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Published: 12/24/2019 04:05 AM

A new report from the Legion of Christ says 33 of its priests and 71 seminarians sexually abused minors over the past eight years. NBC News’ Simone Boyce explains what the Legion of Christ is and what this report reveals. » Subscribe to NBC News: » Watch more NBC...

The religious order, the legion of christ, says 33 of its priests and 71 seminarians sexually abused minors over the past 80 years. That'S according to an internal investigation conducted by the order, some voices in los angeles since mon first people aren't familiar. What is the legion of christ, and what did this report find about them? Allison, the legion of christ is a catholic religious insti ...
ute that operates several boarding schools around the globe and that's important to keep in mind here. As we get into the details of this report. Boarding schools, so this organization was founded in 1941 since then at least a hundred and seventy-five cases of children being abused by their parents excuse meby, their priests and seminarians have been discovered. Now. The vast majority of those victims are boys between the ages of 11 and 16 years old. Now it's also important to keep in mind that this religious order, the legion of christ, had been discredited in the past, because the founder was discovered to be an abusive pedophile who was forced to step down and since then, since he stepped down. His organization has tried to say: oh well, all of the problems were tied to him. So now that he's gone, we don't have this problem with abuse, but clearly this report found otherwise. Yes, when, as you mentioned, according to the report, it looks like all of thosecases of abuse not tied to him, so what happened to the priests who've been accused of abusing minors, so this report found 33 priests, abused. Minors, 6 of the 33 have died.

Eight have left the priesthood and one left the legion, this religious institute that we're talking about here, but here is the kicker allison 18 are still in the congregation. Now, according to the legion of christ of those 18, the majority have no public ministry and 4 are restricted from working with minors. So the report talks about a cycle of abuse. What do they mean by that? That'S absolutely right that what we're talking about here is a multi-generational chain of abuse as it turnsout the victims who were abused by the legions founder marcial maciel also became abusers themselves. Just perpetuating this horrific and heartbreaking cycle of abuse. Hey nbc news viewers, thanks for checking out our youtube channel subscribe by clicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos over here to watch. The latest interviews show highlights and digital exclusives thanks for watching.

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