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Ahead of Tuesday's planned announcement on a Mideast peace plan, President Trump told reporters “there is a good chance Palestine will want this deal." » Subscribe to NBC News: » Watch more NBC video: NBC News Digital is a collection of in

We'Ve done a lot for israel and the relationship, i think, has never been better we're going to be discussing mideast peace, we're going to be announcing a plan tomorrow at 12 o'clock and that's a plan that bibi and his opponent, i must say, have to like very Much and i can say in terms of bibi, he does and i think in terms of his opponent, he does too i'll be meeting with him in a little while, b ...
t this is a plan, that's very important to peace in the middle east, no matter where i Went they say israel and the palestinians they have to make peace before you can really have peace in the middle east. So people have been working on this for many many years and i think we're relatively close, but we have to get other people to agree with it. Also, i will say many of the arab nations have agreed to it. They like it, they think it's great. They think it's a big start. I think it's a big start to. I think it's a fantastic thing. If we can pull it off, you speak to the palestinians about your plan to de pasiĆ³n president. We will be reporting on that tomorrow. It'S something they should want. They probably won't want it initially, but i think in the end they will, i think, in the end they're going to want it, it's very good for them. In fact, it's overly good to them.

So we'll see what happens now without them. We don't do the deal and that's okay, they're not living. Well. As you know, we cut off aid to palestinians and something i don't like to do, but we did that and we think that there's a very good chance that they're going to want this, i would say their initial just as great negotiators and they are great negotiators. Their initial response - and i have no idea what they're going to say would be: oh, we don't want anything but in the meantime, they'll be negotiating. So let's see how it works. So tomorrow, at 12 o'clock we'll be announcing a plan and it's a very big plan. It will be a suggestion between israel and the palestinians. It'S the closest it's ever come and we'll see what happens. We have the support of the prime minister. We have the support of the other parties and we think we will ultimately have the support of the palestinians, but we're going to see - and if we do it'll be a tremendous tribute to everybody and if we don't life goes on. Thank you very much.

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