North Korea will 'carefully watch' US after seizure of cargo ship

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 05/21/2019 02:35 PM

North Korea's Ambassador to the United Nations, Kim Song, holds a briefing about the US seizure of a North Korean cargo ship. The US seized the ship in early May, alleging sanction violations by North Korea. The Ambassador, in response, called the US a 'gangster country that does not care at all...

Nine united states has a committee unlawful and after he just asked of his possessing our cover supervisor nest by forcibly taking it to the american samoa and the pretext of a unilateral sanctions and violation of its domestic law. We are condemning in strongest terms this act of dispossessing of our cargo ship, because this instance is only product of extreme hostile policy of the united states ...
gainst dprk. It is a well known that united states has imposed unilateral sanctions against the dprk by issuing executive order and legislating a number of sanction act: the like north korea, sanctions enforcement act 2013 and north korea sanction and policy enhancement, act of 2016, etc. The, however unilateral sanctions, anddomestic law, which united states has employed as a legal ground of this possessing our cargo ship is clearly in legality and injustice, because unilateral sanctions and extraterritorial application or national to distinction of the south country cannot be justified in any case and in Any circumstances under the international law actually until now, just here at the un headquarters event general assembly adopted, as so many resolutions, denouncing unilateral sanctions and unilateral, economical images as a legal act against the principle enshrined. The un charter, especially 2002 for un general assembly, adopted a un convention on to this additional immunity of the states and their property. This un convention is very important international public law that our state mustadhere in the relation with other countries. According to this un convention, any sovereign states and their property cannot be subjects the national jurisdiction of the other countries. This aryan condition is also applicable to the peremptory norm and compelling law. The peremptory norm is fundamental principle of the international law that is accepted by international community of the states for on which no irrigation is permitted. Also, in the light of the un charter and the relevant international, the law, the unilateral sanctions and extraterritorial application of national jurisdiction is a clearly violated principle of the label, equality of the states and the principle of respect for the dignity of national sovereignty and non-interference internal Affairs of others, alsoit is clearly violated. Other principles recognises our international law, such as right to development and calculation of the friendly relations in archer. United states did not care about this.

All the international law and the pelleted principle recognized universally. The worldwide morrible united states has committed sovereignty infringing acts of this possessing our cargo ship, where dprk to sovereignty is a fully exercised. Speaking to the wise honest, it is a state-owned ship. Also, it is a property of our republic. We regard it as a part of our territory where our sibility is a fully exercised. As i mentioned in the statement of the spokesman, our foreign ministry of dprk issued on may 14. The latest act, ofthe united states constituted extension of the american base of the calculation for putting pressure upon to us to kneel down by means of the maximum pressure. Also, it is outright a denial of the underlining spirit of june 12. Okay prk us hr. In the statement which committee establishing new bilateral relations, therefore, the united states should deliberate and a sink over the consequence of its after the just act might have on the future development. Also united states masterda turn our cargo ship without the delay. With regard to this issue, the last week i sent the letter to the secretary general in order to inform our principal positions, and i requested him take to take the necessarymeasures as the way of contributing the stability in korean peninsula.

Also, i requested him to circulate my later as optional document or current a session of general general assembly. So now the my country carefully watch every member of the united states here after st. croix rotation and then ok, questions, ok, just thought i'll. Take a few questions and then people often just a flaw i'll, let you know there i'll take the question in the package and as a belly poodle. Ok, please, james bay's from al-jazeera. Can you be clear? How will this act seizing the cargo alter the process? That was started with president trump and chairman kim, because it's a now stalled process. Dothey have to give back the cargo ship before there will be more talks. Can you make that clear and do you expect any progress when president trump heads to the korean peninsula soon and then? Yes, this matter sorry, i didn't get here fast enough: edith lettera from the associated press on behalf of the united nations correspondents association. Thank you very much for doing this press conference and please come back and speak to us as often as you can. Thank you, my my question is the impact to follow up on the question from my colleague, james bae's. What is the impact of this kind of action by the united states going to have also on relationsbetween the dprk and the republic of korea, and do you expect relations between the two koreas to keep progressing while this impasse goes on with the trump administration and with The trump administration are there any contacts at all going on to possibly talk about a third summit. Thank you.

Yes, please thank you, ambassador. It'S pamela falk from cbs news specifically on the seizure. Can you say if the wise honest was carrying any contraband, any materials that are right that violate un sanctions? Thank you, okay, mother. Please, it's wrong to have been, and i have a blog netizen blog at taiga, zeitung website. My question is: there were three principles in your singapore in the envsingapore summit, those were to establish newer relations to build a lasting and stable peace on the korean peninsula and to work toward the complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula. This obviously, is contrary to all of that. Those three principles - and i thought, what's happened since then - doesn't quite take these into account. Is there some way to put these principles back on the front burner because they are a set of different principles than has seemed to dominate and they are a set of principles that that has held up to now to when they are applied? It does help relations between the u. s. and dprk. So is there anything that can happen that that can be donethat? We can help bring these principles to the fore again. Thank you.

Thank you. Sara. My name is emma takazato from japan, tv nhk. My question is about the dprk supreme leader always reiterated. The confidence-building is the basic requirement for improving the relationship between the u. s. and the dprk. So how much do you think this us action undermine the confidence building between two countries? Thank you very much ambassador. My name is harry yamamoto from tbs tokyo broadcasting system and my question is: would you tell us a little bit about the impact of the sanction un security council sanction that's having impact on your civil rights on your population? Would you describe a little bit aboutthe impact of the sanctions? Thank you. Mr. i'm genji i'm a gucci from kyodo news. Japan, though, and last week's letter you refer to urgent measures.

So can you elaborate more about what kind of foreign measure do you want faster? Yes, eric sean at fox news: does your government have any plans to apologize for the torture and killing of the young american otto warmbier, and do you have any statement for the warmbier family? Sir? Will you prosecute those who are responsible for his torture and murder? Is there anything you want to say? Okay, there is any more question. Okay, you please yeah! Okay, you go gucchi token. I saw beauty. Okay table be another oneeysan in this or no, she kissing my sympathies. Okay, the until now so many to castano tragedy. So today there i organized this press conference to clarified our the petition to be delivered at the instant of the rise on esther case. Therefore, among your questions, the some question is directed at a later wise, honest, the son christian is the separated issues, so i pretty the answer to questions that generally saw this. The incident is only man-made instance, with intervention of the united states. Also, the my country has an ida, recognize and accepts sanction of resolution of the un security council, and then we shall watch every move. The united states with regards to issues andthen. What is clear, they are 2d just act taken by united states is denying and the line of spirit of june we'll keep our jus joint a statement. Everything is at the end of the united states, will chappell watch the reaction of the united states yeah.

Thank you. Thank for your the attention and then with the regatta tea. A lot of the questions i hope take another chance to have the press conference to explain our position. Think that today, thank you.

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