Cartels have 'total grip' on the border: Texas Lt. Gov.

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Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick (R) tells FOX Business’ Lou Dobbs that there will be more people illegally in the U.S. than those born in America within in one year. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact b...

Joining us tonight, lieutenant governor of the great state of texas, dan patrick governor good, to have you with us and it's good to see good to be with you lou, it's good to be with you, let's, let's start with just the crisis there in texas on that Border, i never thought we would say it that way, but it truly is its crisis, your sense of, what's going on and and what is and what should be done. ...
I think i heard you just say that there were less than four million babies born in america. The lowest level a few moments ago, i think, that's the i think you said three point: nine lou this will staggeryou. We will have more people enter our country illegally than we're born in this country in one year. You know we're on pace lou to apprehend a million people crossing into this country illegally right any law enforcement person. You talk to border patrol local sheriff our state police. They will tell you we catch one out of four or five. That means if we catch a million lou, four million others have crossed the border illegally. That'S more people that are born in this country. I was with you in june of last year live when you're set, and i told you that it's not eleven million people here illegally, it's over 30 million and and about threemonths. Later there was a report put out by mit backing up those numbers in a different report: lou weird ear: 10 % of our population is going to be here illegally people from central america who are not educated, not prepared for work. It'S.

We cannot educate, medicate and incarcerate the whole world. It is the crisis in a level that i've never seen before last month, lou from from brownsville and texas on the gulf to san diego about 60,000 families. But you know children and adults came in 30,000 single men. It used to be most single men, and now it's mostly families and 60 % of those come into texas, and those people in many cases are eithertransporting drugs. Those not apprehended and, in many cases, are simply a decoy, so that others can the cartels. Now. Is it fair to say the cartels right now have a greater control over that border than does the united states. They have a total grip on the border lou. If you came down here even 15 years ago, a lot of people cross the border on their own. Coming looking for work, they come upon. You know the ranches along the border. People leave out water for them.

Maybe a little food, no issues today, those people, those people who are just trying to come here and look for work and they shouldn't come here illegally. We need alegal immigration reform, those people if they cross the border and they get caught by the drug cartels. They will pay a severe price, maybe a beating, maybe worse, because the drug cartels are controlling, who crosses the border. They make a lot of money smuggling drugs. They make a lot of money smuggling people. So what the border patrol, what the border patrol knows, but we have to respond, is the cartels are sending all of these people into two crossings and other areas where we have border patrol, forcing our border patrol to leave their area and then right up the middle. Like if we're a football game - and you know the offensive line - opens up a holeand, the running back comes through it, then that's where they send the drugs and that's where they send all of their coyotes, with all the people they're smuggling into the country and lou. It'S not just central america day the people coming from mexico or less than than 20 % of the people crossing. It'S central america, but it's also china. It'S the middle east. It'S brazil, it's venezuela, they're all coming they're all coming lou and we're doing. The president is doing everything within his power and congress and the courts are stopping him.

We'Re making we're making progress on the wall, we're building more fence, but we have to have a barrier across that wall and congress. Andthe judges need to get out of the way the president noted states to defend this country. Now i i couldn't agree with you more governor, and i also i think, certainly most americans want that. That border is secure. This nation secured, as the president is working hard to do. As you say today we have a at least a first look at a proposal. Perhaps it's the beginning of a conversation, perhaps it's the beginning of legislation, your thoughts about what he's proposing right now, i guess as well as senator lindsey, graham yeah. I like what the president's proposing and lindsey graham, we had a call our office had a call with the white house. Yesterday, onthis proposal and the president is taking a full approach to this. It'S not just the barrier, it's the walls. We need to change. It says lindsey graham said earlier.

I think i heard in my earpiece on the tape of sending people back to these other cut. You know if we kept you from mexico, we can turn right around. Send you back. We can't do that to central america, that's stupid and and the but here's here's the problem. The democrats lou are not going to do anything to help this president. They don't want to give him a victory yeah, they are deniers, it's a massive crisis and they are deceivers because there are some democrats smartenough to know what's happening, but they're lying to the american people. The democrats, the the congressional democrats say in texas. They know what's happening, they go down to the same border that i go, they see what's happening, they come back and say it's not a problem and so they're deniers deceivers and it and, i would say it's borderline treasonous when you're selling at our country. Well, i think it's just treason when you sell out our country, governor dan, patrick, that's what's happening great. Thank you. Thank you.

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