Grammy Stars React to Kobe Bryant Death

Channel: Bloomberg Markets and Finance
Published: 9 hours ago

Jan.27 -- Stars attending the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles paid tribute to basketball legend Kobe Bryant who died Sunday in a helicopter crash along with his 13-year-old daughter and seven other people. The ceremony took place at the Staples Center, home of the Los Angeles Lakers, Bryant's team for

Cokely was my friend and my wife over here miss mornin to me. I could not believe it first of all and to find out that it was really true and then, as a dad myself, to find out that his daughter was there with him, and there was nothing he could do for whom, my god, i'm sorry. It brings me to tears, you know to hear that news, but his legacy is just work, his work ethic. You know he would always s ...
y: competition breeds excellence. You know - and i try to live by, that. You know that that dri, that he had is very inspiring. So we're gon na celebrate tonight in his house. He had his own style of the way he played ball and everything. So, just like everybody wanted to be like mike, there was a lot of people that wanted to be. Like kobe, bryant. You know what i'm saying and i remember in an interview they were interviewing kobe they said well. Would you like to be like michael jordan? He says why would i want to be like michael jordan? How come i can't just be the next kobe bryant, just like michael jordan, made his name for his self.

You know i want to make money for myself, i'm just i'm just as great as michael and he wasn't lying. So my heart goes out to his family, but not only to his family but to the whole world that love called me. I was i was in tears this morning because i mean when i heard about i was like so shocked. I can't i can't. I just want to send out condolences and chris's family and his friends and his fans, because this is a wonderful, wonderful life. They snuffed out way too fast. Well, he you know, besides being the incredible example of what it is to just throw everything into your work. He also he and his family are close friends of mine. So it's it's been difficult, but i feel like it's interesting to be in this space and to to be celebrating through love and music on this day, and so i think we're all gon na be thinking of him and his daughter in this moment he's gon na Be missed, it was a beautiful soul. He was a great basketball. Players came straight out of high school right to the pros. He had two numbers and i made and number 24.

He won championships with both numbers and was one of the greats to play the game. Kobe was a king man admire two. For me, cole was the king. He was a great player, a very inspirational human being that i think that you know the poetry and the way that he lived his life, the way that he moved on on the court. It'S definitely informs the way that i try to express myself that he's. He was one of my greatest fear.

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