Andrew Yang holds 'Humanity First' rally in New York City

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 05/14/2019 11:15 PM

Andrew Yang, one of 22 Democratic presidential candidates, holds a "Humanity First Tour Rally" in New York City. Yang's main policies are universal basic income, Medicare for All and human-centered capitalism. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time informat...

Thank you hope you don't follow you [ applause ]. Thank you for being here new york city, we're out here together, because we know this country needs being changes and we are just the people to see those changes through. Am i right now? Most of you know. I am not a career politician be like that here with you all to solve the biggest problem that faces our country. The problem has caused a lot of ...
onfusion over the last two years, how the heck did trump become our president in 2016. Now, if you turned on the cable news, you have a few explanations. Yes, please do something like russia, facebook, the fbi - may be a for hillaryclinton thrown in there, but i looked at the numbers and the numbers say the same thing that wendy hamilton said that number say the same thing of steve marsh. Dad said that number say the same thing that we have listened to our eyes: we go visit. The places that lost job due to automation, donald trump, is our president. For one simple reason: we automated awake, 4 million manufacturing jobs in michigan, ohio, pennsylvania, wisconsin, missouri iowa. All of the swing states the donald trump needed to win and did win. There'S a straight line up between the adoption of industrial robots in a community in the movement towards donald trump is the strongest correlation anyone can findrandy factored the numbers, [ applause ].

Now i've worked with didn't in technology for a number of years. How many people work in technology here in new york, a lot of people there's a lot of technology at the endgame. You know that what we did to the manufacturing jobs we will now do to the retail jobs, the call center jobs, the fast food jobs, the truck driving jobs and holland bob through the economy. How many of you boarded stores closing around where you live, and why are those stores closing it's a one-word answer? Amazon, that's right and was like a giant vacuum, sucking up 20 million dollars of congress every year, pushing 30 percent of balls andstores to close in our country, one of the most common job in this country. Retail, that's right! Working in these stores and malls that are closing the average retail workers a 39 year old woman made between ten and eleven dollars an hour. What is she going to do when her mall closes? Nobody knows how many of you seen a self-serve kiosk at mcdonald's or another fast-food restaurant. You know you kind of like oh, i kind of like him too they're gon na roll out of self-service kiosk at every location in the united states by 2020. That'S next year. What'S not gon na mean for all the people that used to work there as their first job outof a job? That'S right when you call a customer service line and you get a bot, you probably do the same thing i do, which is you count: zero, zero, zero human human into the kind of human being put in two or three years like this. It'S going to be really on point you're gon na be crispy. We'Re not even know it today on. What'S that gon na mean for the two and a half million americans who work at call centers right now they can forty bucks, our new chair, they're out of a job.

It'S unfortunate beacon, truck drivers, most common job in 29 states in this country, they're, green and half a million truck drivers, theunited states and we're in silicon valley are working on trucks that could drive themselves. They say they're, ninety-eight percent, of the way there. Now. Why are they working on self-driving trucks? We know the answer, that's where the money is a hundred sixteen billion dollars in cost savings. Fuel efficiency equipment fuels h2 because of a robot truck, never needs to stop and the human driven truck needs to stop after 14 hours. That'S right, brother, give me that, yes, so how are the truckers going to respond when the robot trucks come? They never stop. We are the third inning of the greatest economic and technological transformation in the history of our country. What experts are calling thefourth industrial revolution? What'S last time, you've heard a politician say the words fourth industrial revolution. Just now, when i'm barely a politician, am i right new york, [ applause ], but kenzie maine mit all say that we're facing an automation wave of twenty to thirty percent of american job in the next 11 to 20 years? Donald trump is not the disease. Is a symptom he's a manifestation of this automation wave, that's now repeating through our economy, and i went to our friends in washington dc and i asked them. What are we going to do about this historic transformation and what dc said to me new york? We can't talk about that. Oh yeah number, two, we shouldstudy them and number three.

These are the same thing. Is that a wendy's people in a while we must educate and retrain hey. I need the man you won't want to know how come back to me. Yeah come back [ applause ]. We are terrible at retraining. Those programs have a success rate of zero to fifteen percent and then, when i said back to the folks in dc - or they said that it's been around, that's what passes for policy in this country. I guess we'll get better and there was one guy in dc who said this tomato brought me here to unite new york city. He said and revere the wrong place. No one here in washingtondc is going to do anything about this antenna problems, because here in washington dc, this is not a town leaders. This is the town of followers and the only way we are going to do anything about it is a new fruit away and other words, the country and bring that me crashing down in our heads and that's why i'm here with you tonight, new york city, i Heard this guy and i said, challenge fucking accepted [ applause ]. So that's why i'm here with you to help create that wave now, if you're here tonight, you heard something like this at some point: there's an asian man running for president who wants to give everyone a thousand dollarsa month and all of those things are dead. True, but when you dig into our history, why that this dividend is deeply american thomas paine was born at the founding of the country.

He called the citizens do within martin luther king's birthday. We celebrated every year channel. You know in 1967 in his book, can a suburban either need and it was what he was fighting for until the day he was assassinated in 1968 milton friedman and a thousand economist designed the study saying this would be tremendous for america and it was so mainstream That it passed the us house of representatives twice in 1971, it was called the assistance plan and then eleven years, laterone state passed a dividend we're now everyone in that state gets between one and two thousand dollars a year. No questions asked and what state is that if you are and how do they fund it and what is the oil of the 21st century technology? That'S right in alaska, they call this the oil check and they love it and we're going to call this. The tech check and we're all that i love it and i'm thinking about what $ 1,000 our mother would mean in your hands. How would you spend it and what make our children stronger and healthier? It would make us all mentally, healthier and less stressed out. It would cream more than 2million jobs, because you were everybody, got ta, spend on your rent checks, its car repairs even put it on a car. By talking about we're in new york, subway price hikes, [ music ] nights out there gives you the know boom is no way. That'S true new yorker. I wrote that subway here the freedom dividend will circulate over and over again through our economy. This is the trickle up economy for our people, our families and our communities up and that's what work we know it would work and right now the democratic party talks about empowering women here in new york. We know of in the earth thousands of women and in millions nationwide that aren't exploited, inher, abusive jobs, relationship, [ music, ], [ applause ].

So this is the freedom dividend, and this is what we must make real to help us transition to an economy that works for people in the age of machines. Now we can't stop there. We need to get healthcare off the backs of american families and businesses am i right new york. It is messed up than the richest and most advanced economy in the history of the world. When we get sicker injured. We are more concerned with navigating our health care system and a pain-free treatment that we are making well, and it does not need to be that way. I'Ve run a business, and i know that our healthcare rightnow is the worst of all worlds. It keeps us for hiring people when we do hire them. They keep awake the whole time and employee. It keeps people switching jobs to keep starting a business and then the dog week. What am i gon na? Do we have to get this anger off the american people, and i will move us towards medicare for all and fix the incentives in the healthcare system? [ applause ]. The third thing i'd like to talk about my family would first how many we're excited about gdp when you woke up in the morning we're like oh yeah record-high, you make a contribution to that.

I talk about. My wife was at home with ourtwo boys, one of who has autism what is her work that you didn't have gdp and you need to be every day. What is it figured in the market? What'S the market value - and we know that not as we know that the work she's doing is some of the most important and challenging and vital work for our future gdp is going to go up and up, even as more americans get left behind so driving trucks. Going to be great for me, but they're going to be terrible water. How about how our kids are doing? These are the measurements that matter to us and as your president, i will go to the bureau of economic analysisdown, the street. I will say: gdp out of date. It is time together, modernize with the 21st century, and then i will report those fingers to you all at the state of the union and powerpoint every year. Powerpoint. What do you think new york, [ applause, ]? That'S a powerpoint, chant america. Now one of the measurements we should be trying to improve our student loan debt. Am i right new york we're up to one and a half trillion in student loan debt up about 100 billion in 1999 rolled in 20 years, and why has college got two and a half times more expensive? It has not got two and a half times better. We have to reinin those cost and then we need to forgive and wipeout is a lot of the student loan debt, because you have a choice between young people, starting businesses, starting families, buying homes or staying at home, trying to pay off debt loads.

I think that's an easy choice. What do you think new york? This is the stimulus of the people and that's all we're gon na do when i'm president we're going to stimulate the people i'll repair. The yang yang is the only thing biggest betters that you had a giant themed realize that preparation by the last thing we have to we're going to talk about tonight is climate change. That'S another. I know it's hard, onmy, cheering climate change. Climate change is an existential threat facing our country right next to my bath, headed home as a science had at my right new york last four years when the poor warmest years in human history, you do not need to be a scientist to see that climate change Is taking off so high or retweeting the parasitic worms or a carbon tax dividend investing hundreds of billions in a more sustainable infrastructure? I have a change. We can replace the mindset of scarcity that our country go to their son or daughter turn 18. You will get a pound of dollars a lot because your country loves you. Your country, values, you and you mightjust. It'S american is everyone else, and then, when you go back to that same family, you say we need to work on climate change. They will look at their son or daughter. They will know that their future is secure and they will say yes, we do.

That is how we speed up on climate change, america. We got the economic boodle of america, throats, get people thinking more clearly and then we can speed up. So these are the changes we have to be now right now and you all early adopters, and i love you for it. I have raised over three million dollars in in furman's will be $ 19, so i did and there even cheaperthan birdies back and a guy named nate silver saw those numbers, and then he saw a third number at. The third number was that my name is silver saw that, and that was what we need your help. We know millions of americans are gon na turn out the tv that night into and they're gon na ask themselves one question: who is the agent robot [ applause? ] and then they're gon na google he's your buddy and we're headed join this kind of easy to keep on growing [ applause, ], new york, [ applause, ]. I love you to new york city, [ applause, ]. That'S right now focused on one thing, because who can beat donald trump and we know that the best candidate is goingto, be someone who's, drawing down orders, libertarians independents, democrats, [ applause, ], [ music, ], donald trump's, our prison. Today we need solutions, build the wall, turn the clock back, bring the jobs back. We know we have to do the opposite of all that we haven't, earned the clock forward. We need to accelerate both our economy because the opposite of donald trump. Thank you.

New york city, thank you. Thank you all. What does math stand for america stands for, make america see quarter and that's what this campaign is going to do. Thank you ron. I love you. Let'S make history in 2020, we're going all the way to the white house. [ applause, ] [ music, ], [ music, ].

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