Why did Boris Johnson turn down a meeting with Trump?

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 6 hours ago

BGR Group International Principal Lester Munson on whether Boris Johnson will replace Theresa May as prime minister and why Johnson didn’t meet with President Trump. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Ma...

[ music ], so i know boris. I like him. I'Ve liked him for a long time he's. I think you'd do a very good job. I know jeremy, i think you'd do a very good job. I don't know michael, but what do you do? A good job? Jeremy, tell me all right, president chopp, having a little fun sounding off on the race to replace teresa may, as british prime minister and leader of the conservative party, that was t ...
e news conference with mrs. may this morning a number of issues covered, whether it's briggs in Whether it was tariffs, mexico, you name it we're joined for by lester munson for analysis from bgr, a group international where he's theprincipal and buster's good to see. You ought to focus, though, on the the race to be the next prime minister and a really a conservative party leader. Then prime minister lost a little bit as we look at boris johnson jeremy hunt was the jeremy and as and the michael that you heard referred to there on the screen from president trump watching the british media at least, and some of the the oddsmakers and what-have-you Boris johnson's a fairly clear front-runner now is he not or well he's his numbers are the best of the 13 or so folks who have declared they're interested in this job? He'S the most eccentric of all of the candidates and thebritish people tend to like eccentric politicians. He'S got a lot going for him. He was born in new york. He had american citizenship, he's an excellent poet, he's been known to compose lyrics or limericks on tv and won awards for them.

So he's got a lot going for him. Yeah melissa's, like that yeah limericks and all all people know that that's who he is a piece of work is your point, i guess boris johnson, but he also has a great haircut. Yes, he does, and you know on that point i guess he's been compared to president trump. It'S in some ways, not necessarily the haircut, maybe is, i think it's more the politics but itdoes bring up kind of a larger serious point of what what would he, in boris johnson becoming prime minister mean for the relationship between the u. s. and the uk? You know the what kind of glass half-full version of that is. You know what these: if these two guys are aligned and great britain gets out of the eu, you have more of a bilateral relationship, then maybe you know be closer than ever, at least in the short term. Is that the way to read it? I think i think you're exactly right. I think boris johnson is trying to thread a needle here where he wants to demonstrate that he can get along with a president. Trumpbut he's not going to be standing right next to him. You noticed they're not actually meeting in person during this trip right, that's on purpose by boris johnson, because he knows that while trump has a lot of energy behind him, he's not terrifically popular in great britain right now, so he's being very political. I think very smart about this whole thing.

It'S important for great britain to be close to the united states and the british people know that, even if they don't really like to admit it in public and he's he's going straight to your point and he said well, i have a campaign event and made excuses In chily, it sounded like so youdidn't meet with president trump. That'S the final kind of point on all this we've done so many segments on breaks it as you know, and what that means and everything else. How are people making too much of the kind of moment in history for the uk, or is this a dangerous time? I mean, as you say, boris johnson. Your term was he's eccentric. He could be the next prime minister at some point down the line have a jeremy corbyn where to get in. If something happened, you know that's a guy with a socialist belief system. You know, and again you have briggs it, which now i guess the odds go up that maybe there's ahard briggs. It is this a dangerous time for the uk or if people the people who are saying that make you know making too much of it. Well, it's probably a little bit dangerous, it's probably more interesting than it is dangerous. I think if it is boris johnson who becomes the next prime minister he's got a couple of advantages. As you pointed out, jeremy corbyn's, the alternative he's not a very good alternative at all he's anti-american he's, anti-semitic he's, got some real issues and also the british people i think. Well, they haven't they're not in in they don't have a unanimous approach to brexit.

They are tired of the debate. This has been going onfor three years, there's some exhaustion going on here. So i think the next prime minister and i hope we'll have a little more flexibility than teresa made it interesting. They just want to get it over with probably exactly move on good to see you les interesting analysis thanks for coming on with us. Thank you. Okay, that's great!.

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