Juan Guaidó: Maduro is blocking most humanitarian aid to Venezuela

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 11 hours ago

FOX Business’ Trish Regan interviews Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó about the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Main Street and Wall Street. Headquartered in ...

Tonight these talks between representatives for the socialist dictatorship of nicolas maduro regime in venezuela and the opposition led by the man, the us and over 50 other countries recognized as the president of venezuela. They have ended with no deal all this says the people of venezuela grow more desperate. I want you to see this video. This is video of people waiting and waiting and they're w ...
iting for fuel. We'Re told that in some cases, people can wait in lines like that. For four days joining me right now for the first reaction, since the news out of norway broke: live from caracas, venezuela, president hwang widow senor good evening good evening trish. Thank you. Where'S notice, sowhat happened in norway. Why is there no resolution que paso and norway porque? No, i do not cuarto get a decent loss represent all's day to la no. You know trish struggling in venezuela for the past five months in the streets of venezuela demanding end of a usurpation of power, so we can serve and attend the humanitarian crisis. Children that are suffering we're talking about 7 million people that are in need of you know dire. Would you need of humanitarian in no reagan through the mediation in actors and also a group of lima? Those are the stages of our struggle, so we we can attain the end of the usurpation of power, transitional government, andfree elections, we reach a solution to the conflict and we will be present at any civilization for that there was no agreement immediately and there was no Immediate agreement, so the chance that we have today is to remain in the streets with it was an important meeting and of contacts next month.

So we'll continue to advance in this. So we can take care of this humanitarian crisis. 7 million people - 5 4 million people that have had to migrate to other countries to neighboring countries. I understand that you did speak with the vice president this evening, the vice president mike pence. What did he say? You'Re at the end? Ok, who's ted, a bloke con avice president, a mike pence, esta noche que le dijo. I was there. Yes, it was a very kind conversation with vice president mike pence concerned. Public servant longer enjoy from the parliamentarian. Immunity from censorship, even in internet access, has been last week and, despite all this, we remain on the streets. We continue to talk in a group of lima support that we have received from countries supporting democracy and freedom. We want this transition towards towards freedom and democracy. Again, it's uncle and dad it's very important that you guys have that liberty there what's happening now with the humanitarian aid is, is any aid getting through que pasa hora con ayuda humanitarian ayuda que que estasee? We have managed for it to get through, but not in the volume.

That'S actually required camps with a lot of difficulty, really because it's blocked by the government they burn said they said medicines on fire. They blocked all our attempts to get. I mean terminate through more than six children have died in the last week because of lack of treatments, especially in the interior of the country. Situation is dire. The last night's it's terrible tell me about what's happening right now, with the military in venezuela que esta pasando con los militaries in venezuela order hospitals in venezuela. There are no medical supplies, there is no medical care yeah. The government is no longer inexistence. There are no vaccines for our children. This is a very delicate situation, we're talking about 7 million and it's women are in uniformitarian. This has been caused by the incapacity of human beings or of the government people who have stolen the billions of dollars. We don't even have gasoline with oil and - and you guys, don't even have that these basic necessities - i i'm not biased con mucho, but a la gente, tiene nada, but the people have nothing. Let me fast forward assuming that you're able to get some negotiations underway.

What guarantee might you have? Would you have that if there are new elections that those will be fair elections? Okay, gotten guarantee a dnawas dead? They they k, gn, wave, las elecciones k. Ss election is saffron way to have free elections. Today we do not validate the elections from a male 20s - oh yeah, sure a new electoral council institutions that can actually guarantee a participation for all stakeholders for all parties. We can carry also 10 to humanitarian crises were very concerned because we can go from this humanitarian crisis to a humanitarian catastrophe in the short term because of lack of yes for the access to water to drinking water. So that's the emergency that we need to take care of at the moment status, no tienen, agua, loose medicina fuel. You don't have these basic necessities like medicine, andfuel and in some cases, water. Let me turn to that. You mentioned the group of lima. Are you seeing enough cooperation from brazil and from colombia? What'S going on now que pasa ora estas viendo? I you de ayuda suficiente cooperation de de brazil, colombia colombia have been mistress morning. Gas they've received insulin, my cross now we're talking about. For me, people have migrated. This is the highest number in the last 30 years due to this humanitarian crisis and lack of opportunity.

So in that regard they have been supporting us but also received the humanitarian aid. Where has all the aid from the united states from europe has been stored in these countries and centers eventhough? We haven't been able to achieve the volume that we want, that we want it due to the blockade of, according to the 41 percent participating region paramilitary camp, which is also a threat for the region. This has turned into very worn worsen, a very concerning situation for drug trafficking in the region. I know we've reported on that. Well, cuidado, be careful, we're watching you and we're we're all saying: a prayer. Para venezuela, esta noche, muchas, gracias, senor, goya, doll, presidente guido crisis. We continue to struggle for freedom and for democracy. Si.

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