Democrats think Barr is protecting President Trump

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 11 hours ago

Vogel Group CEO Alex Vogel on the Democrats’ attacks against Attorney General William Barr. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Main Street and Wall Street. Headquartered in New York — the business capita...

And turning now to our first guest, alex vogel he's the ceo of the vogel group, former chief counsel, to senate majority leader bill frist, the national republican senatorial committee and former deputy counsel for the republican national committee, alex first of all good to have you with us. This is quite a spectacle to behold nadler these these cretins on the judiciary committee talking about ly ...
ng they're, the ones who've been lying for two and a half years attacking this president lying to the american people day in and day out non-stop. What what a spectacle to watch today, your reaction, it really was incredibly unfortunate. The ranking member was right when he said they really denied boththe the minority and the committee and the american people a legitimate opportunity to hear from the attorney general, who frankly has done both in his senate testimony and, i believe in his correct refusal to come in Front of the house today has done an admirable job, defending the constitutional prerogatives of the executive branch and, importantly of the office of the attorney general. Not only is he right on the presidential issue of whether or not a duly confirmed cabinet members should be questioned by staff instead of members in what is allegedly at least an oversight hearing. It'S not it's really, as was noted, a kind of a fake impeachment run, but i think he's done anadmirable job. The design of the radical dent wittering. Just withering criticism, withering criticism. I look at it as amateurish. I look at it as pure i'll evil. It is disgusting conduct on the part of the democratic party on capitol hill, whether in the judiciary committee of the senate or the house, would you disagree with that? I don't disagree. I think it reflects very badly both on their party and on the institution generally.

This is not the first time we've had contentious issues come up and this kind of behavior from members both some of the stunts like showing up with the chicken and frankly, some of the language that was used was ridiculous and beneath theoffice and ben the important issues That they're at least pretending to try and discuss yeah the issues the issues are. The reality is that the the motor report is conclusive. It has an exonerated, the president and the issue of the broad collusion nonsense. That was a lie that the muller report managed to keep alive for these radical dems. It was a political service by bob muller to the democratic party. That service is at an end. The lies continue and, in fact, are being ramped up just a bit here. What should the republican party do in response because mitch mcconnell effectively, the majority leader is silent. We heard from kevin mccarthy who's intreated today to themajority and to the house. Speaker was to use your majority, don't waste it. I mean my god, i think, of two years of republican leadership in which that is precisely what the republicans did. They wasted it.

Well, look, there's! No doubt the democrats, in addition to a silly messaging agenda here, are going to be shown to be fundamentally wasting what time they have to actually move legislation to help the american people there's not much of a role in either the house of the senate to directly Push back on this exercise around the mulla report and the the faux indignation and that's why the attorney general, as he did in responding to the initial release, ofthe report appropriately, i built, i believe, has been the one to make the tough choices here. One of the fascinating things about the report itself is: it failed to reach conclusions on many issues and, at the end of the day, as a special counsel, not an independent counsel. Mr. muller works for the attorney general and therefore it was up to the attorney general to make those tough decisions and i believe he did, and i love what senator cruz said yesterday. It was all about the 19 pages that that mulder apparently wanted released. A couple of weeks, perhaps three weeks earlier and the attorney general asserting his responsibilities, declined to do that having given by theway the the illustrious robert muller the to review his letter to begin with, and it was contained within the 448 pages volumes. 1 & 2 of the mahler report. It is just specious, nonsense, it's vile. The deceit by the left is just it is. It is mind-numbing to watch it continue and i think i mean look. The reality is, while we have fake arguments back and forth over whether or not the attorney general properly characterized both a summary and his own private conversations with mr. muller.

The full 400 pages is available for public review, not that that seems to be relevant to to the committee yeah. By the way, i think william bar i thinkhis characterization was exact. I think this is just specious nonsense. You know gende up by pelosi and some of the pretended attorneys of the radical dems on that committee. I think william bar by the way, was just brilliant. He operated without notes, he didn't hesitate in his responses. It was just, i thought, an absolutely terrific performance by him before the senate judiciary committee, alex bogle is great to have you with us. Come back soon.

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