Pence talks USMCA at JLS Automation

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Published: 06/06/2019 08:44 PM

Vice President Mike Pence delivers remarks on the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement at JLS Automation in York, PA. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Main Street and Wall Street. Headquartered in New...

[ applause ]. Well, i'm supposed to say i'm craig sauser. I think you just heard that so they told me that's the voice of god. Hopefully you heard the bell ring. Where'S where's russ he's been wanting to hear that bell ring since he started [ music ]. Very exciting for us to have a new customer here. Sammy he's got a great entrepreneurial spirit. Just growing his business he's got a big contract w ...
th canada, so it's very appropriate to not only be a jls customer to be a part of this event. So, thank you for being here. There'S some wonderful product from farm crisp and the breakroom don't leave here without it. So i'd like to welcome all of ourvisitors and some distinguished guests, including jay timmons, the ceo of the national association of manufacturers, david taylor, the president of the pennsylvania manufacturing association, congressman scott perry congress can congressman dan moyer and congressman lloyd, schmucker, also like to introduce or Acknowledge the united states secretary of labor, alex acosta, is joining us and in case you haven't heard vice president mike pence. We are honored and humbled to have all of you here.

I must acknowledge the blue shirts, which we use to honor. Our special guests, holi usually sends me an email and says: is this a blue shirt? They didn't have to send that email today. So i think it's important on the 75th anniversary ofd-day that we thank our veterans. So i'd like to ask all jls veterans, as well as all the veterans that are our guests today to stand so we can acknowledge you for serving this great country got went over here. It'S pretty special to me, so jls was founded in 1955 by my father, joseph l, salzer. I'M never to tell that middle name, so i'm not going to. Since then we've adapted we've reinvented this business. On multiple occasions, we've had to fit market opportunities, as they were presented to us and many times we saw markets fade away for a wide variety of reasons. Today we see some of the world's most advanced, robotic machines on ourfloor, quite a change from the technologies and business models that i grew up with in the 50s and 60s and even 70s. We have had plenty of struggles and challenges over the years, often times working just to survive, but today we thrive. Our employment has tripled in the last few years. Why well, certainly there's been a lot of hard work.

We have some amazing folks here. We'Ve also benefited from smart trade policies out of washington, like pro-growth tax reform and for us a focus on north american trade. Sales to the canadian food market is a significant part of our recent success, as we just saw in the tour showing off our osprey case. Packer that'shandling cookies in a very delicate manner. However, to maintain our success and keep growing our canadian sales, we need to have a dynamic trade policy to address the changes that have happened in the market. We need to see our lawmakers in washington help expand our ability to penetrate this market with modern trade policies and past the u. s. mca. The administration has kept its promise to negotiate a new north american trade deal. So it's time for congress and the senate to do its part, allowing us to focus on what we do best make world-class machines, [ applause ]. We want to give her a monthly talks. I don't have to pause for applause like that.

We believe thatwe have only scratched the surface in canada with our equipment offerings. We need congress to help level the playing field. We will take care of the rest. Now, i'd like to introduce j timmons, the president and ceo of the national association of manufacturers, to share his thoughts on all this j is a champion for manufacturers in america and has been a leading voice advocating for swift passage of the u. s. mca. Please join me in welcoming j timmons. Well, thank you so much craig for those thoughtful comments and thank you so much for opening your doors to all of us here today and, as you said, it is very much an honor to be joined todayby vice president mike pence on what is one of the Most solemn and revered of days, 75 years since d-day, the turning point in a bloody war that would save the world from a barbaric and totalitarian philosophy and regime powered by manufacturing in america. The arsenal of democracy preserved and ultimately strengthened those four pillars which make america exceptional free enterprise, competitiveness, individual liberty and equal opportunity. Now i know there are a number of veterans and those who have served our country in the audience here today. Manufacturers salute you and we thank you for your service. Now, ladies and gentlemen, vice-president pence, it's great to have him here, because he is a true champion for manufacturingin, the in the united states and also for the men and women who make things in america.

He and president trump and the entire trump administration know that when manufacturing is strong, america is strong working with manufacturers. This administration delivered historic tax reform and regulatory certainty which served as rocket fuel, as the president says, rocket fuel for the manufacturing industry, propelling the american economy forward in 2017 and 2018. Now we need to get that next ingredient for our continued success implemented the united states, mexico, canada, trade agreement for manufacturers. The u. s. mca includes best-in-class intellectual property rules. It sets new standards for innovation and the modern digital economy. It eliminates red tape at the borderit improves transparency, and it ensures that we can sell products duty-free and so much more, but for manufacturers, it's all about jobs. Trade with our north american allies supports more than two million jobs in manufacturing. You heard craig talk about how important the north america market is for this business. That'S true for small and medium sized manufacturers across this state and across the country. In fact, as david taylor, the president of the pennsylvania manufacturers association will tell you one in four pennsylvania manufacturing firms export to our north american partners and 80 percent of those 80 percent are small and medium-sized businesses that support local economy is all around the state.

So when we talk aboutgrowing international trade, we're talking about something very, very local, strengthening our communities and supporting our families. That'S why jls manufacturers across the united states and the more than 12 point eight million men and women make things in america are calling on congress to ratify the u. s. mca and the sooner the better. You have three winners here who are gon na help. Make that happen. This is a critical moment for the future of manufacturing in the united states and if members of congress work together in a bipartisan way, they can ensure a level playing field for manufacturers and american helps to secure our prosperity for years to come. Now our message is simple: if you support manufacturingyou must support the u. s. mca so now it's time to get this landmark trade agreement across the finish line and craig, i want to make sure that we give you something. I understand that you share a special day with the vice-president, your birthday, which is tomorrow, so we want to make sure manufacturers want to make sure that that we give you a successful us mca with a big bow tied around it. As the sign says right up there, you make it and we want to help you all sell it there.

So now i'd like to invite someone up to stage who is a great friend of manufacturing and, most importantly, the manufacturing workers of americasomeone, who has worked tirelessly with businesses large and small, to promote programs to upskill, american workers to proof their careers. Ladies and gentlemen, the united states secretary of labor, alex acosta j. Thank you so much for those words, let me say it's an honor to be here in central pennsylvania. With all of you on d day knows we're driving in it struck me we're surrounded by monuments. To american sacrifice whether gettysburg, whether 9/11 and and what better place to honor those who sacrifice for our freedom so that we could be here today in this land of liberty and so to all the veterans to all the families of those individuals who sacrificed on d-day. Iwant to first say thank you. Thank you. Thank you, a secretary of labor, i have the high honor of traveling. The nation and visiting facilities like this, and something that becomes very apparent, is that manufacturing today is very different than manufacturing, as many people envision it manufacturing is high-tech manufacturing is complex. Manufacturing pays good family sustaining wages, and we need more of that in america. Over the last two years, our economy has thrived, our economy has created, 5. 4 million, new jobs from unemployment rate has fallen below 4 percent for 14 months.

Unemployment is quite literally lower than it's been in the lifetime of most americans who are alive today, and this doesn't just happen, thisis brought about by leadership and by vision and by hard work. It'S brought about by individuals throughout this country that are saying we want to create a better america and it's brought about by the vision of our president, who came into office and said we're going to move this economy and he began with tax cuts and if he Were here he would say, people said tax reform, it's not about tax reform, it is about tax cuts, cuts and cuts, and he calls it. The tax cut, cut, cut act and you saw the economy take off, and then he had directed all of us on the cabinet to look at regulations and see what is notnet needed. What is unnecessary red tape and to remove it and at the department of labor alone, we removed more than three billion dollars in regulations and since joining government, i have found that people talking to billions, not thousands but billions, and so sometimes it's hard to understand what Three billion dollars in regulatory impacts means how about this 40 million paper work hours removed from the economy spread over all the businesses, the nation that is less paperwork and more time and effort, building businesses that lead to jobs and to keep this economy moving. We need one more thing now we need us mca, you heard jay timmons say if you support manufacturing you support usmca. We just had a tour of this facility and i asked how many of these machines how much of this equipment is exported within north america and it's 2 million in county and more could be exported, and that means more jobs for the people here of central pennsylvania And that multiplied over an economy multiplied over every small business means more jobs and more growth. The thing about this trade deal is: it is a more fair deal at levels of playing field. For the first time it has a labor provision, and so if you hear it doesn't enforce labor rights, that's just wrong, because nafta was silent on labor and us mca actually has a laborprovision to make sure that labor rights are respected in all the nations and so Whether you look at contents, whether you look at labor rights, whether you look at just about every issue, this is a great agreement. We need it. It'S now my pleasure to introduce someone that i've had the pleasure of traveling with he's a leader. He stands right next to the president. Shoulder-To-Shoulder.

He has one of the great lines of any biography, quote his mom and dad built everything that matters a family, a business and a good name, and that sounds very much like him, and that sounds very much like the people of central pennsylvania. Ladies and gentlemen, the vice president ofthe united states, the honorable mike pence, [ music, ], [ applause, ], [ music, ], well, hello, pennsylvania. It is great to be back in the keystone state great to be here with some outstanding leaders in public and private life, who have been partnering with this administration and serving in this administration and supporting this administration. Every step of the way join me in thanking a secretary acosta for those great words in his great leadership on behalf of working men and women in this country. Jay timmons, who leads the manufacturers association of america, helped bring this together today, as well as the pennsylvania manufacturers association thanks so much for the warm hospitality. We appreciate you very much david taylor and three greatcongressmen who have been there every step of the way. Moving an agenda, that's got pennsylvania growing, again, got america growing again, congressman schmucker, congressman muser and your very own congressman scott perry thanks for being here man. These are strong conservative voices for pennsylvania and washington dc and let me bring greetings from another friend of mine. I talked to him on the phone on the way here and when i told him i was in the keystone state, i think he sounded just a little bit jealous. So let me bring greetings from a man who loves the state of pennsylvania and who's, been fighting every day to get pennsylvania growing again i bring greetings from the 45thpresident of the united states of america. President donald trump. Before i begin, let me do, as others have done at this podium and recognize that this is truly a momentous day june, the 6th 75 years ago, hundreds of thousands of american forces across the english channel and stormed the beaches of normandy in one of victory over Tyranny in a victory for freedom, not just for that continent, but for the world, and we owe them a debt.

We can never fully repay. President spoke today on the shores of normandy, surrounded by veterans, and he spoke of their stories in remarks that resonated not just across this country but around the world, and it was my greatprivilege earlier today as well to go to bedford, virginia a bedford virginia is a Small town, the state of virginia population of about 5,000, but it's also home to the national d-day memorial, because that was a town that, on this day, 75 years ago, lost more of their sons in combat per capita than any other community in america. Today we remember those that history records as the bedford voice, we honored them and the thousands of americans who lie in repose to this day in france. But we also honored all of those who served and came home to build families to build great businesses to build great communities. And let me let me honor, one ofthem was actually with us today he was a member of the 84th infantry division. He landed on omaha beach in september of 1944 in just a few months later. He fought in the battle of the bulge. He just happens to be the father-in-law of the president of this company, but please join me and get on your feet. If you can in recognizing henry kirkpatrick for being a part of the greatest generation and for all, he and his generation is done for freedom. Thank you. Thank you for your service and, as i said today in that little town of bedford to all of those who serve here and glory. Thank you for our freedom, but speakingof this family.

I i know you already heard that craig and i share something in common. I'M gon na turn, 60 years old tomorrow, surrounded by my wife and kids. He is one year ahead of me, so let me just say craig happy birthday, great timing to be with you today. You know it's such an honor for me to serve as your vice president, alongside a president who gets up every day to keep the promises that he made to the people of pennsylvania. I mean from our very first day in office president trump promised that we were going to start getting this economy growing, that we were going to hire and grow in america that we'regoing to raise wages for american workers. We were going to rebuild our economies in our cities in our towns because, as he loves to say, when we grow american manufacturing, we not only grow our jobs and wages. We grow the american spirit and president donald trump has been delivering every single day and truth is with the strong support of conservatives in congress in just over two years. It'S remarkable to think that all we were able to do. We roll back more federal regulations than any administration in american history. We unleashed american energy in this president actually signed the largest tax cuts and tax reform in american history, and the results have just been remarkable imean since election day, businesses just like this one, large and small, all across america, have created 5. 8 million new jobs, including a Hundred and fifty thousand jobs right here in the state of pennsylvania, that's results. The unemployment rate, as the secretary just said, has hit nearly a 50-year low and in the unemployment rate for african americans and hispanic americans has hit the lowest levels ever recorded.

The american dream is coming back for every american and for working americans, the forgotten men and women of this country. I'Ve also got good news. Wages are rising at the fastest pace in nearly ten years and they're rising most rapidly among blue-collar, hardworking americans and families. The truth, isforgotten men and women of america or forgotten no more, it's amazing to think when you think about manufacturing and great companies like jls at the last administration actually saw this country lose two hundred thousand manufacturing jobs like you've got right here. In fact, the last president said we never get those jobs back. You remember it's. In the summer of 2016, president obama said when he was asked about manufacturing jobs. He said quote what magic wand do you have like? You take a magic wand to bring manufacturing back in america. Well, we didn't need a magic wand. We just needed president donald trump in the white house. It'S true here are the numbers. Since election dayin 2016 manufacturing companies across this country have created nearly 500,000 good-paying manufacturing jobs, including 6,000 jobs right here in the keystone state manufacturing, is roaring back back these guys that the national association of manufacturers found that 20 18 was the best year for manufacturing job Creation in in more than 20 years, manufacturing is rollin all across this country, and really it's it's thanks to the policies that you supported.

The leadership for this president and the leadership these members of congress have been able to support, but we also understand that the people that are making this economy go and grow are all of you and it's thanks to people like you and the companies like jlsautomation, that This economy and american manufacturing is rallying all across this country. It'S amazing to think since 1955, you've been a leader and customized packaging solutions, and i've heard about the job growth in this company and - and i even heard there's some job openings at this company. Even as we speak, in fact, the truth is it's: it's your character. Your work ethic, your integrity that drives this company and is driving manufacturing all across the country, there's all kinds of stories of hardworking americans who are making a difference in this room like like a service technician here at jls, i heard about i'm told they're a model Employee professional, reliable they're, a leader in the workplacewho, always goes the extra mile for co-workers, but he doesn't just give himself here at work. He also stepped forward to serve our country in the uniform of the united states, including last year, when he deployed to the middle east with his unit an army national guard. Would you all join me in showing your appreciation for johann valles? Thank you for your leadership. Thank you for your service to america, we're also joined by a member of the jls family, who's a little new to the company, but isn't new to this facility. She worked for the last company to operate here before jls, where she developed a reputation for hard work. A friendly smile and agreat sense of humor, so when jls moved in i'm told they just had to bring her on board and in the year that she's been here, she's exceeded all expectations of the team. Today she plays a vital role. Keeping this impressive shop organized and running smoothly. So would you all give a big round of applause? The lexi heintzman for the job she's doing here, johanna and lexi, are emblematic really of all of you in this room, and i just couldn't resist telling their story, because what the president, i understand, is it's: it's the american people working in manufacturing that are really driving This american comeback in manufacturing, you're, renewing you're, renewing manufacturing all across thiscountry as you live out the american dream.

So thanks for being who you are thanks for bringing your integrity, your work ethic, your expertise to design and to build in a place like this. Thanks for driving jls and dry [ applause, ] [ music ], i promise all the progress created this just with this businessman turned resident calls a good start. Keep the american economy, [ applause, ] very few limitations, but we face tremendous barriers and tariffs. The truth is the truth. Is we've made progress, but we've got a lot more work to do. That'S why i came to pennsylvania. Send one message: one message: only today, the time has come for the congress of the united states passed the largesttrade deal in american history. The time of this cup for congress to pass the usmc [ applause ], the three already heard from this pony of the difference that is going to make here and industries all across this economy and a great great pillars with the american economy. Truth is we all remember living under it siddhappa. I probably don't have to tell you out here in pennsylvania what we learned the hard way, yet the impact that nap together over in the hoosier state we saw shutters closed south before i'll. Never forget just a few days after that indiana men and women all making promises the u. s.

mca. Those days are over. I'M glad you heard that realclear, as we mean it truth is the u. s. mca is gon na impact. We believe more than two million american manufacturing jobs, jobs that depend on exports to canada and mexico, including more than 42,000 jobs right here in the keystone state. I mean this great state already: exports more than 14 billion dollars in goods, services to canada and mexico and under the u. s. mca, that's only going to grow, which is going to create even more jobs, more opportunity and more prosperity right here in pennsylvania. It'S absolutely essential. We get the usmc a passed by the congress and passed by the congress. This song it'll finally give american workers and farmers a level playing field that weneed to be able to compete and win, and i really do i really do like it.

I like what what craig salazar said just a few minutes ago. He said you give us a level playing field and we'll do the rest. Jls and american manufacturing know how to win we're just not gon na. Let we're not gon na. Let outdated trade deals. Hurt american farmers or manufacturers anymore, not under this president, not under this administration, we're not gon na. Let him undermine good-paying jobs that really build our middle class and our rebuilding middle class in communities like this all across the country. The truth is, as president loves to say, we get this thing done. We keep onthe heading that we're on right now. American workers are gon na win like never before. Well, we got to get it done. Clock is ticking it's time now.

I know there's other issues that we have to deal with. I'M sure you're all aware here in pennsylvania, that we have a crisis on our southern border and the time has come for congress to act and stand with this president to end the crisis of illegal immigration. I mean last month you may have heard the news. Yesterday, more than 144,000 people crossed our southern border illegally. President took action late last week to demand that mexico step up as well mexico step up to stem the tide of illegalimmigration. I'M proud to report to you that our administration began talks yesterday with mexico and they're continuing through today, but we've made it very clear to our neighbors to the south. Mexico must do more to end the tide of illegal immigration that is bisetti our southern border. As i said, the talks are ongoing. Progress is being made, but i promise you, president trump and i are going to continue to stand strong until mexico and the congress take the action necessary to end this crisis and secure our border once and for all. Congress can take steps to close the loopholes that are driving this crisis of illegal immigration, and congress should do just that and congressshould also approve the you sm see a we can fix our border. We can end this crisis and we can pass a trade deal. That'Ll keep america growing like never before we can do it all and there's no reason why congress can't do both.

In fact, they've got to do both bottom line, the president and i have done our jobs now it's time for congress to do their job. You passed the u. s. mca, but we're gon na take we're gon na. Take our lead from all of you. You know they call it the people's house. I served there for 12 years. Congress of the united states of america listens to the american people, so you're gon na bethe ones that make the difference and people working in american manufacturing need to be heard. You know people not only all across this part of pennsylvania all over the state, but really all over the country. So i i just encourage you tell the story of what the us mca is gon na mean for companies like this tell them how you heard from craig and others and say i ran into mike the other day. He was in pennsylvania and he seemed awful excited about the u. s.

mca and said it's gon na make it possible for our company to keep growing. Let your voice be heard and we will get the us mca done this year. I'Ll tell youdon't need to call congressman scott perry, you don't need to call congressman lloyd smoker and you don't need to call congressman dan musick cuz they're standing strong for the usmc a, but i know each and every one of them would be grateful if you let Your voice be heard, you know, send a letter to the editor. Your local newspaper call local radio show just talk about what this means. Cuz i got ta tell you when the american people send a clear message to capitol hill congress, can get it done so go out there and tell the story tell how this agreement is. Will level the playing field it'll? Remove the incentives in that and after thatfor years, created a magnet for jobs to go to the south of our border? Make no mistake about it. Your voice will make a difference if you make your voice heard. So thanks for coming out today and in the days and weeks that lie ahead, i want to promise you president trump and i are going to keep on fighting we're gon na keep fighting for all the policies the pennsylvania voted to advance and that we've been advancing Over the last two years, the policies that are reviving this economy and really making it possible for great companies like jls to prosper and grow and continue to hire and expand. And i truly do believe if you letyour voice, be heard that, with your continued support with the us mca passed into law with president donald trump in the white house and with god's help, we're gon na make america more prosperous than ever before, and i promise you We will make america great again thanks. Everybody! God bless you. God bless pennsylvania. God bless america great to be [: music, ], [ applause, ], [ music, ]! You.

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