Mark Levin: Dems' impeachment case has been an embarrassment

Channel: Fox News
Published: 01/27/2020

House impeachment managers have produced zero evidence of treason, bribery or high crimes and misdemeanors. FOX News operates the FOX News Channel (FNC), FOX Business Network (FBN), FOX News Radio, FOX News Headlines 24/7, and the direct-to-consumer streaming service, FOX Nation. FOX N

Hello, america welcome to life, liberty and levin. We have a great guest later in the show peter schweitzer profiles in corruption. He has the book on the biden's five of them, elizabeth warren bernie sanders and we're really gon na want to dig into this. But before we do, i feel compelled to address. What'S been going on on the floor of the united states senate, it's supposed to be a somber occas ...
on. There'S nothing somber about it. It'S a farce. It'S pathetic! It'S grotesque! The senators have a job to uphold the constitution. The united states and to protect it not from a law-abiding president, but from a lawless majority in the house of representatives. The democrats, you don't need three days and 24 hours if you have a true case of impeachment against a president, a vice president or a judge, and so forth, they're all over the map. They got their graphs and their video clips and their the repetition and their emotion and they're attacking the president and they're attacking the senators they're undermining judicial review in the courts. It is an embarrassment they're, very chairman of these two committees, the house intelligence committee in the house, judiciary committee who ran stalinist, like hearings violated their own committee rules violated the house.

Rules violated basic due process, i'm not talking about the bill of rights, but the due process that is customarily and traditionally been afforded a president facing a situation like this or a judge facing impeachment was completely eviscerated, and then we have the czarina. That is the speaker of the house. She didn't have a vote to open an impeachment inquiry. She declared it. She declared it like eva peron. She declared we're having an impeachment inquiry. None of the rules that were in place in the past when henry hyde, a republican, ran the judiciary committee, the republicans ran, the house of representatives had been applied when peter rodino, a democrat, ran the house judiciary committee and the democrats can trolled the house when they Were looking at it nixon for impeachment all those rules thrown out the window, all due process thrown out of the window, all the house rules thrown out the window and, as you know, the republicans couldn't call witnesses. The president's lawyer wasn't present for those secret star chamber. Testimony events taking place in the basement of the house of representatives - it's appalling, i mean the real story here is donald trump is being treated like no president in american history, in fact no person facing impeachment in american history. That'S the fact: the corruption, the abuse of power, if you will has taken place already in the house of representatives and so every republican in the house, voted against this. Every single one, every democrat bought one voted for it. That should tell you everything you need to know so that's their case, these articles of impeachment, which are phony abuse of power, struction of congress, absolutely phony.

Let'S look at what the requirements are under the constitution. The united states take a look. The final section of article two, which generally describes the executive branch, specifies the president. Vice president, all civil officers of the united states shall remove from office have convicted in an impeachment trial of treason, bribery or other high crimes and misdemeanors two clauses in article one lay out the role of the house of representatives and the senate in impeachment sand in Trials of impeachment in practice, impeachments by the house, have been rare and convictions after trial by the senate. Even less common to presidents, one senator one cabinet officer and 15 judges have been impeached and of those, only eight judges have been convicted and removed from office. So you better have a strong case boy. It better be an overwhelming case. What do you need 24 hours in three days? Oh well, we need john bolton he'll make the case. If not, if mo vain you'll make the case. Oh well, you had iron fist to control the house. Well, that's different! Now we're in the senate yeah. We don't like the judiciary telling us what will he can or can't do now in the senate and the senators better do at least say otherwise.

There involve in a coverup and their obstruction and they're not holding up their constitutional duty. Well, i'll tell you what they have. They have zippo nothing. I have right here a telephone call and we go back to the transcript of the president's state july 25. 2019 with the president of ukraine, tell me where, in here is their treason. Bribery are the high crimes and misdemeanors. There aren't anything there, none zero, which is why they almost never referred to it. Now. What about regular crimes that are out there, which, of course you don't have to have for an impeachment, but it would be nice if they had something? What did the president do? Did he say? Look, president of ukraine. I want you to get me dirt on the biden's. He never said that or i'm gon na withhold military aid never came up or i want you to announce. You'Re gon na do an investigation, that's not what he said.

He said none of those things, so they have to spend 24 hours and three days putting words in the president's mouth that he never spoke, putting words in the mouth of other people. Now they did have some witnesses over there in the house, in the house intelligence committee, the house judiciary committee, not really a couple law professors. A couple lawyers who'd served on the house intelligence committee. That was the extent of their investigation, but let's take a look. Let'S look at what the the individuals who adam schiff and nancy pelosi and the democrats by the way, almost all of them are hearsay witnesses firsthand witnesses to nothing. But what did they have to say about impeachment and high crimes and all the rest of it? Take a look go either of you ever have any evidence of quid pro quo, mr morrison no ma'am a master volker. I did not any evidence of bribery, no ma'am, no ma'am, not that can recall no. They did not. He said i want nothing. I want no quid pro quo. You testified that you had no direct knowledge of any nefarious motivations to withhold aid to ukraine, correct correct and to your knowledge, you testify that there were no strings attached to the aid correct. That'S page 184 of your deposition yeah! No such knowledge in this impeachment hearing today, where we impeach president for treason or bribery or other high crimes, where is the impeachable offense in that call, are either of you here today to assert there was an appeal offense in that call shouted out.

Anyone do you have any information regarding the president united states, accepting any bribes now. Do you have any information regarding any criminal activity that the president of the united states has been involved with at all yeah? There was a minute 10 seconds now. You won't see any that any of that video, not on the democrat side house managers didn't play. There was a minute and ten cent efore hours. I don't need three days case closed case closed. What are these other witnesses gon na tell them now the president of ukraine says i wasn't pressured we heard on and on and on they're droning on. There was a pressure campaign, ladies and gentlemen, that cia sitting on documents, the nsa sitting on to and all these documents we can't get our hands on where's the document, the smoking gun document that the president committed an impeachable offense. Where is it? It doesn't exist, where's. The killer, witness the killer, witness the first-hand witness in the house of representatives he or she doesn't exist. They don't exist, there's nothing! That'S why it takes 24 hours and three days to keep cobbling things together, like good demagogues and propagandists. But let's be honest folks, what's really going on here, we were told about this november 17 2016. In the new york times, trump's foreign business ties may violate the constitution.

The emoluments clause - president donald trump's business dealings have raised concerns about ethical considerations and they go on about how that may impact his ability to serve as president december 15, 2016 bana tea, fair democrats are paving the way to impeach donald trump to impeach donald trump. I mean donald trump for president in june, so june 16 2015 peach in him. That was vanity fair. Then we go to the washington post on the very day he's inaugurated the campaign to impeach president trump has begun. That'S why they need 24 hours in three days because their hands their dna is all over their crooked corrupt practices. That'S why and it's absolutely outrageous, an impeachment campaign now the media we're already calling for trump's impeachment following a buzzfeed piece. Remember this! I'M gon na remind you if, if the president had done these things, if he did these, if oh my god he'll be impeached, there'll be impeached for campaign law by like remember that michael i've, an idea, michael cohen, all the rest of them, and and now we Have partners except schiff, lied about partners. We'Ve got all kinds of witnesses. In fact they need to go to craigslist, hey any witnesses out there. Anybody out there farted domestic who thinks they can tell us on the floor. The united states senate tell us that the president united states violated the constitution, treason, bribery or other high crimes of mister anything. We need something.

Let'S take a look at this go. If this buzzfeed news report is true, then we are likely on our way to possible impeachment proceedings. If it were to be true, it means the president told someone to lie under oath. Very simply is a crime, and is it p chable? If this story is true, we must begin impeachment proceedings if you can prove that the president ordered it that certainly rise to the level of rises to the level of impeachable offense we're gon na know. If the president of the united states committed a federal felony and at that point we are in high crimes that misdemeanor - and we are an impeachment right - is that in a future bullet offense, this is suborning perjury. I think there's no question. It'S an impeachable offense. That is considered an impeachable offense. Absolutely these are impeachable offenses inside that answer. I did hear the i-word impeachable. Impeachment is a very fine alternative way to deal with. Democrats will move, maybe faster, maybe more aggressively toward impeachment.

There are an awful lot of similarities between a couple of the articles of impeachment against nixon and the elements of this story, the very same offense for which the house of representatives moved to impeach richard nixon in the past, bit impeachable. That is the exact way that true nixon was it's one of the things that drove richard nixon out of office. Cnn has not corroborated this reporting cnn. We should be clear he's not independently confirmed. This cnn has not independently confirmed this reporting. It is important for us to note this morning that neither cnn or any other major news outlet has so far confirmed. Buzzfeed'S reporting, oh wow, it's not confirmed, but just in case the president committed treason, her bribery or other high crimes and misdemeanors, because he directed michael cohen dalat. No, he didn't every damn thing. They'Ve said about this. President is a lie. Oh, there must be secret secret indictment against him in the southern district of new york on the non-disclosure agreements. He violated campaign finance laws.

No, he didn't. No, he didn't oh the russian collusion stuff here it is. I got it right here right here: forty million dollars, hundreds of witnesses, thousands of subpoenas millions of pages of documents, thirteen foreign countries, nothing.

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