Trump's tariff hike will level the playing field with China: Scott Walker

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 05/07/2019

Former Gov. Scott Walker, R-Wisc. on Trump administration trade talks with China and concerns of a Democratic judicial power grab. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Main Street and Wall Street. Headquar...

China, trade wisconsin farmers have been hit hard by the trade dispute with china. Come on in scott walker, former governor of wisconsin governor welcome, backs always good to see you again good to be with you. Do you support these tariffs? Well, the bottom line is, we need to ideally i'd love to have no tariffs but, as the president said at the g7, not too long ago last year in in canada, the fac ...
that matters his goal is to get to no tariffs, but we have already have Tariffs on item after item after item from wisconsin and from the united states, we need to have a level playing field. We don't have it with china rightnow. So i support the president pushing back and saying, let's level the playing field with china and any other country out there. We can compete as long as we're on a level playing field. Okay, i know you've got an opinion piece. It'S on foxnews. com and you're, saying the republicans a better wake up, because there's a democrat power grab going on a judicial power grab, i'm not familiar with the argument. Would you explain it to us for us yeah for us? It'S simple: eric holder and barack obama had been going around the country, raising hundreds of millions of dollars to try and legislate their way back into the majority. They they pick a state and thenthey sue until it's blue. What i mean by that is in ohio and michigan we've seen at north carolina in virginia and pennsylvania.

They tried it in my state. They tried to take over the state supreme court. Why? Because they wanted to send maps for legislative redistricting to the courts with the idea being eventually by the time the census is done. They want to change the maps, they want a giri mandor, the way into permanent control for the next generation, so that people like nancy pelosi continue to be the speaker. We just cannot stand up for that. If we have fair maps our candidates win because our ideas are better, but don't the republicans dothat too i mean, doesn't everybody i hate to use the word gerrymander, but doesn't everybody both sides of the aisle? Don'T they manipulate the maps for each congressional district? Well, the bottom line is in any state. You should have the people who are elected, that elected state lawmakers be at the house in assembly in the senate, whatever the legislative names are depending by state, but the people that actually have to be accountable to the electorate, not these unelected bureaucrats, not these people in The federal courts that have lifetime appointments, who don't have to stand before the voters that people actually have to be a countable to the voters, should be making that decision. I thinkin the end. These recent decisions in ohio and michigan will ultimately be heard by the united states supreme court and i think they'll put the power back in the hands of the people who are duly elected. What do you say to this prospect governor? I think america should have the rule of law, but what we've got is the rule of lawyers and there's a big difference, what you sort of it's a big problem and unfortunately, we see the problem with that, not just in certain parts, united states. We see it around the world, i mean in venezuela as we speak. We see the problems with socialism, where you put too much power in the handsof.

The few we need to be in in the many out there and the important part about that is more than most of recent examples is all the promises of prosperity have really led to mass poverty in a place like venezuela. It'S why socialism fails it's? Why you even sees things as simple as their their social network? Google, of the things like access, their cell phones have been blocked. That'S why the last thing i'm going to do is have a nationalized 5g system here in the united states. All those things i think lead up to the 2020 election, where the contrast is going to be between one of twenty or more candidates who embrace socialismversus, donald trump and mike pence running for reelection, embracing the american spirit, which is about letting the people. Not the government decide oh well since uh governor walker, thanks for joining us again. We always appreciate see you soon pleasure. Yes, thank you.

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