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Extreme weather leads to congestion on roads, delays at airports, Sen. Lisa Murkowski on Trump’s impeachment, and how a new FAA proposal could impact drone delivery services. Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings). 1:23 Drivers...

Tonight it's called the worst travel day of the year for drivers and extreme weather is making it worse. Congestion on the roads, travelers stuck for hours, plus major delays at airports and a bizarre warm streak in the midwest jet skiing in chicago the nasty weather. Now, coming that way, dissension in the ranks as the senate prepares for impeachment. One key republican asks for a step back what ...
he says. Her own leadership is doing wrong. A sweeping proposal to regulate drones, a new tracking system for everything, from professional drones to toys. Will it make the skies safer, terrifying moments as avalanches bury skiers in multiple countries, the dramatic rescues, including a man who is able tosurvive in an air pocket the incredible outpouring of support? After a christmas day, fire forces hundreds from a hotel filled with homeless families? How a whole city went above and beyond to help vc nightly news with lester holt good evening, i'm kate snow in for lester tonight, with christmas in the rearview, mirror it's time for millions of americans to head back home just in time for a large and potent Winter storm that will race across the country and could snarl travel plans already tonight. There are bottlenecks and delays with a record number of drivers out on the road. This holiday season, steve patterson, starts us off tonight. It'S the race to rebase airport security linessnaked around terminals. From coast to coast, with highways backed up for miles, triple-a calls it the absolute worst travel day of the year in a 20-19 holiday season, where an estimated record hundred 15 million people will take to the roads in skies. That'S 4 million more than last year and the largest number the agency has ever recorded since they started tracking travel tonight.

The bulk of it was on the road in several major cities across the country drive times doubled and even tripled during the late afternoon, crush a few smart travelers got ahead of the game. West icy conditions caused a cluster of crashes near boise, while snow snarled traffic on a major california highwayas, a powerful storm hits southern california snow trap vehicles near the mountains, while a deluge of rain sparked flooding and high winds sent trees crashing into homes in san diego. The driver of this fedex truck had to be rescued by horse a silver lining: the midwest high temps in the region, 15 to 30 degrees, above average chicago breaking a nearly 50-year record. It feels like spring short wearing chicagoans strolled jobs, even jet ski through the windy city, all without having to fund a lot but sunny or not for those traveling home you'll need some planning and a lot of patience and steve joins us now from lax steve. How are things looking tonight, kate, rightnow? This airport has more delays than anywhere else across the country, but that is finally starting to clear up with that storm. Moving out and heading east back to you heading to us steve. Thank you that big winter storm on the move, meteorologist dylan dreyer, joins us now on where it's heading next dylan good evening, kate we're keeping an eye on the storm, that's in the southwest with winter weather, advisory's winter, storm warnings. In effect, this will turn into a messy storm for the middle of the country by saturday with snow on the northern edge of it also heavy rain out ahead of this cold front for sunday, it's mostly rain, but we could seean isolated a chance of some severe Weather out ahead of this front lots of rain from the great all the way to the east coast. So if you are traveling this weekend, saturday will likely see some delays in minneapolis in denver and chicago, and then that threat moves to the east as we go into sunday with possible delays in new york later in the day washington dc, as well with some of That rain, so it's been good so far with the warmer temperatures, but things take a turn going into the weekend: kate, okay, dylan. Thank you now to the impeachment of president trump and the first voice of dissent, or at least dissatisfaction among republicansenators over the way, the senate leadership is planning the president's trial. We get more from hans nichols tonight. President trump dealing with a potential republican defection on impeachment alaska, senator lisa murkowski signaling she's unhappy with senator mitch mcconnell's pledge to work in total coordination with the white house.

When i heard that i was disturbed murkowski, who has defied party leaders in the past. Responding to these comments from the senate majority leader last week, cues from the from the president's lawyers murkowski demanding some distance from the white house, we have to take that step back from being hand in glove with the defense. I need to be able to sit back and look at both sidesof. This president trump has relished in republican unity. On impeachment we had a hundred ninety six or so republicans voting a hundred percent. We didn't lose one republican vote in the house, while putting his faith in mcconnell's senate moves, ultimately that decisions going to be made by mitch mcconnell and he will make it he has the right to do whatever he wants he's the head of the senate, but trump Today, admitting that impeachment is impeding his role as commander in chief writing on twitter. It makes it much more difficult to deal with foreign leaders and others when i am having to constantly defend myself against the do-nothing democrats, it hans is with us now. Hanshow are other republicans reacting to senator murkowski comments. Tonight we heard from louisiana senator john kennedy he's a republican and an impeachment skeptic saying she's entitled her opinion and mitch. Mcconnell is entitled to his, but still no news on a potential trial or a start date. Okay, hans nichols with the president tonight. The faa today put out the most comprehensive proposal yet to regulate drones.

The new rules are designed to make the skies safer and they wouldn't just affect commercial drones, but also smaller consumer drones too got his schwartz. Has those details in the skies across america more drone liftoffs than ever before, from hobbyists to delivery, drones and tonight, a sweeping rule proposed bythe faa could bring real-time tracking the most drones as soon as they take flight. Think virtual drone license plates with beacons that broadcast their location and identity, even for small drones bought by consumers. A tracking system that regulators say is needed before massive fleets of drones start making the kind of same-day deliveries. Companies like amazon, google and ups have been planning for years. The new proposal also aimed at addressing safety issues when it comes to close calls with the new rule allowing law enforcement to monitor where nearly every drone takes off the ntsb already investigating several instances of drones crashing into aircraft and even a hot air balloon in idaho. Seen here from the dronescamera, as it hits the side and tumbles out of the sky, a drone hitting an aircraft of any size is potentially a life or death situation. Dozens of other drones getting way too close, sometimes shutting down air traffic and causing massive delays at airports like newark or grounding critical air operations during catastrophic wildfires. For now, the proposal is only a draft giving the public 60 days to comment and then another three years after the regulations are finalized to take effect and until then any plans for large-scale drone deliveries are still a future out of reach. Goti schwartz nbc news, los angeles now to that shocking murder of texas, mom, heidi broussard, for the first timewe're hearing from the attorney for the suspect charged in connection with her death in what may have been an attempt to steal, broussard's baby sam brock with the latest Developments tonight is heidi, broussard's, friends and family prepare for her funeral this saturday. Answers surrounding her death remains sparse, we're hearing for the first time from the attorney representing megan fierro mooskaa, known to her friends as meghan humphrey. She was heidi's childhood friend and the only person charged so far in connection with the austin mother's death.

A week ago, heidi's body was found in a car trunk on fira, mu, sca's property she's facing two counts of kidnapping, and one count of tampering with a human corpsethe attorney tells nbc news. We are in the beginning stages of a very long process, but there are many questions that need to be answered as with every american accused of a crime. Unless the state can prove these allegations beyond any reasonable doubt, miss farrah mooska is innocent with the court date. Now set for january, 2nd heidi's family just trying to cope with their grief, heidi's mom tammy telling us she learned it's a closed casket funeral, but she was expecting to see her baby's face. One more time. Writing heidi will be remembered as a lover of life and laughter as for heidi's infant bargo, now, a month old, she's back in her father's arms alongsideher, six-year-old brother silus, a wild swing of emotions for shayne carey, who posted this picture on christmas eve holding his daughter, The comments ranging from such a christmas blessing to they're together again and can start healing the pain, though, for this family still ocean, deep after celebrating life. Only weeks before, sam brock, nbc news, austin. Some harrowing moments today for a group of skiers in switzerland facing life and death decisions as an avalanche came crashing down on them and as molly hunter reports, there's wasn't the only close call recently. This is the terrifying moment caught on camera. That'S snow. Rushing down the slopes past years, creating an avalanche sir in andermatt, so it's erland, theemergency call came just before 11:00. This morning, andrew shevchenko was skiing, with his family nearby they're, watching from from the bottom called the helicopters arrived.

There are dogs and a lot of people's with pole solution for people under the snow tonight. The frantic searches ended. Everyone survived, six people rescued two flown to the hospital with minor injuries. Also in the alps. Yesterday, a dramatic rescue in austria, a skier buried for five hours, he survived in an air pocket finally found thanks to his avalanche, beacon, pinpointing his location, it's avalanche season december to april, and these types of dangers not surprising in utah. Yesterday, a close call near park, city exact, it's the same area. Whereanother man died in an avalanche earlier this month, but watch as the snowboarder keeps going later telling the man filming he didn't have any avalanche survival gear. It'S something andrew says he might consider. Do you? Ski with a beacon or any kind of avalanche equipment, we were thinking how power the people were searching for the people under the stone, and i think it makes sense to have something like that. Andrew and his family now debating whether it's safe to go out again. Tomorrow, molly hunter nbc news now to a story of overwhelming kindness and the spirit of christmas. After a fire at a minneapolis homeless, shelter, forced hundreds of people out onto the street thecommunity pulled together with an outpouring of support.

Erin mclaughlin has that story tonight, minneapolis. After a devastating fire, plana makes my hair these people out here. Those who've lost everything. Early christmas morning, a luxury hotel, turned homeless shelter burst into flames, injuring three i came in forcing over 200 people onto the streets, many of them children among these children are looking for. Pope arrived after news of the fire, spread boxes and boxes of food and supplies. Even presents a parking lot, full, it's good to see the human spirit alive. So much so. Volunteers have asked people to stop giving goods and to start donating money. The minneapolis foundation's raised over a hundred thousand dollarsso far all the victims now placed in temporary shelters a show of christmas spirit, moving some to tears. Aaron guellen nbc news just ahead. It is the day after christmas and some of the best shopping deals are still ahead. The biggest markdowns and where to find them back now with some good news from wall street today, all three major indices closed at all-time highs with the nasdaq topping 9,000 for the first time ever, and it was a strong holiday season for retailers.

Spending was up more than three percent this year over last, with a big jump in online shopping, and now that christmas is over, some stores are offering even bigger discounts, joleen kenthas what you should be on the lookout for in tonight's, the price you pay. If your neighbor's holiday display put you to shame now's the time to get the best deals on decor for next year at home, depot and target up to 50 % off and for the 68 % of holiday shoppers heading to stores between christmas and the new year, Keep your eyes open for certain items. Apparel accessories think starves. Hats, mittens things like that. You'Re gon na find deals upwards of fifty sixty and in some cases seventy five percent off, because they're trying to clear the shelves to make room for new inventory coming in january, check out big name brands and department stores for endof season sales, some up to 75 % off there are also shoppers counting on these sales for belated holiday gifts. I'M gon na buy them a computer and a tv for christmas, so i'm waiting for the sales. I get a good discount for the best prices. He should actually wait until january when the super bowl themed discounts kick in and if this week, you're trying to save on, say some workout clothes, you know things that are very expensive. Usually, experts actually suggest waiting a few weeks if you're looking to start a new fitness, regimen buy some new apparel for the gym, even get a new gym membership pay attention in january, because that's when you're gon na findreally good deals for those looking for a getaway To travel come january, flight prices are expected to drop by 11 percent compared to last january, kate, joe thanks. Some getting some lights and a spectacular show in the sky, a so-called ring of fire eclipse, a yearly event in which the moon passes in front of the sun, covering the center of the sun and causing a circle of light around the moon's silhouette. It wasn't visible in this country, but people in saudi arabia, indonesia and india were among those who got to see a big show that it is nightly news on this thursday night. I'M kate snow for all of us here at nbc news thanksfor watching have a great night: hey nbc news viewers thanks for checking out our youtube channel subscribe by clicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos over here to watch.

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