Amazon will soon use drones to deliver packages

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 06/06/2019 07:35 PM

Fox Business Briefs: Fiat Chrysler withdraws $40 billion merger bid for French automaker Renault saying the deal collapsed due to the political climate in France; Amazon says it will begin using drones to deliver packages and Uber will begin offering helicopter rides in New York City. FOX Busin...

[ music, ] fiat-chrysler withdrawing its merger bid for renault 30 billion dollar merger would have created the world's third biggest automaker fiat saying the deal collapsed due to the political climate in france, the french government owns 15 percent of renault. France'S budget minister says talks between the two companies could resume in the future. According to reuters, amazon says it will beg ...
n dropping packages from drones in just a matter of months. The company unveiling its new system at the mars conference in las vegas. The drones use new technology to detect and avoid people or laundry clotheslines in backyards. When landing, the drones will be able to fly up to 15 miles and can deliver packages under five poundsin less than 30 minutes. Currently, the faa is only allowing amazon to test the flight and speaking of taking flight uber is finally taking to the skies. Uber elevate will begin offering helicopter rides on july 9th in new york city. The new service will take passengers between manhattan and jfk airport. An eight minute flight each trip will cost $ 200 tracee carrasco.

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