Remember a few weeks ago, a small anti-tank weapon, new weapon, then a rocket and then a rocket of greater range, a missile following that and now a short-range ballistic missile. All that escalation in designed, i think the leverage president trump there was to assist kim in his negotiations because he had a he walked out with an empty deal. The last time he didn't get sanction relief and that's truly what he's trying to get here. But it is a serious violation of un resolution that the president doesn't take it that serious, because he thinks it's a negotiating ploy. So it feels like over the weekend.

It was this growing italian issue was the main macrostory. There was a comments from one player that says he's not in favor of sanctions for italy, but there-there are issues around trade. So it's not just us, china, trade, that, where we're worried about the president's trying to do a trade deal with japan, he needs to do a deal with europe. How are you seeing all of these trade uncertainties general? Because i recognize the president likes to brag that we're getting all of this revenue because of the tariffs, but this uncertainty is keeping a hold on markets progressing. Yes, i think most of us looking at that, even from a national security perspective, we recognize that the strong economy actually provides a significant amount ofimpact on national security. I mean the engine of capitalism which drives our economy, clearly helps to provide us with the kind of military capability that we need and the trump defense build-up is essential to dig us out of the hole that we've been in for the last eight eight to ten Years so i think most of us, from looking at it through the lens of national security, would like to see the trade and tariff disputes to end as soon as possible to make sure that this economy is sustained yeah, i mean i mean we'll we'll see what Happens but the u. s. part of the eu parliamentary elections also, i guess, weren't as bad as somepeople thought. What about the president's visit to the uss wasp on board? The president said that the new electric catapult design is all wrong, pulling the crowd to see if they like it or the steam system. That'S been used for years watch this, but they have a nine hundred million dollar cost overrun on this crazy electric catapult. I said what was wrong with steam. I would like to know all of the folks that know exactly what i'm talking about the catapult system: steam or electric ready steam, [ applause, ], electric [ music ].

He works for the enemy, the president, having some fun there in japan general. Your reaction well he's putting himself in the middle of a disputelisten, so our audience understands a lot of military technology is clearly one-of-a-kind technology not found in a private sector. It dates take years to work out because it's so complicated, our history is complicated new technology. We have problems with it, but we sorted out, i say: stick with the new electric magnetic technology is considerably safer and enables us to get planes off the deck. Much quicker and enables us to get light planes, as well as heavy planes off the deck steam, is not as reliable as more dangerous. We get sailors, hurt using it and it doesn't have the flexibility dealing with drones, so we're moving in the right direction. I wish the president back offa little bit: let the navy solve its technology problems. They will solve it. Alright, general. Let me ask you before you: go i've spoken to secretary mike pompeo, a number of times about china, but really focused on the national security threat and the risks around national security, as it relates to china. Giving in a nutshell, your thoughts on china and what they're doing in terms of their own military, trying to compete with the us general well. First of all, they have two thrusts.

One is their economic thrust, which you're very aware of that. You see as a predator around the world taking advantage of nations making major investments. The second is they: are they aregrowing quickly as the as the largest military in the world, and also being technologically capable to the united states, they've caught us and a lot of the advantages that that we have had? They clearly have a military capability that is beginning to dominate the pacific region and that's what clearly is on their minds and replace the united states as a global power in the world. Today it is their military, that's going to help them. Do that, as well as their huge economic engine yeah, which takes you back to the south china sea, to see the bullying going on and and the most recent provocations general. So it's a pleasure to see you thank you. Yeahgood talking. We will see soon general jack king joining us there.

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