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Published: 12/14/2019 08:11 PM

Democratic candidate Elizabeth Warren answers questions on plans for K-12 and higher education at the Public Education Forum 2020. » Subscribe to NBC News: » Watch more NBC video: NBC News Digital is a collection of innovative and powe...

You know it may be raining outside, but it is beautiful inside this that we are finally putting public education front and center in this presidential election. Thank you all for being. I am becky pringle. I am a middle school science teacher yay! That'S right. I taught those babies with attitude and i earned my degree right down the road apiece at the university of pittsburgh. I have the privileg ...
and the honor of serving as the vice president of the national education association. Yes, it represents over 3 million educators here in the united states and around the world. We have had our members so engaged in this conversation. They have submitted thousands of questions and i havethe privilege of reading one of them to you, a senator warren. This one comes from karen she's from woodland. California, and this is what she wants to ask you. High quality early education represents one of the best investments that this country can make.

We know that studies show that children and quality preschool programs do well academically and they are less likely to drop out of school as president. What would you do to make universal access to preschool a reality, and how would you support those early childhood educators? Well, i start with two cents and that's because that's i agree with the person who's asking the question becky. I think this is exactly right. We needto be making this investment from the time our children, our babies, understand this well-to-do. People are doing it right if they've got money. This isn't this isn't just about. There'S no one home to take care of them. They bring their children to these early enrichment programs when they're little tiny. I want those enrichment programs. I want full daycare available too. Every one of our babies agency wrote of five and we can pay for it with a two-cent wealth tax and i wan na. I just want to say on this, and it also supports federally funded universal pre-k for every three-year-old and four-year-old in america, and it raises the wages of every child care worker in preschoolteacher in america.

That'S what my plan does. If i can, i just want to make a short pitch. I believe this would be life transformative for all of our babies, that all of our babies are getting these opportunities. You know we started school at six years old way back what a century and a half ago, two centuries ago, we thought children didn't learn anything until they were 6 years old. Then we backed it up to kindergarten, and now we understand they're, learning and they're learning, early transformative for our babies and transformative for their mamas and for their daddies universal high quality. Child care is about people being able to finish their education. A mama whocan finish school, who can take a job who can go from a part-time job to a full-time job and know that her child is in a high quality educational setting, and it would also be transformative for everyone who works in this area. Right now we exploit many of the people who do childcare and early childhood education. We need to raise the wages of everyone who works in this area to the professional levels they deserve. We want to transform this country, let's start with our babies, our babies, mamas and our babies. Teachers, hey nbc news viewers, thanks for checking out our youtube channel, subscribe by clicking on that button down here and click on any ofthe videos over here to watch. The latest interviews show highlights, and digital exclusives thanks for watching.

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