Trish Regan: Russia probe is the biggest scandal in modern US political history

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 05/15/2019 01:05 AM

FOX Business’ Trish Regan and Fox News contributor Karl Rove on how Attorney General William Barr selected U.S. attorney John Durham to help investigate the origins of the Russia probe. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms...

The gloves are off, indeed not only his attorney general bill, barr hired a so called pit bull to investigate the investigators, john durham out of connecticut, who has a history of investigating officials. He is working with the nation's top national security leaders to get to the bottom of exactly how this whole russia investigation got started in the first place. Now, let's get to mr. durham. F ...
rst, the us attorney will review mr. durham will review and i quote all intelligence collection activities, all intelligence collection activities related to the trump 2016 campaign, including how the fbi got away with using opposition research bought and paid for by the dnc and the clinton campaign to Secure a warrantto spy on an american citizen who worked for the trump campaign yeah about time right i mean we spent two years listening to the media and listening to former intelligence officials, tell us that donald trump was an agent of russia, and now we know there Was no collusion, he was no agent of russia, so why would the fbi's top lawyer, james baker, not question the use of the dossier? Remember that dossier that they had that they then turned over to the judge. In order to get that fisa warrant, i mean james baker volunteered that he himself never authenticated it. Anything telling lawmakers behind closed doors that he didn't read the woods file which provides theunderlying documentation. Meanwhile, as i reported the other night, it was actually highly unusual for him to be involved in a case like this something he did tell to congress, and let me quote here: he said at that point in time when i was at the fbi most of the Fisa, almost all the fisa applications did not go through me, and then he explained one of the reasons it did go through. Him was because this one was so sensitive. It was such a sensitive case as he says now, mr. baker.

Why wouldn't you triple check your sources or hey - maybe just check them right before filing a fisa warrant, and then because you know what i'mnot done here, why not inform the face of court judge that your application is based upon opposition research? I mean why leave it in a little footnote when i that's kind of important, it's like really important, and i say this as a journalist: do you think i just repeat, hearsay and and regurgitate it to you, as though it's news? No, i check my sources and when i get something, that's as big as that would have been, your trip will check them, because that's the honorable thing to do someone with integrity does that. But this fbi went and used a bunch of hearsay and presented it to a judge as though it was fbi fact andthen. They had a little little footnote to say, oh by the way this is bought and paid for by the opposition. Here'S baker's explanation on that. One watch: why was it in a footnote rather than written in big red magic marker in block letters across every page of the thing nobody's gon na miss a page, long footnote in regular-type? Okay, okay, i mean excuse me: you treat hearsay and tabloid opposition research as legitimate fbi research. You never headline it as anything else for the judge. You expect the judge to go and look at all the footnotes. Well, listen to baker's inexplicable reason for just footnoting that source of the dossier to the judge here we goyou, don't want to put in to a document like this gratuitous information about us persons. You want to try to minimize it to to some extent, i mean how about just not using the gratuitous material that you've never sourced. In the first place, i mean this is the fbi. This is our fbi. This should make everyone left right and center angry, because if we have people in big government thinking that they can do whatever they want and they can spy on innocent americans or people, they consider a threat from an opposing campaign.

Then i'll tell you what we have big big problems. There were all kinds of easily disprovable things in that dossier for onethat. I see a claims with such specificity that michael cohen was in prague in august 2016, holding secret meetings with the kremlin, but michael cohen, but never even traveled, to prague, and you know what that was pretty easy to figure out: hey fbi, why don't you check his Passport records right, muller figured it out, it's actually in volume, 2, page 139, and there are more of those things throughout more those things were in the dossier that could have been easily disproven, but the point is, if, as i suspect, the fbi was out there, relying On opposition research for political purposes, then this is the biggest scandal in modern american political history. Perhaps the biggest scandalever politically in this country joining me right now, former senior adviser to george w bush fox news contributor, mr. karl rove, karl good, to see you good to see. You tell me a little bit about mr. dermer. What do you know well career a political, a career, the u. s. , a deputy us attorney now us attorney for connecticut, literally joined the us attorney's office in connecticut in the late 1970s after graduating from law school. He has a reputation as a determined focused, unflappable prosecutor, who's willing to take on the powerful and and his employers. He he was the guy who took on the fbi senior agent, who was basically defending and hiding whitey bulger's nefarious activitiesusing him as a confidential informant, but hiding some of his more extreme and violent deeds from law enforcement.

He'S the guy who took on the republican governor of connecticut john rowland and prosecuted him and sent him to jail. He was the guy that attorney general mukasey turned to to judge the question of the destruction of the tapes of and interrogators, and the obama administration asked him to take a look at enhanced interrogation techniques and to make a determination as to whether they violated us law And each and every instance he did what he thought was right and i'm sure in this instance it's one of the reasons why barr chose him. The american people needto have these answers, and this is a guy who's going to give them to them. And it's going to be straight: arrow chips fall where they may. Let'S let the facts speak for themselves. I mean you heard what i had to say and - and i still maintain i'm sort of stunned by this, because the idea that you would ever rely on something that you had not sourced yourself, i mean in journalism. We don't do that, but get our fbi might do that. I mean that just seems totally bonkers to me carl yeah. Well. This is why his appointment is so important. Michael horowitz, the inspector general, the department of justice is conducting an investigation alongsimilar lines. However, his authority is limited, he can only interrogate or interview or request documents from current employees of the department of justice.

Now that we've got a us attorney, he can turn to people like mccabe and strock, and co me and baker and others who've left the government service, and he can compel them to give testimony and to produce documents. So with this sort of. If you want to look at it, a one-two punch between michael horowitz who's got an impeccable reputation for being fair and calling it like it is. And but but it's limited in the authority that he has and and we now have durum who's going to be able to buildon the work that horowitz has been involved in for better than a year and and to extend it by talking to people that horowitz. It doesn't have access to so you know if you want to step back even further. We'Ve now had four people muller john huber and in utah, who is looking at some some elements of this us attorney again, a political, a durham and horowitz. All four of them are straight arrows and we know from muller's performance here's a guy who clearly demolished the argument about conspiracy and collusion and who, when it came to the issue of obstruction, basically said. There'S not a prosecutable offense here, in my opinion, a clearly prosecuted cutableaction for the government well, but but but if that's out a disappointment with bob muller and now we got three other straight arrows and i think at the end of this whole process, american people will Have greater confidence that they know what happened and why it happened? Well, you know think of what it's doing to our country. In the mean time and look, sir, i mean i'm afraid, we're gon na learn some answers that are going to be very disheartening. We need to know we need to know because, like you, i have a deep suspicion of. I mean. How is it that that they hid from the you that the clinton campaign and the democratic nationalcommittee spent so much money with the law firm to hide the fact they were hiring fusion gps and fusing gps intern hires, a british retired british secret service agent, who picks Up the phone and calls his pals former kgb and fsb agents in moscow and says you got any dirt on donald trump now, if that is an open invitation to the russian secret service to play around in the us election by providing disinformation and for how this Came to be and how they came to rely upon it and why people did the things that they did.

We need somebody with impartial with an impartial and stellar reputation to go. Take a look at this sothe american people can be confident. This is not going to happen again, god was a fisa judge. I would be furious that this was not headlined to me that this is the clinton campaign, opposition research effort funded by we don't know, and we don't even know today how much they say they spent 12. I think it is million dollars with the law firm. That was obviously for some legal services, but how much with defusing gps and then how forthcoming is fusion gps been about its role? Glenn simpson has not been that forthcoming at all about it, and and we need as the american people. We need to be confident that the agencies of our governmentare not going to be used in this. What appears to be deeply political and personally driven fashion, hey, if i'm glad andrew putin and i've got my former kgb, buddies out there talking to christopher steel. This is perfect. This is like you know, just made made it's it's ripe for that kind of opportunity and to expose ourselves so stupidly to that perhaps for political reasons, it is a shame and remember, remember you're talking about russian interference. The the dossier is dumped into the american political campaign as it comes down the closing a months and we have fusion gps and christopher steele, trying desperately to sell this to any buddy any reporter that they can getto bite on it. So you know you talk about russian interference in the election.

This was solicited and received by agents of the clinton campaign in the democratic national committee and - and i don't see, nadler and schiff and the rest of this crowd being concerned deeply about that. They'Re focused on something that robert muller came back and said: there's no evidence of a conspiracy or collusion between the trump campaign and the russians at all, and yet we've got schiff and everybody else spun up about what rob robert muller has already killed and not spun Up at all about what we know to be fat, a fact which is the dnc openly invited the russians toplay in our in our political campaign, by providing information, which is a lot of it just clearly trash and none of which has been verified. No look, i mean karl. This is why we're in such a sad state right now, where things are so politicized that people are putting politics ahead of country here, and this is one where you ought to care. I don't care, i don't care, how much you hate. Donald trump, okay, anybody that is american - should care if the fbi is doing stuff like this, we need to know the answers and i'm afraid about what we're going to find out, but we need to hear it karl. We did hear it thankyou.

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