DHS officials say migrants are 'renting babies' to cross border

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 06/07/2019 12:47 AM

Brigadier Gen. Anthony Tata (Ret.) discusses the humanitarian crisis at the U.S. southern border. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Main Street and Wall Street. Headquartered in New York — the business c...

Tonight, the depth of the crisis, the emergency and our southern border is being exposed as homeland security officials say, migrants are quote renting: babies think about that renting children, babies to speed up their trip across the border into the united states of america. It is a practice that acting ice director mark morgan warned us about right here on this program back in april. I want you ...
to see right now, trish, it's so bad right now the system is so overwhelmed that the individuals are coming across to the family. You grab a kid whether they're, really your kid are you renting them, which is happening and you come across illegally you're being allowed in now, andbecause you're, so overwhelmed they're, not even claiming asylum they're, not even claiming fear they're just coming across illegally. If you got a kid in a few hours, you're allowed into our country never to be heard from again wow now this is all happening as the number of border apprehensions hits a 13-year high think about that. Nearly 700,000 people come into this country illegally or tried to this year. We are getting some new video tonight showing another large group of central american migrants just walking around the border wall they're hanging out in arizona. This happened just two days ago joining me right now for reaction to all of it. Although a reaper threat, zero, retired brigadiergeneral anthony teta, it's good to see you again, sir general see you try um, you know. Is this a military matter at this point i mean: are we? Are we in jeopardy? Here we we have gotten reports that chinese nationals are being smuggled in or they tried to smuggle some chinese nationals in there's reports of members of isis that are being smuggled in. I mean how do we know who the heck is coming in if we don't have any kind of war? Well, we don't, but you know, there's an old saying trous that the closer you get to the objective, the more intense the enemy fire and so as president trump rightfully attempts tosecure our border and moves billions of dollars to do so. Pledges to build the wall and continue to build more wall, we what we see on the left and from our enemies abroad, is this assault on our border and and it's that maximum, as we are doing more at the border, they are challenging that because they, the Our enemies and the democrats do not want this wall built.

You know, there's another term for renting babies, it's called human trafficking and - and you know when, when people are human trafficking, terrorists do that and they use children as shields. Saddam hussein, back in the first gulf war, use children and shields a lot of our enemies, haveused children as shields and and if we had any question whether or not these were enemies coming across the border. There'S no question now, because these children are human shields to allow for the safe passage of narrative wells enemies of our nation knows who else right and they're being rented out for you know roughly three hundred dollars and change a trip which really is tragic when you Think of all the horrible things that could happen to them. I want to share with you, sir. Some some sounds from vice president mike pence. He and i were talking about this issue last fall and, and he in many ways sort of alluded to what you're talking aboutyou know anybody's coming in and he thinks there's some very bad actors involved in this. It'S quite deliberate. Let'S listen you're, saying that this is more organized than previous groups, that we've seen try and come to our border. Well, we've seen organized caravans in the past. They they oftentimes come in the spring, but this group this group was organized whatever the intention. We know it was by leftist groups with human traffickers taking advantage of many many vulnerable people, so there they are human traffickers, babies for rent or being trafficked effectively across our border. Who do you think's really behind this? Well, you know i, as vice president, said leftist groups, you know a lot ofpeople speculate, george soros is behind it.

There'S there's huge money from diaspora out there, funding this to try to make the president look bad and, and ultimately the left wants this. They want this border to fail, they want the illegal immigration to peak and continue to crest, and they want the explain to me why or to the viewers and why it's be okay. So, let's talk trish about. Why is no democrat presidential candidate talking about national security? It'S because they you have to talk about national security. You have to believe in the nation to believe in a nation you got to believe in borders and to believe in borders. You got to be believe, insecuring borders and, and they just don't believe that and - and i have to tell you this progressive agenda - wants to see the destruction of this country as we know it and as we believe in it, and - and you know today on d-day That you know the freedom being saved western civilization, being civilization being saved this very day to be talking about now on the border, the the left wanting to destroy this country from within by allowing illegal immigration. They do nothing about this, and that is their plan, overwhelming the social security system overwhelming the social welfare network. Thinking i mean, how does it help them politically? Is the idea that people come here they givebirth to children who will vote for other dumber. I mean i i'm just trying to understand the rationale, because economically ya know doesn't make any sense at all general. In the near term, the president ran on the wall right, so they feel like they can beat the president if they make the wall fail and the border fail. That'S in the near term, but their long range you hear all of these candidates say you know o'rourke, saying i'm going to tear down walls, but what they want is open borders so that you know, of course you know the speculation is that all these people vote Illegally and there's been some proof of that and and alsowhen we look at it's overwhelming the system, yeah, look, they can't it's difficult to vote illegally. I hear you and there's been, i get it like some evidence and concern of some of those things.

That would be nice, for example, if new york would actually, you know, require some identification when you showed up at the voting booths, but that aside i mean, i think, perhaps they just want to see that kind of chaos. Ultimately, i'm not sure what their goal is, because to your point, it's it's not healthy. It'S not good for our economy. Thus, how is that productive for the nation i'm gon na? Leave it there, sir, always a pleasure general teta. Thank you.

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