Mueller report debunked many claims made by Steele dossier

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 05/10/2019 09:40 PM

Former DOJ prosecutor James Trusty on the new questions surrounding Christopher Steele’s dossier. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Main Street and Wall Street. Headquartered in New York — the business ...

Connell connell blake burman at it white, house. , melissa, melissa, new questions about the infamous steele dossier was basis of issuing warrants to trump advisor carter page and any alleged contacts he might have with russia. Here is james trusty, a former doj prosecutor. , so the latest wrinkle in the story has to do with a memo that the deputy assistant secretary of state wrote contemporaneou ...
ly talking about a meeting she had with christopher steele before the dossier was used to get the warranted in The fisa court and he had tolder a bunch of stories, including this story, how from the russian embassy in miami, they were running a hacking and recruiting ring trying to get americans. at thetime. She wrote in the note there isn't even a russian embassy in miami. , so this guy has no credibility. This was before the fbi swore under an oath to the fisa court to their judges that their informant was reliable and unaware of any derogatory information available to him. What does that mean to you ? If that nugget bears out, he is being accurate, referring to invisible or nonexistent embassy in miami.

That'S a big sign. , exactly what the communication flow was the state department to the fbi? We don't know yet. , but here is the bottom line. The oig inspector general is looking into the origination of this case. How that dossier was used. that may beone of the tipping points that makes it clear it shouldn't have been used. We have to look at full affidavits what the fbi agents have to say and when. There may be a lot of smoke or fire that this dossier was a political hack document that was never going to stand. Up.

melissa. The last inspector general's report was pretty scathing. He came out and said i thought andrew mccabe lied under oath. At least three times. mccabe was fired as a result of that. That kind of indicates that could be pretty scathing as well. What do you think it could. ? The inspector general reports tend to be deferential to law enforcement. Folks in decision making. if you could choose or ab choosing b would be fine, but if a would be chosen by 95 % of professional prosecutors.

, there is lot of room to be concerned in the highly politicized in the front office. Comey mccabe strzok page more drops out devastating for that reputations, showing a political class operating at the top echelon of the fbi. I don't think it was for agents. At the time in 2016, looks like the wrong people were dealing with the most sensitive public integrity type investigations. You could have. melissa. You were talking with people from the fbi as recently as yesterday. There is this narrative that goes back and forth. one side saying that those inside ofthe fbi are horrified and embarrassed by james comey's, publicity, tour and all of these things that are coming out and are damaging their reputation, and they wish that those at the top would Stop.

then there is the other side. James comey himself says he is out defending the integrity of the fbi, not letting president trump wreck their reputation. What'S really the feeling inside of the fbi, in your opinion, , i can't speak for all of them, but i think it is a very false protective mode for comey and mccabe. They have both done this where they stand up, say how dare you attack the fbi? Don'T denigrate this institution they're talking about themselves. , a lotof agents. I talk to are sick of it. They don't want to see a fbi director on `` the view. '. They don't want to see fbi guys walking around without their tie on being cool on social media, pondering over deep issues on their lives and don't want kiss-and-tell books from law enforcement.

Professionals. look back at the history of the fbi. I don't think you have a situation where the director runs out on a book tour complaining, the president was bully to him. This is the against the dna of most people in law enforcement to go down the road, comey and some extent mccabe are going down. melissa. I wonder if it was always that way: attop or just now. There are a lot of stories.

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