Gingrich: Trump wouldn't need to 'muscle' Mexico if Congress did its job

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 06/05/2019 01:38 PM

Fox News contributor Newt Gingrich on the Federal Reserve, the potential tariffs against Mexico and border security. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Main Street and Wall Street. Headquartered in New Yo...

Genrih now fox news, contributor, former speaker of the house and the author of collusion newt gingrich, is here good to see a new thanks very much for weighing in this morning. Quite the commemorative ceremony happening this morning in the uk, as we look ahead to tomorrow june. 6Th and the anniversary of d-day 75 years ago, i actually just did a podcast on d-day and president roosevelt's prayer. ...
he whole prayer runs much longer than the head time for this morning, but i thought president trump delivered the heart of it really really well, and hopefully it reminds people that you know in 1944, this was seen as a spiritual crusade that you had the nazis, who Wereanti god trying to create a secular dictatorship - and i was seen as a struggle for the survival of our civilization and tomorrow represents the 75th anniversary of the the biggest gamble ever taken by human beings. There'S no other project the size and complexity of the normandy invasion and it was a remarkable human achievement yeah, it's a good way to put it trying. Let me ask you about the the trump economy newt. We want to look at these new fox news polls, showing the president received positive job ratings on his handling of the economy. The president tweeted this this morning, newt, if the totally corrupt media was less corrupt. I would be up by 15 pointsin the polls based on our tremendous success with the economy, maybe the best ever if the corrupt media was actually failure, i would be up by 25 points. Nevertheless, despite the fake news, we are doing great newt. You know we're over here this morning debating whether or not we're gon na see a rate cut. The economy is going strong, i mean you've got 3.

6 percent unemployment. Then we're gon na get the adp numbers to show more job growth in the month of may. Within the next hour, well, let me offer you a contrarian view. I really think the fed are to focus on money. If you have no inflation, then you ought to be relatively passive. Andif. You have little if you have a big increase in productivity, which is starting to happen. You can actually afford to cut rates just not because you're trying to stimulate the economy, but because you actually don't need to send any signal that money ought to be more expensive. I mean money is expensiveness, is a function of projected inflation and what trump is banished to pull off so far. His substantial economic growth, while fighting with some of our trading partners, while really working at profound deregulation and so he's, got a relatively stable monetary environment. With continued increase in employment and wage increase, which is very, very important to bring the middle class back into the gameso mr. speaker mike block here good morning, so what does this all mean at you know a what you just said.

What do you think could happen here with the trade situation with mexico, which is on everyone's mind over the past few days? Do you think that tariffs will go into place? You think a deal can be reached here. Do you think that's very important to this economic engine continuing yeah, i think a deal will probably be reached and again, frankly, the president put the focus right on the congress. We wouldn't be in this mess. He wouldn't be having to muscle the mexicans if the us congress would do its job. The whole premise thattrump worked on for two and a half years was build. A wall protect the united states, don't bother your neighbor, but if the congress refuses to do its job and he is determined to cut off the flow of illegal immigration which, by the way has grown dramatically in the last year, then you've got a pressure. The number one source which is mexico - i mean all these people coming up to the border, but coming up to the border through mexico and if the mexicans wanted to, they could control all of that. Historically, they haven't wanted to particularly, and so i think he looked around for the only tool he had, which was to scare the mexicanswith a tariff, and he said, look trying to get control of our border and trying to stop illegal immigration is more important than the Short-Term economic side effect of a tariff that mean that's plus plus remember trump, is a very good negotiator who always starts very tough and then goes back to being reasonable. Well, the republicans are threatening to blog over the republicans are threatening to block any any tariffs on on mexico, and we should point that one of the ministers in mexico yesterday said that he sees an 80 % chance of avoiding any us tariffs. So it feels like it's bluster, that's how i saw it from the get-go, but we'll see you know imean he made the threat. He'S got to stick to it if, in fact, they don't come up with this spiritual answer to the court of the border crisis, i think vice president pence will end up with a positive announcement. They will take substantial steps in the right direction which they should, but at the same time i would point out whether or not even with the republicans the senate in rebellion, whether or not they could override a presidential veto he's not at all clear to me newt.

It'S good to see this morning thanks so much thanks, newt gingrich joining us there.

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